OzMachine (OzGuildBalls) – Episode 51

WARNING: The Warmachine content in this episode is very light on. We do discuss Moops and Leeps run at the Masters, but after that its predominantly Guild Ball!  Also, the audio levels may be slightly up and down due to the microphone setup we had to use.

Welcome back listeners!  We had our first reunion at Cancon 2016 since putting the show on hiatus, and the urge to podcast was strong for many reasons.  In the end we bit the bullet, and on Monday night we sat down in front a microphone, with a live audience and a huge special guest, and recorded this episode!  We discuss the Guild Ball event at Cancon, interview the creator of the game, Mat Hart, and design a new Guild live on the show. We manage to elicit some HUGE spoilers from Mat as well.  As usual, we appreciate any feedback and support. We do not foresee the podcast returning on a regular basis at this stage.

Author: Trent Denison

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