We love all sorts of games at Muse! Our big focus is on miniatures gaming, but we enjoy cardgames, boardgames, video games…all sorts of games in fact! So do our content producers, we have some fantastic articles, podcasts and videos which will show you how these games are played, and maybe give you some ideas for what to pick up next!

Across the Bifrost ep11, Hela and Loki

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Today we break down Loki, Hela and the cards that come in their box! Patreons in the After the Credits Scene we break down INFINITY GEMS!You can check out our patreon at for early episodes and exclusive content! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 42:31 — 68.1MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Breachstorm Kickstarter Launched!

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    If you haven’t heard, Breachstorm is a brand-new, fast-paced and competitive tactical miniatures game for 2 players.  In the game, players take command of small teams of miniatures in a desperate bid to complete asymmetric, narrative objectives. As of Tuesday, September 18th Breachstorm is currently available on Kickstarter, and you can even get a cool, limited edition reward for backing early! The game uses highly-detailed, 30mm resin models that available both in core-set packs that contain all the necessary components to play the game, and in separate expansion and reinforcement packs.   Players choose one of four unique factions to fight for; each with wildly different units, abilities and special mechanics, then select their mission objectives from a wide array of options and assemble their crack team from the best troops for the job, each individualized with powerful upgrade cards. Teams deployed by the Homeworld Confederacy rely on teamwork and the ranged superiority afforded by their cutting-edge military technology to achieve victory. Acting as a cohesive unit, Homeworld fire teams use overlapping buffs to synergize together and devastate even the toughest opponents. Hailing from a feudal collection of autocratic nation-states grounded in ideals of personal and collective honor, teams from the felinoid Zhren’thrar Prides are fearsome close-range combatants. Using powerful plasma weaponry and the Fury token mechanic, Zhren’thrar troops become more powerful if their comrades are cut down in pursuit of an honorable death. Two more factions – the voracious Volucrid Host and shadowy Ativari Conclave will be available during the campaign as stretch goals! As part of creating their team, players choose the objectives that their teams are attempting to complete.  These missions feature a wide spectrum of possible missions, from retrieving vital intelligence and hacking enemy computer systems to holding ground and bodyguarding essential personnel.  Each player contributes one objective to the game’s scenario, and the combination of the two creates the overarching narrative. Players then take turns placing terrain features from the terrain templates included with the game. This allows each team to sculpt the battlefield to benefit their strategy and ensures that no two games will play the same. During a game of Breachstorm, players take turns acting with Field Officers – battlefield commanders who enhance their troops with powerful Orders – who can, in turn, order small groups of Infantry to act alongside them. This creates a constantly-changing game state that doesn’t leave any player out of the action for long. The first team to fulfill their mission will win the game; so players need to balance scoring their own objectives with contesting enemy efforts to score in a brutal race to complete their agenda. Breachstorm’s low model count and precise rules make it easy to pick up and very fast to play, with a low barrier-to-entry for new players and those who may be new to the miniature gaming hobby.  Games typically conclude within 60-80 minutes, and the terrain-template system makes Breachstorm 2d-terrain-friendly for gamers looking for an easily portable sci-fi skirmish system. Get in on the ground level in Breachstorm’s first Kickstarter, launching Tuesday, September 18th!  Back within the first 24 hrs to receive a limited edition “Kaylex, Rogue Paragon” variant...

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Breachstorm Open Beta – Begins March 1st!

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Hey all!  Trevy here again talking about the cool new sci-fi game I’m working on; Breachstorm. I’m happy to announce that the game’s full rules will be available for anyone to try in our open beta, which begins Thursday, March 1st and will continue until our Kickstarter launch in July.  Players who participate by playing beta games and submitting their feedback will have a hand in shaping Breachstorm and be eligible to win sweet pre-release models! You can find out more info, check out some sweet sculpts and learn how to join at See you on the battlefield!...

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Introducing Breachstorm – Sci-Fi Skirmish Action!

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Hey everybody!  I’m Trevy and I’m excited to introduce you guys to Breachstorm; the new sci-fi miniature game I’ve been lucky to be developing in for the better part of the last year. 😀 Dafuq is a Breachstorm? Breachstorm is a 35mm skirmish game that pits small teams of 6-8 miniatures against each other on a 3’x3′ board as they compete to accomplish specialized objectives.  Your team will be composed of elite commandos that can be personalized with their own set of abilities using special trait upgrade cards. The game is designed to play quickly while remaining as deep as other miniature games; a full game of Breachstorm can be played out in under an hour!  The games’ low model count means that it’s easy to collect and play out of the box; a faction starter box will contain a whole tournament-legal team! So what makes Breachstorm so cool? Besides its awesome universe and sweet minis; Breachstorm is designed to be 2d-terrain friendly for easy setup/transport, and its unique terrain template and objective card system to give players total control of the battle they fight. Players choose a set of asymmetric objectives when they build their list, then take turns placing terrain templates on the board before each game to try and gain an edge before a model even sees the table. We’ve also obsessively designed a unique dice mechanic that creates tons of exciting moments and gives players interesting tactical options within each individual attack, while reducing the impact of crazy good dice What factions will there be? We have four factions designed for the first wave of Breachstorm; each has their own unique options, mechanics and feel (all the sculpts we currently have are first-drafts and will change a little bit for their final versions). The Homeworld Confederacy is a highly advanced human faction that focuses on ranged attacks and tight teamwork.  Confederate teams are able to take advantage of cascading buffs and debuffs to build massive combos and take down the most elite enemies with their powerful railgun technology. The Zhren’thrar Prides are a felinoid alien race and focus on close combat, including powerful, short range plasma weaponry and melee attacks.  Guided by a strong code of honor, Zhren’thrar warriors are inspired when their comrades achieve glorious deaths in battle, becoming even more powerful if they’re shot down! The other two first wave factions will be stretch goals on Breachstorm’s Kickstarter campaign; you’ll be able to check out their full rules during the game’s open beta (launching March 1st), but the sculpting/casting will be funded by the campaign. The Orian Conclave is a reptilian extraterrestrial race that possesses technology and unique psychokinetic powers far beyond those of the “less evolved” races.  Orian teams are small compared to other factions’, but their elite Prelator commandos are able to alter their stats during the game using their advanced Adaptive Combatskins and radically alter the board-state with their telekinetic abilities. Lastly, the Volucrid Host is a totally alien force of insectoid organisms that brings large teams of vicious combat strains that are strong in numbers.  Volucrid crawlers attack in waves, consuming other host organisms for more power and using the very bodies of their fallen comrades as resources! Want to give it a try for free!? The Breachstorm open...

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A Larger World – X-wing Miniatures Podcast (Episode #001)

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    Welcome to the debut episode of the “A Larger World” X-wing Miniatures podcast. This is a podcast focused on helping new players get started on the X-wing Minis game, with content that will also interest players of all experience levels. In our first episode, we breakdown the differences in the three factions and go over what you need to consider when making your first purchases.  ...

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The Joy of Playing: Ep 2 – “I’d Like to Welcome You…”

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Continuing our series on bringing joy back to gaming, David “DC” Carl, Jeff Easterwood, and MenothJohn come together to discuss welcoming people to gaming. What games are most welcoming? How can you be MORE welcoming to new players? Where do things go wrong and how to encourage new people to play. Its a great conversation and we hope you will enjoy it! Check out DC at Clockwork Phoenix Games and at the Your Turn Next podcast. Check out Jeff at the Your Turn Go podcast Check out MenothJohn over at the Painting with MenothJohn Twitch channel or on his FB HERE Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 53:03 — 36.4MB) Subscribe: Android |...

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Engineers service manual – Salvo

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Salvo, the Marksman Overview Salvo is similar to Ballista in that he is a tool box player. Faster, less durable and perhaps a little less dependable than Ballista, Salvo brings a lot of flexibility to the Engineers line up. He works well within Ballista’s aura and has the greatest potential to generate momentum using character plays from the Engineers roster. Salvo also makes a great back up striker when the opportunity presents itself. Stats Fast for an Engineer, Salvos speed is further enhanced by easy access to dodges. His TAC is relatively poor with limited momentous potential from his playbook (especially against models that don’t have the ball). Salvo is an average kicker, but still capable when the time comes. His DEF, ARM and hit points are all average, which among the engineers line up makes him somewhat fragile. Traits and Plays Pumped- once per turn Salvo can use bonus time without spending a point of momentum. Often this helps him get that important character play off against a player with a decent DEF. But it also has great use for improving his goal scoring. Swift strikes- Salvo can make a 1″ dodge after causing damage to an enemy model, which coupled with his two character plays makes him very agile. This trait is great to use for hit and run tactics (along with Ballistas Second Wind this can become a team tactic), to gain better position for the next turn, or perhaps to get out of engagement and go for a pass or goal attempt. Kick Bolt- for a cost of 1 influence and with a range of 6″, the first of Salvo’s character plays causes 2 damage and a 3″ push. A successful Kick Bolt will trigger the Swift Strikes dodge and can be a source of momentum if Ballista is nearby. With a cost of 1 there are positives and negatives to consider with this character play. On the plus side you have the potential to push a player up to 9″ away from their starting position (watch those wings), this is situational and you will likely need to make use of both the swift strikes dodges and Salvo’s advance to get the full 9″ push (unless you were base to base at the start of his activation for example). The Kick Bolt push couples nicely with Ballistas legendary play Minefield, against a non tough hide player Salvo can cause 9 damage! (3 lots of 2 damage from the kick bolts and 1 for each push through the minefield, or add Tooled Up from Rage and turn up the pain even further). The negative on this play is that a dice pool of 1 dice makes it somewhat unreliable, especially against high DEF players. Pumped or traditional bonus time can help, as can using Salvo’s second character play Floored Bolt first. Floored Bolt- also a cost 1 range 6″ character play, causes 1 damage and the knocked down condition. Again as it causes damage there is potential for gaining momentum from Ballistas aura and of course dodges from the Swift Strikes trait (even against tough hide models as the damage is caused and then reduced). Floored Bolt has a variety of uses, from knocking a player down so that they can be hit by other character...

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Your Turn Next 7 – What We’re Playing

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As gamers, we’re always on the lookout for the next great game experience. In this episode, the four hosts each chat about one traditional game and one video game that they’ve been playing lately. What games have you been playing lately? Do you particularly enjoy (or hate) any of the games we discussed on the show? Let us know on Facebook or by sending an email to: Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 40:33 — 46.4MB) Subscribe: Android |...

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Your Turn Go! Donuts & Cat Shenanigans

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Talk about donuts turns into video games. Also a visit from Jeff’s cat Jango Fett! Download the episode here, subscribe via the RSS feed (see link at the top of the page), find us in iTunes here, or look below the video to listen to the episode! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 30:12 — 41.5MB) Subscribe: Android |...

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Your Turn Next 6 – Skill, Luck, and Social Game Elements

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The varying balance between skill-, luck-, and socially-based game elements leads to a broad range of gaming experiences. Games range from strategy-heavy miniatures games to story-heavy role-playing games to luck-based gambling games and everything in between. After the latest Clockwork Phoenix Games blog, Three Element Alchemy, the Your Turn Next team turned its attention to the balance between these elements. What games do you think have a good balance of skill, luck, and social elements? What mix of these elements do you personally prefer? Let us know on Facebook or by sending an email to:   Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 40:00 — 45.8MB) Subscribe: Android |...

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