More Than Dice Episode 214

Author: More Than Dice

Welcome to More Than Dice LLC! We are just 3 people enjoying what we do and sharing with the world our hobby tips, game/movie reviews, and bad jokes. John Spencer is a gamer with over 30 years of experience. From RPGs to CCGs, board games to tabletop minis! He combines that with more than a decade of experience from working in the gaming industry. From FLGS owner and manager to GW mail order troll and a customer service specialist he has a unique perspective on all things gaming. He also finds it unnerving to refer to himself in the third person and wishes Gonzo had just written a blurb up for him. Cathy Wappel is an award-winning miniature painter. She's been painting miniatures since 2002, when she started playing Blood Bowl. She now paints for commissions, game companies, and occasionally to sell on Ebay. She and her husband help run the AdeptiCon Hobby Lounge, better known by attendees as Fort Wappel. Gonzo is a long time player and DM for many numerous RPGs and avid collector. He started playing and collecting RPGs since 1980, starting with Dungeons and Dragons. Currently he is playing Warmachine and Hordes and various other mini tabletop games. Gonzo helps out with many conventions and use to be a long time Pressganger before the closure of the program. He is an avid fan of tournament style play (although not very good at it) and loves to go to conventions when money and time allows.

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