Guild Ball Tonight Episode 44: So Long Summer

Episode 44: So Long Summer
August 30, 2016

Catching up [2:10]
Season 2 Storychat (with Sherwin) [12:11]
Casual Formats (with Zach) [30:45]
Thinking out loud about terrain [55:28]
Twitter Qs:
– Which cards for a new player? (Tim Adams) [1:11:01]
– Guild and Union influence pooled seperately? (Chris Smith) [1:15:34]
– Ongoing character changes a problem? (LD) [1:29:15]
– Players swapping guilds? (Gentleman’s GB Club) [1:36:10]
– Ox or Fillet? (Kevin Finch) [1:40:12]
– Do Int’l metas make rebalancing difficult (Mart) [1:45:16]

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