WTC Team USA Fundraiser


We are sending 10 players to represent the US of A in a Warmachine tournament this October. Sometime after this plan was first proposed the question of expenses arose. As it turns out travelling overseas is somewhat pricey. In order to offset the cost for the team members we have banded together with some awesome sponsors to create this fundraiser, offer up some swag and support the team.




This fundraiser has one feature that’s a bit different. Discount Games Inc. and ICLeadpeople painting have sponsored a raffle. Certain donation levels will include raffle entries from which the winners will be drawn at the end of the pledge period. Raffle winners will receive one of the following prizes.


1 Battle Box of choice courtesy of Discount Games Inc professionally painted by ICLeadpeople.

3 Heavy Warjack/Warbeast kits of choice courtesy of Discount Games Inc professionally painted by ICLeadpeople.

1 Colossal/Gargantuan of choice courtesy of Discount Games Inc professionally painted by ICLeadpeople.




Carl Morgan from Warmachine Weekend has joined us as a sponsor! Pick up your ticket for this year if you haven’t already.




Kris Johnson of Mekanika Studio has provided some of his excellent carrying trays for our fundraiser, every type is available but supplies are limited.




Muse on Minis is providing templates and t-shirts. Our template set is new and improved, including something you may not have seen before. (Pictures coming soon)

The templates will be emblazoned with the team’s seal designed by Tossy! (he’s an Aussie but we don’t hold that against him)


The T-shirts art was designed by Nigel Brooks (everyone’s favorite Focus and Fury cast member)



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