Who Cares Who Wins Episode 3 – The Godfather Part 3 of Podcasts

Show Notes,

0:00 to 1:00 genuine anecdote

1:00 to 3:30 Intro and Waffle

3:30 to 16:32 Mr and Mr

16:32 to 24:00 Pissing Contest

24:00 to 34:00 Britcon Summary in bullshit hints

34:00 to 1hr Britcon main event game roundup and thoughts on stuff

1hr to 1hr :12 speedball or fucking midus

1hr:12 to 1hr :15 broken butchers?

1hr:15 to 1Hr 21 other games played

1hr 21 to 1hr 30 team selection thoughts, changing play style and the need for union

1hr:30 to 1hr:43 influence stuff – passive vs active players and how much feta can you fit up one nostril

1hr:43 to 1hr:50 whats happening in gaming!

1hr:50 to 1hr:56 tournament roundup

1hr:56 to 2hr:06 round up, audience abuse and player idea (Steamforged guys listed to this!!)

2hr:06 onwards upbeat sign off and out takes

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