Who Cares Who Wins A Guild Ball Podcast – Episode 7: The one where we say C***

Its up on our feed, you should know by now its not suitable for work, kids, funerals, family gatherings but we did push the envelope a tad this episode so there are some beeps.

Episode 7- the one where we said C***


0:00 to 2:00 Pre waffle and intro


2.:00 min – Pissing competition

27:00 – Twitter questions, ‘just add sharks’  and ‘msrainsford.blogspot.com’ plugs and competition results

37:00 – Its Jay Finnegan 

43:00 Skaldic Shield Update

49:00 Building to beat engineers

52:00 player discussion, fangthooth, Compound, Harry the Hat, 

57:00 Snakeskin and Minx in depth 

1:19 Chisel & Tenderiser thoughts 

1:30 Chris sells his soul

1:37 Winter Wreath Update

1:43 going rate on Hits in Middlesbrough 

1:46 Guild Ball Informer Upcoming stuff 

1:54 Mr and Mr

End Music – Juzzie Smith – One Man Band – give it a listen its superb


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Twitter: @WCWWpodcast

Tokens: Red ones, but other colours are available


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Watch: Guild Ball Informer – mainly for Persil the star host,Battlehammer – they have a blog thing as well but you can google that yourselves

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