Who Cares Who Wins – A Guild Ball Podcast Episode 5 – Jumping the Shark

0-1m re Waffle (apologies for the noise – it gets better, honestly. New Technology and all that)

1m 6m50- Intro

6m50 – 27m 55 Mr, Mr and Mr

27m 55 to 1hr 11m tournament report

1hr 12 – 1hr 23 pissing competition and thoughts on Avarice and Greede

1hr 23 – 1hr 55 tourney etiquette

1hr 55 to 2hr 15 Season 2 spoilers

2hr 16 thoughts on potential union tweaks

2hr 29 – 2hr 43 min thoughts on football vs fighting

2hr 43 – sign off


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