What’s New in the New Ed? – Mk3 Rules Video Series



Wondering what changed in the new edition?  Want to know how you can use the new rules to impress beautiful women with your knowledge of esoteric game mechanics?

I would as well.  Let me know if you find anyone to tell you how.

In the mean time, if you want to take a look at what changed in the transition to Mk2 to the new edition you can watch this video series to catch some of the big changes and help get the new rules on the table ASAP!

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Author: Trevy the Great

Mediocre Cygnar player, Press Ganger of convenience and annoying dude who writes a terrible blog about some random dudes wearing blue called Way of the Swan (www.wayoftheswan.com, check it out or whatever). Also one of the hosts of the smash 80s metal band and part time podcast; the Storm Chamber.

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