Weekend Warriors – Dreadball Xtreme Unboxing

Hey Guys, the Blue Baron here with an unboxing of the base game of Dreadball Xtreme from Mantic Games. I got this  from the Kickstarter but they said they send just the base game so this should be an apples to apples comparison of what you will find when it comes out. WARNING!!! This will be very VERY picture heavy. Feel free to click on them to get a better view. I did the best I could with the camera as this came Friday evening and I post Saturday morning. If you have anything specific you’d like to see again or better, let me know in the forums.

dbx unbox1We start out of course with the box. Yay box….

dbx unbox book1We open it up to find the rule book. Its got everything you need to play with some nice pictures as well.

dbx unbox book2And here’s a picture of the two teams included. This will be helpful for later when I show you pictures of the models to help match them up.

dbx unbox book3

Of course you can’t have a board game without counters. (Well, you can, but I haven’t seen one)

dbx unbox4

Here the dice, decals, and deck of cards used in the game.

dbx unbox miscThe cards are split into two decks: Special moves, which let you do extra actions on your turn, and Sabotage, which lets you give your enemies a surprise or defend yourself.

dbx unbox cardsexample of special moves,

dbx unbox specialand sabotages.

dbx unbox sabotageNext up is the board itself. This is made of a mousepad like material. Similar to Muse on Mini’s Steam Roller zones.

dbx unbox2Home team is blue and visitors are yellow. Since the game lets you build a team before every game the bases included in the game are tinted blue and yellow.

dbx unbox basesIf the board looks a bit sparse for an underground blood sport you’d be right! included is some hard plastic terrain.

dbx unbox scene1Which makes pillars, big crates, small crates, and your strike post. Strike posts are used to score.

dbx unbox scene2One of the interesting things is that the small crates are potentially booby-trapped. the little crates have interchangeable lids that have various levels of pyrotechnics, or not.

dbx unbox scene 3The first team included in the box are the convicts. Now you can mix and match with the other team or free agents but one of the sponsors in the box is a corrupt prison warden so he gets them on the cheap.

dbx unbox convict1

Here’s the sponsor.

dbx unbox convict16


First off we have the strikers. These guys and  gals are best for scoring points. There are two poses. I’ve shown front and back where possible

dbx unbox convict15 dbx unbox convict14 dbx unbox convict13 dbx unbox convict12Next up is the guard. He doesn’t handle the ball but beats up the other player. Since  this is compatible with the original Dreadball, they have included parts to upgrade the guard to a goal keeper.

dbx unbox convict4 dbx unbox convict5 dbx unbox convict6 dbx unbox convict7The jacks are an in between of the two rolls. They can do pretty much anything, but not as well as a dedicated position player. Again, 2 poses here.

dbx unbox convict8 dbx unbox convict9 dbx unbox convict10 dbx unbox convict11Last up we have the prone markers for the convicts. Something fun to note if you haven’ already are the explosive collars on the convicts. The coach can choose to detonate these during the game. The prone marker seems to be worried that he’s next to go.

dbx unbox convict3 dbx unbox convict2The other team included in the box are the Kalyshi Pirates.

dbx unbox kalyshi1

They are led by the notorious outlaw Blaine.

dbx unbox kalyshi122 poses of strikers.

dbx unbox kalyshi9 dbx unbox kalyshi8 dbx unbox kalyshi10 dbx unbox kalyshi112 poses of jacks. This team doesn’t come standard with guards.

dbx unbox kalyshi6 dbx unbox kalyshi7 dbx unbox kalyshi4 dbx unbox kalyshi5Here’s the prone marker.

dbx unbox kalyshi3 dbx unbox kalyshi2The box does come with free agents to help bulk out the teams. So the Kalyshi can grab a couple of bruisers for a bit more cash.

dbx unbox free1Being fairly easy to find, you can put training robots on your team. Here are the striker and guard robots.

dbx unbox free2 dbx unbox free3 dbx unbox free4 dbx unbox free5There are some weird gribbly aliens like the tree beast, or the blood sucker.

dbx unbox free10 dbx unbox free11 dbx unbox free8 dbx unbox free9Here’s a weird guy that rolls into a ball like Samus from Metroid.

dbx unbox free13 dbx unbox free12There are tiny monkey men who work great in pairs.

dbx unbox free6 dbx unbox free7The Pusk is a pig ram thing. I want him in my team.

dbx unbox free17 dbx unbox free16And last is my favorite model in the box. A Yndig Reaver. I think this guy oozes character. He’s got an eyepatch and a bad attitude.

dbx unbox free14 dbx unbox free15Whelp, that’s it for DBX. I hope you’ve enjoyed this. I’ve got a lot of cleaning to do. I hope to get a game in this weekend. If I do I may write up a game report if it’s entertaining enough. Would you guys like to see a game while I’m learning the rules? As always, I’d love to hear from you in the forums.




Author: The Blue Baron

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