Weapons of Mass Distraction III: The Wrath of ‘Cron


   Being pulled in 12 directions at once is a strange feeling, and that is what happened to me all of January.  So many things grabbed my attention it felt like being in a taffy puller, twisting and turning my gaming time in a never ending loop.  Even with all this, I did get some things done, and plans have been laid for future projects.  As always some things were put on the back burner to simmer while others were brought to the spotlight. In my unlimited excitement I have acquired 3 new armies and a multitude of new boardgames.


Since so many things have been on my mind lately I have decided to implement a new feature, the Excite-O-Meter!  Here are just some of the items in the never ending struggle for my attention.  As I look at all the option I have at my disposal, I can only think what a great time it is to be a gamer.


Warhammer 40k 6th Edition Rumors/Leaks:

With the rumormill pumping out all kinds of information and red herrings it has been a bumpy ride on the Grim-Dark train.  But with a new edition on the horizon there have been eyebrows raised locally on what was just about everyone’s first miniature game.  This of course has lead to me dusting off the boxes of grey plastic spacemen, and preparing for the initial wave of bulk dice-rolling.  As you may have gathered from the title I started putting together some Necrons, whose new aesthetic appealed to me.  We have been pouring over the leaked rumors and rules and if even half of the new stuff makes it into the game it should be an interesting year for 40k fans.  As the release date looms closer we will see what makes it in, and what was left on the cutting room floor.

Excite-O-Meter:  Cautiously Optimistic


Infinity Scenario Book:

A game I have been buying models for, but never actually played (one of these days, I swear).  Infinity grabbed my attention last year with their beautiful sculpts and pseudo-cyberpunk theme.  The complex gameplay looks right up my alley, as I love being able to do on the table what I think makes the most tactical sense.  Think there might be a stealthy guy in those bushes….burn them to the ground!  One of the aspects of the original rulebooks that has been a bit of a deterrent to starting this up locally has been a lack of scenarios and missions.  The Infinity community has been creating amazing missions and even linked scenario gameplay on their forums for some time, but now an official mission book is in the works which could tip the scales for my local group.

Excite-O-Meter:  Eagerly Plotting


Warmachine Colassals:

Newly announced at TempleCon, these giant robots will be stomping around tables as soon as June (oh god, don’t hold me to that) and look amazing.  The discussion that the unveiling has created is opening up alot of eyes on casters that have not seen much table-time, and should make for some sweet new lists and new challenges for list makers everywhere.  Recently acquiring a Khador army for some rope-a-dope silly theme lists, I am a happy camper in that the Conquest looks so imposing on the table.  As a ex-hater of the Retribution Battle engine, I can’t wait to actually get these on the table and try them.  I learned to love the Cricket and all the things a massive base brings to the game-plans I make.

Excite-O-Meter:  In the Dojo, Theory-Machining your demise


RPGs for 2012:

Iron Kingdoms and Fifth Edition Dungeons And Dragons are set to both drop this year.  I am lumping these together, honestly I would only have time for one, so whichever gets played locally will be the one that hooks me.  I haven’t played a pen and paper RPG for some time, and I always forget how much fun I have with a frosty beverage in one hand, and dice in the other, causing a gamemaster fits by doing the exact opposite of what they expect.  A good RPG session with friends is a great experience, and should be something every gamer gets to be part of.  Now to create a background to justify a Gobber Warcaster that runs a warjack recycling plant on the side.

Excite-O-Meter:  Limbering up my Crit-rolling dice


Dystopian Wars:

With the release of the large fliers for Dystopian Wars, Spartan Games now has just about all models in the game available.  My Covenant of Antarctica force is now ready to pew pew it’s way to victory once more.  With four more factions to be released soon, this will be seeing some more table time from us.  With all the skirmish type miniatures games now being played, it is nice to have a game with a grander scale, and nothing beats a rocketpack assault from steampunk samurai at your blimp aircraft carrier while a giant mechanical squid bearhugs a submarine.

Excite-O-Meter:  Bubbling Anticipation


Trollbloods! And our new Football League:

Are you ready for some football?  Why yes, yes I am.  It’s that time of year again, our local football style league is about to start up.  I have decided to go Trollbloods for the league and have built easily over 100 pts worth of Trollblood models in the last 3 weeks.  The excitement of a new faction and all the new possibilities aside, I have found the Trollbloods fit my playstyle extremely well so far.  I plan to explore the whole faction and already have evil schemes in mind for just about everything in the range (well, the skinner still has me scratching my head on how to use him).  So far I have used Grim and Jarl Skuld in some 35 point games in anticipation, and I think they will be my go-to guys to start out.
I can definitely feel the excitement growing locally as the league draws near, more games are being played on Warmachine night, and new players are popping up with glints of underdog upsets in their eyes.  If your local group hasn’t tried a football league I would highly suggest it as your next event.  The league consists of 2-4 conferences where everyone will play each other in their conference, plus some games from the other groups.  This regular season leads up to a playoff bracket, with seeds and byes given as per the number of teams total.  Many optional rules can be added to spice things up as well.  We play with “Injuries” where a character model (caster, character jack, character solo, etc) that is destroyed in a game has to sit out the next game, and cannot be in your list.  This is a nice way to get people to dig deeper into their faction, and a good primer for character restrictions in the coming SR2012 season.  Warjack bonding can also be added, as there is a linked series of games, and it is a rule many have never had a chance to try out.

Excite-O-Meter:  All Tingly Inside


Board Games, yes ALL of them:

I have played alot of boardgames in the last month, from group traitor games like Resistance and Werewolf, to Racing Hedgehogs and even two long sessions of Twilight Imperium.  The variety of boardgames available these days is staggering, from coffin-box games with two million counters and pieces to print and play games needing only some paper and imagination.  I am looking forward to Rex, a Dune remake from Fantasy Flight games built in their Twilight Imperium universe, and trying to get my hands on a few older games that are hard to get, like Dominant Species and Alien Frontiers.  With rooms already booked for GenCon this year, I can only dream of what new games I will be blowing my vacation money on come August.

Excite-O-Meter:  Already making a wishlist for GenCon



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