WarmaStream is Coming – 1st ep. June 9th @ 7:00 PM EST

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What’s up gang!?  It’s Trevy the Great usually here from Way of the Swan, but today from WarmaStream!  What is WarmaStream you might ask?  It’s a new live-stream show where we take two wild Warmahordes players from their natural habitats and pit them against each other in a tournament-style deathmatch!


We’ll feature players from all over the New England area who will bring tournament-level list pairings and select their lists based on their opponent’s lists and the scenario being played, just like a round in a Steamroller.  We’ll speak to the players about their list selections and the the matchup before getting into the game!

Over the last week we streamed a couple “beta” streams to get the technical kinks worked out, but we’re confident that the quality is up to snuff and we’re ready to start streaming real episodes!  Our first episode will be aired on Monday, June 9th at 7:00 PM EST on our Twitch.tv channel; twitch.tv/warmastream.

You can keep up with WarmaStream on various social media outlets, such as our Facebook page at facebook.com/warmastream and our Twitter feed at twitter.com/WarmaStream!  With any luck, we’ll be able to post episodes to my YouTube channel, found at www.youtube.com/user/TrevytheGreat.  Old episodes will also be archived on our Twitch channel if you miss the live stream!


A big thanks to everyone who stopped by our beta episodes and offered constructive criticism, you folks have been instrumental in getting the stream off the ground!  Hope everyone can tune in next week for our first episode!

Author: Trevy the Great

Mediocre Cygnar player, Press Ganger of convenience and annoying dude who writes a terrible blog about some random dudes wearing blue called Way of the Swan (www.wayoftheswan.com, check it out or whatever). Also one of the hosts of the smash 80s metal band and part time podcast; the Storm Chamber.

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