Warmachine & Hordes is a wargame made by Privateer Press. Players form armies centred around a powerful and focused warcaster or a fearsome and furious warlock, wielding magic and controlling beasts of steel and flesh in their efforts to gain control of the Iron Kingdoms and the world of Immoren as a whole! We have some great content producers here, in all types of media, from some of the best players in the world. Enjoy!

Road to War Episode 11

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Road to War This week is the Trollisode!  00:00 Intro and Faction Overview 17:16 Borka 23:21 Grimm Angus 30:05 Grissel Bloodsong 35:56 pDoomshaper 44:51 eDoomshaper 50:54 Gunbjorn 56:58 pMadrak 1:02:35 eMadrak 1:08:41 Calandra 1:15:25 eGrissel 1:18:04 Jarl 1:25:40 Questions 1:40:41 What We’re Working On   Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:47:03 — 98.0MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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MoM’s Podcast #16

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MoM’s Podcast #16 Topics: 00:01:05 – Advanced Player Section = The Range Game 00:36:30 – News & Announcements 00:51:50 – Battle Reports 03:25:15 – Caster Draft Pitch 03:39:46 – Muse on Mail Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 4:14:51 — 233.3MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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I Don’t Always Practice, But When I Do, I (Try To) Make It Effective

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  I’m really bad at writing introductions.  Below are some things that have helped me not suck as bad at Warmachine. 1. Play lots of games Obvious, right?  You have to play games to get better.  Theory-machining is great if you’re bored at work or if you’re flying back from a convention having just picked up some sweet pre-releases.  However, nothing can replace the experience you gain from playing a game.  Things that seem awesome in theory may fall apart on the table.  Models that you dismissed might turn out to be game-winners.  Build a list, play it ten times, adjust it based on your results, then play it ten more times. When you watch veteran players, they often complete their first few turns very quickly.  They have played their lists so many times that they have developed a kind of muscle memory that allows them to play on auto-pilot in the early game.  When you play frequently, you are less likely to forget things like allocating focus, casting spells first turn, etc.  Also, experienced players are rarely caught off-guard by simple tricks because they have played so many games, and they know how to avoid or counter them. It is important to point out that playing lots of games is not the goal by itself.  Some people play 10+ games a week and see no improvement in their game, while others (I’m looking at you Phatasian) play a couple times every other week and steadily improve their game.  How does that happen? I think it has to do with the mindset you approach the game with.  If you are not focused on improving while you play, you will probably not see any progress.  You might even get worse!  When I studied cello (super Asian FTW!) my professor reminded me to always be conscious of my technique to avoid developing bad form.  It’s the same for Warmachine.  You need to be aware of what you are trying to accomplish with every move you make.  You should have a reason for why you activate each model the way you do.  If you play the game mindlessly you are likely to develop and reinforce bad habits and sloppy play. 2. Play different opponents No two people play exactly the same, and no two factions offer the same challenges.  A game against a cautions Protectorate opponent will be completely different than one against an aggressive Khador opponent.  Every player and faction can teach you something.  Do you get too greedy against defensive opponents and overextend yourself?  Do you abandon your plans against an aggressive opponent as soon as things start to go badly?  Does Cryx have specific hard counters to your list that you need to avoid?  Is one of your lists especially well-tailored to deal with infantry-heavy armies? The more games you play against each faction, the more familiar you become with their strengths, weaknesses, popular model choices, and tactics.  You can develop ways to deal with each of them, and understand which lists you can and cannot take in certain matchups. Limiting your practice to one opponent or faction is the same thing as lifting a 5-lb weight every day.  You might get a lot of reps in, but you’re not going to improve (Side note: For advice on strength...

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Madison Six-Pack Tournament Series

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      Over the past 6 months, we have held a series of linked Tournaments in Madison WI.  Each tournament, prize support was Faction coins for all factions, as well as coins for Best of Warmachine/Best or Hordes.    We also tracked all the tournament results to determine overall faction winners for the 6 events, as well as  an overall champion. Overall Champion will go to the player with the most Tournament wins over the 6 events. All players that attend at least 4 events will also receive a free “6 Pack T-shirt”.  Any players that cannot make at least 4 events were given the chance to also buy a T-shirt.  Attendance for every event was $10 – Faction coin kits were the only prize given out at each event, and the “extra Money” went towards T-Shirts, Overall Faction winners, and a prize for Overall champion.   T-Shirts           Awards for Each Faction       The overall Winner also received a Free colossal of their choice – $130 Store Credit.   We wanted to have a variety of formats for the 6 different tournaments Feb 4th – 35pt Steamroller Event  – 20 players March 10th 50pt Steamroller Event – 20 players April 7th – 35 Highlander Event – 16 players May 19th – 50pt Steamroller Event – 20 players June 16th 25/35/50/75 Escalation Event – 21 players July 21st – 50pt Steamroller Event – 24 players   41 Different players have signed up for the various tournaments.   Faction Winners Best of Cryx –  Travis Marg – Total Wins 15-  (winner of Event #3) Best of Cygnar – Dave Messer   – 6 Total Wins Best of Khador – Rick Way  – 15 Total Wins Best of Menoth – Jeff Schulthess  – 14 Total Wins Best of Retribution – Jeremy Schea  – 16 Total Wins Best of Mercenaries -Jim Braatz  – 13  Total Wins Best of Skorne  Brian Giese -12 – Total Wins  (winner of event #5) Best of Trollblood – Lucas Wilson – 12 Total Wins (Winner of Event #1) Best of Circle -Nate Newby  – 8 Total Wins Best of Legion – Justin Wierba  – 7  Total Wins Best of Minions –  Gary Larson – 9 Total Wins       Overall Champion  – Jeremy Schea       Some other Winners Gary Larson (best of minions)       Travis Marg – Best of Cryx   General Pictures       Lots of free...

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And Now For Something Completely Different – Malifaux

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The Blue Baron Back with another installment of And Now For Something Completely Different. Up today is Malifaux. I’ve wanted to take some time and get a few games in before posting. I received the mini rule book at Adepticon and read through it. A few friends play and I’ve been borrowing their models to get some games in. One the first things that jumped out at me was how similar the rule system is to Warmahordes. You’ll find a lot of the same verbage eg. within vs completely within and pulses vs auras. there are melee attack values, ranged attack values, casting values, melee ranges and so on. The game works off of an alternating activation system, the old you go, I go, you go. Each model gets 2 actions. Move and shoot, or move twice. There are also some zero actions which can be done in addition to the 2 normal actions. One of the main draws of this system is the lack of dice. I really can not stress enough how excited this made me. Dice don’t like me, FACT! Instead the system uses a deck of cards called the fate deck. These are numbered 1-13 have four unique suits. There are also two jokers, a black joker (the bad one) and a red joker (the good one). Every turn you draw a hand of cards to be used to cheat fate (see below) or for other types of actions. Most conflicts are resolved through duels. This is where the attacker flips a card and add the total to a give stat while the defender does likewise. This can be modified by either cheating fate (playing a card from your hand to replace the card flipped) or using a soul stone to flip an additional card. This is added to the total of your other card, where cheating fate replaces a card. There are modifiers which can make you flip additional cards and take the highest / lowest (analogous to Ashlynn’s Roulette feat or the hand of fate spell). Depending on how well you beat your opponent on the duel you will take a positive or negative modifier on to the damage flip. Weapons have three levels or damage: weak, moderate, or severe. The card flipped determines the amount. As I said above playing Warmachine helped me digest the rules faster. While I’m still not great I can get through a game. I’ve been playing with the Viktorias recently. They are part of the outcast faction which is basically mercenaries. The other factions are the guild (basically Johnny law), the archanists (magic people), the Neverborn (demon monster types), and the resurrectionists (necromancer types). They are different from most leaders as there are 2 of them. They work by playing off each other. Any spells one casts can benefit the other. They can also switch locations or ever pull them to each other. This allows some slingshot type maneuvers.  With them I was running ronin. These are basically female samurai types with a sword and a pistol. The Viktorias have a very expensive spell that can turn a ronin into a Viktoria if one of them should die. I was playing for that one game but didn’t get the cards I needed so it ended up blowing...

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The Great Divide

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What is it that separates certain tiers of players? We’ve all seen it before where a group of players just dominates a scene.  In your head, no matter how hard you may try, the end result seems the same: you lose. So what can you do to counter that? Moreover what is it that they have that you don’t? The answer is really quite simple; it’s knowledge. Once you have it, it seems obvious, but when you don’t, it seems impossible, which is what I imagine life was like before the wheel or fire. From our perspective it seems obvious, if not entirely natural, to have these things. Back then it was a huge obstacle to overcome. I ‘ve observed a lot of games as well as played them; and the one thing that is consistent among upper level players is that they saw something that the opponent did not. Take for example my game against Will Pagni; from my perspective I was camping 5 Focus, on a Hill, in a Cloud with some models in front of me. In most regards, that is nigh impenetrable. The problem was that I did not see the game from his perspective. I was missing the full depth knowledge of what he could accomplish. I mean, everyone roughly knows what Shifting Stones do, at the very least would have seen the opponent’s caster card to see what Warpath did, and they probably have seen some variation of Wild Aggression. On the other hand, not everyone would see the non-linear movements and figure out that I was just in range. So what does this mean to the average player? Well, the take away from this is what I mentioned in my earlier article; post game analysis. There are quite a few players who play their game win or lose then just pack it up and are done. What I do, on the other hand, is after the match, go over it with my opponent and see what things we both could have done differently. Not necessarily always best, mind you. What we do here is break down the interactions that lead to the end of the game and how they could have been different. To cycle back to my earlier example, Will himself told me that his entire plan would have fallen apart had I used Rhoven to give Menoth’s Sight to my Reckoner and had just Assaulted / walked and shot the closest Shifting Stone. I clearly had the Focus. So why didn’t I? Simple, I didn’t think I needed to. I instead wanted to run my Reckoner to give him a better position the following turn.  I could have instead just kept Thyra back a few more inches and been fine as well. Again I didn’t think I’d need to as the Hill gave me a better defensive position against other elements in his army. In this instance, making that decision would have wildly affected the rest of the game. Another match that comes to mind is when playing Retribution, using Rahn to Telekinesis pButcher around and away from a wall so that 2 Mage Hutner Assassin’s could Charge him. What I didn’t know was that the Wardog gave pButcher immunity to Backstrikes. I ended up losing the match to that...

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The Commander of Cygnar

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Well here we are on another exciting episode of “The Dark Horse.”  This time we take a look at one of my favorite cygnar warcasters.  Granted this is also one of the warcasters if we could ever get the great Legion of Jake to play warmachine he has said this would be the guy, so this article even has Jake’s stamp of approval.  To me I think he is just a great toolbox of abilities and have even seen the request for a list on the forums on how to make him rock.  I think the key is found in the list below as a majority of things will have high ARM of DEF throughout the game, even on a non-feat turn.  So here he is, the Commander Coleman Stryker:   Prime Stryker +6 Centurion (6) 3 Ol’Rowdy 9 Squire 2 Journeyman Warcaster 3 Hunter (controlled by Journeyman) 6 Arlan Strangeways 2 Stormblades with Officer and Bearer with 3 Gunners 11 Stormclad (Jack marshaled by Stormblade Officier) 10 Rhupert 2 Gorman 2 Total:  50/56   So lets take a look at Stryker’s stats shall we.  Though a majority of people like to say that he is an average caster I can agree with this.  His SPD is the basic you could expect, his MAT and RAT though are both above average with his MAT being on par with heavy hitting infantry, his DEF is above average while his ARM is a little below average.  Combine this with his low range attack, low in regards to RNG and POW, and his melee weapon just barely higher than a hand cannon.  Also having an average FOC stat, though his CMD is high.  This all makes someone look at just an individual stat and think it might be average, or at least from what I have heard people say.  I think though when you combine them it makes for a great warcaster.  His MAT/RAT allow him to hit the average DEF warjack, though won’t do much damage both attacks have disruption.  His high DEF means it will be hard to hit him, especially if it is a warjack that is disrupted.  His life grid is average, and though his ARM is average combine with the fact I have put some warjacks with him that don’t need a lot of focus means he has decent survivability.   As for his spells and feat now.  He has an attack spell called Arcane Blast that costs about half his FOC to cast with average range and POW with a small AOE.  He has a low cost attack spell called Arcane Bolt,that has the range of a handcannon and a POW just a little lower than the handcannon.  His great attack spell is called Earthquake, cost half of his FOC but has average range a the biggest AOE possible, though does no damage but all models that are in the AOE are knocked down.  He also has 3 upkeep spells that are all usually good to upkeep and affect friendly model/unit.  The first is Blur, this is where the targer gets a good bonus to its DEF vs range and magic attacks.  The second is Snipe and it gives the target a great bonus to the range attacks’ RNG.  The last spell is Arcane Shield, this...

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Warmachine Hobby Showcase: Week 1

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Hey everyone, I an Brian B, aka “PaintVagrant” from the forums. I’m excited about posting to the MoM mainpage, although this article series is not about me. Its about you! If you think you have some awesome looking models, then show me. Via the forums, I have started collecting images of your warmachine models and armies. Ill pick my favorite images each week, based on this criteria: 1) Favorite Army (fully painted and based, must be at least 40 points of models (casters count as 5) 2) Favorite Single Model (any PP model) 3) Favorite Conversion If your model doesnt get picked for the week you post it, dont fret, it may be picked for a later week. See all the rules for entry and post images here. With all that out of the way, lets look at some rad pictures!   [divider scroll_text=””] Favorite Army: I like Adam’s Legion quite a bit. I think its a good example of how effective fast army painting can be. The scheme is simple but it works, and there is some decent color interaction between the cool main color and warm secondary color on the beasts. I really like the stenciled pattern on Vayl2’s cloak. That’s really cool. I think the infantry are lacking something, they don’t have the color contrast that the beasts have and their main color sort of blends into the base. The exception to this is the pot/stirrers, who really pop out at you thanks to that bold red. Cool army overall. Name: Adam B Forums Name: dexefiend (pp: downtown_adam) Country: USA Inspiration for Model/Army: Studio Scheme Parts used/other hobby info: Dragonforge Resin Bases – Forgotten Empires Pics:   [divider scroll_text=””] Favorite Single Miniature: Tom’s Skarre2 is clean and has good color choices. The base has muted colors so it doesn’t take over visually and distract from the model itself, which can be a problem with epic caster models. The gold and purple have a pretty good color contrast, and the cream-colored trim helps too. I feel like there could be maybe one more contrasty color somewhere on this model, but ultimately it’s very well done! Plus, it was for charity, which makes it all the sweeter. Name: Tom Hoffmann Forums Name: trolldrengi Country: USA Inspiration for Model/Army: Breast Cancer Brawl Charity Auction Parts used/other hobby info: Straight up Epic Skarre     [divider scroll_text=””] Favorite Conversion: Bill made lemonade out of lemons: he got a miscast Madrak2, but instead of just chucking the torso into his bitz box never to be seen again, he kitbashed a really cool looking Troll Hero out of it. The conversion works really well, looking different enough from Madrak that you cant confuse them on the table, and not looking exactly like the standard troll hero either. Bill also did a bit of sculpting work, adding the chainmail over the torso area. Solid model and great conversion idea. Name: Bill Forums Name: geneguard Country: Flint, MI, USA Inspiration for Model/Army: Bought eMadrak and the head was janky and miscast. Got a replacement, but the the original was screaming conversion. Parts used/other hobby info: eMadrak torso, leftover Champion head, Fennblade UA sword. I used greenstuff to model chainmail, to represent the Hero’s higher armor. Thats it for this week, thanks for reading! See...

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Sweet Venethrax Tech (not included)

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I feel like Venny occasionally gets a bad rap.  I’ve played him a lot, he’s my main guy in Cryx, so I wanted to share what I’ve learned about him.  He may not be the best caster in Cryx, but, if you use him properly, he’s alright.   Profile:  Venethrax’s stats are fairly main line for a cryxian medium based caster, he shares them with pGaspy.  The only one that’s out of line is his Mat, which is a totally sweet 8. Caustic Presence [Corrosion]:  This rarely comes up. Dismember: This and Dragon slayer allows the notorious fury gobbling that is all folks remember about Venny. Cull Soul:  Uses this to turn souls to focus. Spells: Blood Rain is basically breath of corruption, but much worse  It still kills all single wounds under it, because of his caustic presence, but it isn’t nearly as good for running an arc node within 4″ and killing casters. Dragon Slayer: Signature spell here.  Venethrax should have this upkept unless the enemy just purify/eiryss’d it off. Worth pointing out that it allows harvesting fury from any enemy model that has it, not just beasts.  Go ahead and take fury from the Celestial Fulcrum. Hellfire:  Venethrax gets enough fury to try hellfire assassinations surprisingly often.  This is a very important spell for him. [Note that Dragon Slayer works with this spell.  You can use it to off a beast or forsaken and take their fury load] Lamentation:  This is one of those spells that 90% of the time goes uncast, but every once in a while is a massive deal.  There are a number of casters who have a big deal spell that they desperately want to cast, and also important upkeeps.  If you can catch them in it, and not die, you can totally hose their game. Soul harvester:  Venny’s other signature spell here.  This is key to his game plan.  This spell is his rit sac, his dark guidance.  It pretty much defines the caster. Charnel Flames: This is a fine defensive feat.  Kill enemy models, they can’t kill you back because you are behind clouds that auto-point them.  It’s like being eGaspy for a turn.  The easiest way to screw this up is to block in Venethrax with the models that need to do the killing.  The order of the feat turn is Venny first, feat and move into 14″ of their front line, your models kill their models. His feat is actually a really big deal, between LOS blocking and keeping them from just advancing to engage with infantry…and then the fact that if they do get past then they kill your models and that still makes clouds. The Game Plan:   Ok, so here’s how all the pieces work together.  The theme of Venethrax’s army list is that he collects all the souls from enemy’s that die.  Between upkeeping, a scarlock and Venny himself you can have Soul Harvester in 3 places during a turn.  Everything you kill should be giving Venethrax souls.  If possible, he uses these souls for a hellfire assassination.  If not, he can charge up and kill a bunch of guys and still keep his camp up at safe levels. On the critical turn he pops his feat to stop enemy retaliation.  His camp is...

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Road to War Episode 10

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Road to War This week we talk about Legion! 0:00: Legion and Colossals 7:17: General Discussion 10:56: eLylth 18:30: Saeryn 28:56: Bethayne & Belphagor 38:40: pVayl 45:39: eVayl 51:39: pThagrosh 56:19: eThag 59:09: Abysolonia 1:03:55: Kallus 1:07:28: pLylth 1:09:00: Closing thoughts on Legion 1:11:05 WAR GamesCon Recap   Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:25:59 — 78.7MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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