Warmachine & Hordes is a wargame made by Privateer Press. Players form armies centred around a powerful and focused warcaster or a fearsome and furious warlock, wielding magic and controlling beasts of steel and flesh in their efforts to gain control of the Iron Kingdoms and the world of Immoren as a whole! We have some great content producers here, in all types of media, from some of the best players in the world. Enjoy!

TDH60M – Ep 5 – Kris Aubin Vs. You Noobs

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This week we are joined by former Privateer Press Art Director Kris Aubin. He is gonna take on “throws” (not the pillow) not killing noobs their first time, and how to get a job in the game industry. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:02:20 — 71.3MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Klaw Goes WTC: Pre-Tournament Ramblings

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So, since the lists have been published, here are a few pre-WTC observations, brought to you by me1. Lets start with the biggest elephant in the room: Sweden Dynamite all playing Cryx. A team that missed out on a top 10 finish last year by SoS, now going for the gimmick. I’m not sure which aspect shocks me the most – Rickard abandoning Minions, or the fact that they totally stole the idea from Portugal Kult. Sweden Nobel clearly decided that Wedding on Circle is too easy, which is why he plays Retribution this year. The most remarkable team shift to me is Poland. The most successful WTC team to date has been broken up. The man who put Mad Dogs of War on the international map now captains the 2015 Leaders team, sans Mad Dogs of War. Three others seem to have been moved to the Grunts team, but keep championing the factions we know them for. Still, make no mistake, both these teams are very dangerous. The most high-profile British team remains Team Scotland Irn, who won their little island championship for the second year running. All this despite the fact that Michael D*ck defected to England, quite a d*ck move, really2. It’s not going to help team England Lions tho, everyone knows the tactic to beat them is to give Perkins his win, and crush the others. An honorable mention is there for Team Ireland Ceol, which looks like one of the best lineups the green island can muster. Since they ditched that American infiltrator, I predict for them a great future. Speaking of Americans, on to the defending champions Team Stars. There were a grand total of two questions regarding the team: will Will Pagani play Kromac2, and what’s Tom Guan’s second list? Answers are yes and Deneghra1, to save you readers some time. Team Stripes have two individual world champions in their ranks, but just play with what they’re comfortable with. Notable exception is captain Jay Larsen, who shows his supreme creativity by bringing Runes of War and Evolutionary Elementalism. On top of that, he’s got great hair. Team Stripes are where it’s at. Biggest let down is Australia Wombat. One reason is their ditching of Robert Cantrell3, but more important reason is the team name. Everyone knows the team should’ve been called Dropbear. Get your act together, guys. Even Team F*ck Up Nips is better than Team Wombat. Biggest mystery is Germany. Every year, the whole European community puts them on the short list for the win, and every year, both teams finish brotherly next to each other, well outside the top 5. It seems they went for the janky approach across the board, who knows, it just might pay off this time. Finally, a few words about my own team. We’re ready to have some fun, and totally psyched. I’d be very happy with a top 10 finish, and I promised Jay Larsen I’d go batsh*t-mental-run-through-the-hall-naked with a top 5 finish, after which he promptly replied that it needs to happen. Y’all know what to do, when we meet. See you in four weeks (!!!), Klaw (1) I’d say “your humble servant”, but each of those three words would be a lie. (2) I couldn’t resist. And neither could you. Just admit...

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Baffo’s Mission Objective 03 – Arcane Stones

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Finally we got to the objectives that actually started this whole article mini series: Arcane Wonder! About 4 months ago I started work on some new Khador conversion projects using assorted Orgoth themed weapons with my characteristic ‘soul storm’ and as practice on sculpting that pattern (in order to be able to shrink it down to small based infantry scale – you can see some of the results in Mission objective 01) I decided to sculpt some ‘screaming skulls wall paneling’ and then decided to use it for my own Orgoth themed Arcane Wonder objectives. That was the initial concept, but as it often happens with me, I kept imagining variations and that quickly escalated into custom objectives for all my friends’ main factions, as you saw in the previous two articles. You might be wondering then why is this the third blog post on the subject, rather than the first; it is because these sculpts took me the longest to finish and are the most challenging to make, so it made sense to present the articles in an escalating level of difficulty (rather than the other way around). Anyway, today’s subject is Arcane Wonder, one of the more ‘open to interpretation’ objectives in SR (visually speaking), strongly linked to the ‘fluff’ of each faction and possibly the specific theme of your lists. For example ‘vanilla’ Trollbloods would most likely have a big Krielstone as their Arcane wonder, Cygnar and Menoth might prefer holy shrines dedicated to their respective faiths (see Mission Objective 02 for more on that) while ‘morally grayer’ factions like Khador, Cryx and Mercs would see no issue in using cursed ancient artifacts left behind by the Orgoth invaders… Big Kriel Stone: Let start with a simpler idea like usual: a BIG Kriel stone (or at least bigger than what an old trollkin can carry on his back). As you can see the core of the arcane stone is just a ‘box’ made of 1 mm plasticard, with the top 2 mm narrower than the bottom and another smaller box glued under the bigger one to create the ‘frame’ of the inward sloped underside of the Kriel stone. Next came filling up the volume of the underside with modeling putty to create the base for my slope and when that hardened I sculpted the faces of the stone carved with runes. I made these one at a time, by flattening a thin (0.5 mm thick) layer of green stuff all over the core’s surface (from edge to edge) and while it was still soft, I used some of my ‘custom ghetto tools’ to press in some troll-like runes into each face.The two most useful tools for this ‘runic inscriptions’ were the ‘Beveller’ and a ‘C-Press’ (as you can see in the drawing, you can make your own curved tools just by getting a small plastic tube of the desired size and cutting it’s end at an oblique angle to leave you a C shaped point to press curves into the putty. When you are pressing in your runes, always start with any curved lines in your runes and then use the Beveller to press in any necessary straight lines (if you start with the straights, you’ll have trouble getting the curves to align properly) and use...

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Streaming at the World Team Championship Update 3

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Hello! My apologies for the lack of updates over the past couple of weeks, we have been hard at work finalizing the stream, and I was waiting for a few things to come together to give you guys a complete update.   Where are we with the funding?   I want to give a big thank you to the community, we have raised well over $5000.00 for this project. This has allowed us to fully fund our crew’s travel, secured us equipment, and allowed us to cover some incidental travel expenses. This would not have been possible if it wasn’t for your support.  Any additional funds from this point will go towards additional improvements to this stream which may feed future streams we might line up. You can still find the podcasts we offered for sale here: And you can donate any funds to through paypal.   Where we are at with the stream?   So a lot has happened in the past few weeks on the streaming front.   The biggest is our addition of a musical director in Rob Harvey. He joins us in providing music to the stream, you can see some of his work here here:   He has already worked on the official (as chosen by the WTC committee) World Team Championship music, and in combination with our Art Director Keith Alexander, we have produced the official World Team Championship Intro Video:   We will use that video a few times in our stream. 🙂   And speaking of our art director, we are nailing down the final art, and I have an update on the team selection screen, this is a rough draft and doesn’t necessarily reflect the final product:     We are also working on some background animations to spruce things up a little. So far we have our team overlay screen for during the match up, our team selection screen, our interview screen, intro videos, and we are finalizing an intermission set up so that if we are not currently live with either games, or interviews, or any content we can come up with in Ireland, then we can at least keep the stream going with a overall shot of the venue as a video feed and have some prepared videos to keep you guys at least remotely entertained through that and the twitch chat. So I want to give a big shout out to Rob Harvey and Keith Alexander who have donated their time and talent to making this the best it can be. I could not have set any of this up without their help. As always, you can check out Keith’s own videos at his website here: Our complete crew is now: Clint Runge – Lead technician Chad Shonkwiler – Commentator Joshua Maxson – Commentator Matthew Bunting – Streaming technician and back up Commentator Keith Alexander – Art Director Rob Harvey – Music Director   Where are we going from here?   We have scheduled to film a run down of the streaming equipment on the 29th, which is a week from this Saturday. We will feature a 5 man team playing against a 5 man team to try and replicate the environment as closely as possible to what we expect at the event. We will...

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TDH60M – Ep 4 – Marc-André Vs. Your Meta

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This week we talk about how to cast spells, how to grow your dying meta and tips and tricks for attending cons and tournaments. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:01:46 — 70.7MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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TDH60M – Ep 3 – Aggy Vs. The Forums

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This week we are joined by Agatha Dobosz, who just got back from working the floor at Gencon! Other things will happen.... Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:00:23 — 69.1MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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TDH60M – Ep 2 – Scott Vs. Boob Armor

Posted by on 9:32 am

This week we are joined by Scott Talarico from Party Foul to talk about Gencon, getting the rules right, and 4 dudes try to tip-toe around the topic of battle heels and chainmail bikinis... Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 59:53 — 68.5MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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TDH60M – Ep 1- MA Vs. Team Goose

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This week our Guest is Marc-André LeBlanc from WTC 2015 Team Canada Goose. -We plague him with questions -He fixes Haley 2 while we try to have an uncivilized debate -We learn how to stay in formation and we learn more about the WTC and how to practice for games on an international level. For more Moosemachine and our weekly newscast Facebook: Twitch: YouTube: Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:00:08 — 68.8MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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