Warmachine & Hordes is a wargame made by Privateer Press. Players form armies centred around a powerful and focused warcaster or a fearsome and furious warlock, wielding magic and controlling beasts of steel and flesh in their efforts to gain control of the Iron Kingdoms and the world of Immoren as a whole! We have some great content producers here, in all types of media, from some of the best players in the world. Enjoy!

TDH60M – Ep. 53 – Al Vs. Skorne

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This week the Meese are back in the game with all the latest news and our special guest Alain Seguin to tell us all about Skorne. Yes Skorne. Is it as bad as the Facebook Meme page tells you? Is it still competitive? Whats coming in the Errata? Join us for a serious discussion with only a light sprinkle of salt. Also stay tuned for The Lightning Round! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:10:31 — 161.4MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Hypothetical Battle Report Time!

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This was originally posted on the all new19 Dark Guidance Blog 21, but since then we’ve determined that we’re generally a lot happier over-running the Muse On Minis site since the podcast is already here! So, I put a call out on twitter for ideas for articles and a fair number of suggestions came through. The end result is this article, though it’s not exactly what anyone asked for. It’s actually the first of it’s kind I think,15 which is probably because in order to make it work I had to make so many assumptions that it may well be fairly pointless. Often people have asked me to write about a specific matchup. Actually let’s be fair, I’m not sure anyone’s ever asked. I’ve often considered how to do it. The problem is that talking about a specific matchup is complicated. The game involves so many factors that it’s actually very very difficult to make a coherent article. Hence, I’d never really done it. I’d had a couple of attempts, but they spiral out of control super fast due to the rapid expansion of variables to discuss. So I decided to try something I’ve often considered and never tried: Rule out all the variables through assumptions. The actual question asked was phrased roughly as: “How do you tackle gunlines using a predominately melee list” This could be paraphrased as “OMG Cygnar OP, my cryx cant win plz nerf” But only if you were being particularly uncharitable to the fellow who asked, since although the focus on gunlines as “detrimental to the game” is, in my opinion overstated, it certainly is a concern for anyone playing in a tournament these days. I’m guessing it’s also a problem for those who don’t play in tournaments, but at the very least they have the option to simply say “I don’t feel like playing against sloan for the third time with my goreshade one list…..thank you”1 Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, an opt-in version of tournament play would be a nightmare to do pairings for) for those in tournaments it’s a pretty safe bet that at some stage you’re going to run into a gunline. 2,3 So, what can you do? Well loosely there are a few options during list construction 4 that can help you out, but that’s another article 5 because in this article I’m going to instead attempt to talk about it from an in-game strategic/tactical viewpoint for variety. 1. You either don’t have an “anti-gunline” list, were locked out of it, or just lost list chicken with someone…..explanation of those three options can be found here 7 since I guess there may be someone who wants an explanation. I’ve just spent more words explaining why I’m using a footnote to shorten this paragraph than I needed to actually explain the terms. You’ll get used to it. 8 2. Your opponent has a “gunline” – by which I mean a list that primarily relies on dealing damage from ranged to be able to win a game. It almost certainly has other elements (if it’s any good) that can assist it to assassinate or win on scenario, but first and foremost it’s going to try to blow away your hopes and dreams like a very localized tornado carving a path through your...

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Dark Guidance Meta Benders 1: Karchev Mad Dog spam

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Such Boxes, Much Counter Charge, Very Jury Rig, Wow! Welcome to this series of Dark Guidance battle reports specifically covering meta-benders: filthy, degenerate, problem lists prowling around the dark corners of convention halls, hungry for blood and are out to get You and Your Family. Today we will be covering Karchev and his Mad Dog(e) spam. The following is a video battle report between Josh running Caine 2 and Chris running Karchev. We provide snap shots of the game, then shit talk afterwards about why this list is a problem and general strategies to beat it. We used the following lists. Cygnar Army – 74 / 75 points (Caine 2) Captain Allister Caine [+27] – Firefly [8] – Dynamo [18] – Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator [4] Storm Lances (min) [12] Storm Lances (min) [12] Gun Mage Captain Adept [5] Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord [4] Captain Sam MacHorne & the Devil Dogs (max) [18] – Captain Jonas Murdoch [4] Major Katherine Laddermore [8] Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress [3] Ragman [4] And in the Scum corner. Khador Army – 75 / 75 points (Karchev 1) Karchev the Terrible [+30] – Mad Dog [7] – Mad Dog [7] – Mad Dog [7] – Mad Dog [7] – Mad Dog [7] – Mad Dog [7] – Mad Dog [7] – Mad Dog [7] – Mad Dog [7] – Juggernaut [12] – Kodiak [13] – Kodiak [13] Gobber Tinker [2] Gobber Tinker [2] In brief, since our analysis got cut a bit short due to Josh’s size requiring too much space on his phone (he’s very tall you see), Mad Doge spam is a type of list where you take Karchev with X number of Mad Doges where X is a big number. The commonly quoted number is 14 but in truth you can take as many as 15 and as few as 8, adding or dropping support as the Khador player sees fit. In addition to the Mad Doges you can also put in “real” warjacks, typically Juggernauts, Kodiaks or Ruin, so that you have models that do Work on turns that aren’t Karchev’s feat turn (and wreck some serious face on Feat turn as well). You don’t want to dilute the mix too much, keeping a double digit total warjack count is generally recommended since by that point the amount of metal on the table goes from “tolerable” too “waaaaay too much” This particular list has 3 real jacks: 1 Juggernaut and 2 Kodiaks. The Juggernaut is pretty common, being a rock solid heavy destroyer and all-round power house. The Kodiaks are only POW 16 on their fists but exist to give the list some much-needed Pathfinder and to provide clouds for Karchev to hide behind, primarily from Eyriss 1 or 3. They can also very reliably proc’ Chain Attack Grab & Smash on feat turn, since all their punches are boosted. Finally Vent Steam is a powerful ability now , providing some flexible infantry-clearing power that can dig deep into formations with a successful trigger of Road to War. Delivering these three jacks, and Karchev, is a carpet of Mad Doges. The key ability that makes the list actually work is Jury Rig. Mad Doges are some of the most pathetic models in the game in terms of damage output and...

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L2 Wargame: Warmachine Podcast Episode 50, The Gang Visits Water Pump #3

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download ()Subscribe: Android |...

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Klaw Plays Trolls Pt 12: Still Ending the World

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This article started out as a reply to the following topic on the PP forums. I know, it’s the forums, they’re a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, but every once in a while, some of the great voices leave a bit of their wisdom. Or so I tell myself. The main discussion point is whether Madrak2 is to be seen as the top 5% in Trolls. Going into the WTC, the general population of Troll players seemed to think so. Now, a measly 39% win rate later, I think we can conclude that the hype isn’t to be believed1.     My guess is that Madrak2 was omnipresent at the WTC, because he was the easiest entry point (someone in the thread mentioned this). As a WTC player, you only had three months to come up with two good lists that covered the meta. This is difficult for the following reasons: You have no idea what the meta looks like. Even more so because a developing meta changes every two weeks. Lists that were problematic in July, could have completely disappeared by August. You need to learn how the new game plays and what your new faction does. In Mk2 I played Grissel1, Grissel1 and then some more Grissel1, with some other warlocks on the side. None of these warlocks play the same now. All your friends are in the same position, so don’t expect much help there. These three factors meant that Madrak2 was such an attractive choice. One simply doesn’t have the time to grind 50 games against a variety of opponents2, and … the first tests were very promising. I mean, I only played against opponents who never met him. Surf up, kill stuff. Easy. What I did learn about Madrak2 in the three months before list deadline, is that he doesn’t handle heavy ARM well. I tried to alleviate this by adding Mulg and Hutchuck to the mix, which did help a lot, but that still wasn’t enough (against Vyros2 for example, but more on that later). The reason why I never tried the troop spam option is that in my preliminary tests, my infantry just got shot off the table. Let’s just say I never connected those dots.   Going through the WTC lists, I realized I had made a big mistake in my list building. I didn’t have a list that could handle Vyros2, Amon or Karchev, despite the rest of these factions being relatively good matchups for Madrak2, on average. I also didn’t have a list for Wurmwood, but … whatever. It was an acceptable hole in my pairing3. Anyway. I’m not sure the Madrak2 troop spam list would have been the better option. It does counter ARM spam, but … as soon as your opponent brings, say, 20 semi-accurate shots, I think your list crumbles fast. Going back to the three problem matchups listed above, you would get pushed into a list chicken situation. Ret typically brings a more shooting focused second list (like Ossyan), Menoth has the High Reclaimer, and Khador has … whatever they damn well please (Vlad1, Vlad2, Sorscha1, Irusk2) to make it a rough game. Sure, a list chicken is a step up from an autoloss, but still not something I’d be happy about.  ...

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L2 Wargame: Warmachine Podcast Episode 49, The Gang Killed Spence

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download ()Subscribe: Android | RSS Join Brandon, Jeremey,  Karl, and Max as we talk about the Epic versions of the Warmachine Junior...

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Countercharge ep6 Baldur2

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Countercharge is a Warmachine/Hordes dojo & battle report podcast. The format of the shows will be two parts. Part one, we will explore a warcaster or warlock and build lists. Then in part two we will actually play those lists and see how well our ideas are on the table. The goal of the podcast is to provide more than just “theory-machine”. We are based out of Iowa City, Iowa and you can find pictures of our games on Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:37:46 — 89.5MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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L2 Wargame: Warmachine Podcast Episode 48, The name of the sniper, the troll, and the fucking tree.

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download ()Subscribe: Android | RSS Join Brandon, Spence, Jeremey,  Karl, and Max as we talk about the big...

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L2 Wargame: Warmachine Podcast Episode 47, Rocky Mountain Rumble

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download ()Subscribe: Android | RSS Join Brandon, Jake, Jeremey, and Karl, in our 3rd mobile podcast, as they talk about the first day of the Rocky Mountain...

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L2 Wargame: Warmachine Episode 45, I Can See For Miles

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download ()Subscribe: Android | RSS Brandon, Spence, Jeremey, and Max talk about MuseOn COn (MONCon) and the new edition (Mk 3) of...

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