Warmachine Hobby Showcase: Week 1

Hey everyone, I an Brian B, aka “PaintVagrant” from the forums. I’m excited about posting to the MoM mainpage, although this article series is not about me. Its about you! If you think you have some awesome looking models, then show me. Via the forums, I have started collecting images of your warmachine models and armies. Ill pick my favorite images each week, based on this criteria:

1) Favorite Army (fully painted and based, must be at least 40 points of models (casters count as 5)
2) Favorite Single Model (any PP model)
3) Favorite Conversion

If your model doesnt get picked for the week you post it, dont fret, it may be picked for a later week.

See all the rules for entry and post images here.

With all that out of the way, lets look at some rad pictures!


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Favorite Army:
I like Adam’s Legion quite a bit. I think its a good example of how effective fast army painting can be. The scheme is simple but it works, and there is some decent color interaction between the cool main color and warm secondary color on the beasts. I really like the stenciled pattern on Vayl2’s cloak. That’s really cool. I think the infantry are lacking something, they don’t have the color contrast that the beasts have and their main color sort of blends into the base. The exception to this is the pot/stirrers, who really pop out at you thanks to that bold red. Cool army overall.

Name: Adam B
Forums Name: dexefiend (pp: downtown_adam)
Country: USA
Inspiration for Model/Army: Studio Scheme
Parts used/other hobby info: Dragonforge Resin Bases – Forgotten Empires


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Favorite Single Miniature:
Tom’s Skarre2 is clean and has good color choices. The base has muted colors so it doesn’t take over visually and distract from the model itself, which can be a problem with epic caster models. The gold and purple have a pretty good color contrast, and the cream-colored trim helps too. I feel like there could be maybe one more contrasty color somewhere on this model, but ultimately it’s very well done! Plus, it was for charity, which makes it all the sweeter.

Name: Tom Hoffmann
Forums Name: trolldrengi
Country: USA
Inspiration for Model/Army: Breast Cancer Brawl Charity Auction
Parts used/other hobby info: Straight up Epic Skarre



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Favorite Conversion:
Bill made lemonade out of lemons: he got a miscast Madrak2, but instead of just chucking the torso into his bitz box never to be seen again, he kitbashed a really cool looking Troll Hero out of it. The conversion works really well, looking different enough from Madrak that you cant confuse them on the table, and not looking exactly like the standard troll hero either. Bill also did a bit of sculpting work, adding the chainmail over the torso area. Solid model and great conversion idea.

Name: Bill
Forums Name: geneguard
Country: Flint, MI, USA
Inspiration for Model/Army: Bought eMadrak and the head was janky and miscast. Got a replacement, but the the original was screaming conversion.
Parts used/other hobby info: eMadrak torso, leftover Champion head, Fennblade UA sword. I used greenstuff to model chainmail, to represent the Hero’s higher armor.

Thats it for this week, thanks for reading! See you next week.

-Brian B.

Author: PaintVagrant

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