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Have you ever had a friend ask you for information on each of the Warmachine & Hordes factions and not known how to reply?  Is there a faction or two that are underrepresented in your local play group that you would like to learn a little bit more about?  This week on Chain Attack: Baby Seal Boots Camp, I will give a short summary of the strengths, weaknesses, and fluff of each of the Warmachine & Hordes factions.


Strengths:  Cygnar has strong casters that can use many different play styles effectively.  They have access to the widest selection of Mercenary models.  Cygnar excels at single target shooting and deals with stealth better than most factions.

Weaknesses:  Mercenary infantry are often better than in-faction options.  Cygnar must adapt their play style to succeed in Steamroller.  A Cygnar player cannot take a pure gun line to a tourney and expect success.

Fluff:  Cygnar views themselves as the good guys of Warmachine.  It is a sprawling kingdom that is surrounded on all sides by enemies.  Cygnar is technologically advanced and uses a lightning theme.

Protectorate of Menoth

Strengths:  The Protectorate of Menoth excels at using synergies to buff their forces.  They possess the best support for warjacks in the game.  Their warjacks have many good AOE ranged attacks and the faction has access to many strong sprays.  The Protectorate of Menoth is excellent at using attrition to defeat their opponent.  They also employ powerful denial abilities versus their opponent.

Weaknesses:  It is rare for a Protectorate of Menoth force to get the first strike.  Focusing on attrition can create issues when using death clocks at a tournament.  Since their forces rely upon the synergies provided by their support models, the combat strength of the army decreases dramatically when the support models are removed.

Fluff:  The Protectorate of Menoth is a lawful-evil theocracy composed of religious zealots that worship Menoth, the Creator of Man and Law Giver.  They are fighting to free themselves from Cygnar’s governance and to convert or kill infidels.  The Protectorate of Menoth uses a fire theme.


Strengths: Khador has fast and hard hitting solos and units.  The spell iron flesh on high defense models like Kayazy Asassins can be difficult for many armies to deal with.  Khador possesses a good mix of AOE, spray, and single target ranged attacks.

Weaknesses: Khador has slow jacks that are susceptible to crowd control and spells.  The Old Witch comes with a character arc node, but none of the other Khador casters can use arcnodes.

Fluff: Khador is an ancient empire that is themed after tsarist Russia that is seeking to reclaim their glory and territory.  Khador uses a cold theme.


Strengths:  Cryx possesses the most potent casters in the game.  Their infantry tend to be cheap and hard hitting.  The faction has inexpensive arc nodes.  Depending on their list composition, their forces can be good at getting the first strike versus their opponent.  Cryx has strong crowd control and debuffs.  The faction has good non-character solos, which helps with force composition in Steamroller 2012.

Weaknesses:  Cryx has the most limited ranged options of any of the Warmachine factions.  Cryx lacks staying power and must shape the battle to their choosing.  Cryx helljacks have low armor and hit points.

Fluff:  Cryx is an island nation ruled by Toruk, the first dragon.  The forces of Cryx are composed mainly of pirates and undead forces.  Cryx uses a corrosion theme.

Retribution of Scyrah

Strengths:  The Retribution of Scyrah has strong infantry and solos.  The faction has excellent single target shooting.  Their forces have a wide access to magical weapons.

Weaknesses:  The House Shyeel warjack chasis is very weak compared to the House Vyre warjack chasis.  The ranged attacks on their warjacks lead to a higher point cost.  Retribution of Scyrah ranged forces struggle mightily versus stealth.  Their faction is behind the curve on releases, so they have fewer list building options.

Fluff: The Retribution of Scyrah believes that arcane magic is killing their gods.  They are going to war to stop the use of arcane magic.


Strengths:  Mercenaries possess the greatest variety in play style.  Their warjacks have a low point cost.  Mercenaries are good at clearing swarms of infantry.  If you are willing to play multiple contracts, Mercenaries fare well in a character restricted format.

Weaknesses:  Playing Mercenaries competitively at tournaments usually requires using multiple contracts.  This can lead to a large monetary investment.  Due to the varied play styles, Mercenaries can have a steep learning curve to master.

Fluff: The storyline of Mercenary characters varies too greatly to give a brief synopsis.

That wraps up the synopsis of Waramchine factions.  Next week we will do the same thing for Hordes!

Author: ChainAttackJay

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