Walter and Mastershake talk Retribution

Mastershake and I got together and talked over the retribution models.


This is a first effort, and I accidently uploaded it as a WAV.  I think it automatically converted to mp3, but sorry in advance if this didn’t work out.


  1. Aggyface Reply

    Of course us ladies listen to Warmahordes podcasts!

    Good stuff – as a new player coming in from MTG (where this kind of podcast has since become commonplace), this is the kind of rundown that I find immensely useful. Having a rough idea of what each unit does and relative power level, as well as tricks that they’re known for is something that I’ve been looking for and this delivers. Playing Legion myself (so that’s my vote for the next one!), but this is useful for all us newbs.

  2. darkInertia Reply

    Was that eating I heard during a podcast? Do not want.

  3. Orsson Reply

    Great podcast, guys! Very much appreciated.

  4. Sergeant Bus Reply

    Great podcast with great content. Please less eating in my ear.

  5. Walter Reply

    Thanks for the comments all. I promise to restrain my appetite next time around.

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