Toruk to Tyrant – Unleash the Titans! (Thoughts on Colossals/Gargantuans and Titan warbeasts)


I have not posted a Aug summary due to the fact I played very few games during the month of August.  I attended Gencon, but I mostly just hung out with friends and played random board games. I never touched my Skorne models.   Over the past couple weeks I did finish painting my Tiberion and my second Bronzeback.  I am still in the process of painting my skorne battle engine.

I did play 5 games with my Skorne in August. I also played 6 games with my minions (gators).  I attended a smal local 35pt tournament early Aug where I just played E Makeda all 3 rounds. I went 2-1 and picked up 3rd place.  It was just a standard Karn Bullet list.

I attended I-Conn in early Sept and I will be at the Mayhem Cup in two weeks, so I imagine I will have a recap of those events shortly after. I may end up help running many events at the next Mayhem Cup, but I’m sure I will get in a few games at least.

Colossal and Gargantuan impact on Skorne Lists.

I have mixed feeling about the new Colossal and Gargantuan models when thinking about making Skorne lists.  We still have 2 more Gargantuan models to learn the stats of (including the skorne gargantuan), but I feel I have a good grasp of what I need to do with my Skorne lists, when thinking about fighting a Gargantuan.

The Good – First and foremost Skorne has all the tools required to hold their own against these new models.  Skorne mainstay lists have never had a challenge breaking armor.  Titan Bronzebacks are often buffed to POW19 and they have up to 9 attacks. Multiple warlocks give a combination of good speed and damage boosts.   Bronzeback Titans, Tiberion, Molik Karn can  all easily handle these  models.   I have wrecked 60% of a Colossal with Hakaar with Zaal.  Any titan warbeast should be able to wreck half a titan at the very least.  Many colossals seem to have very good anti-Infantry abilities built in. This is both a pro and a con for Skorne. The benefit is, many competitive Skorne lists are light on infantry, and these effects from the colossal can be ignored.   Dealing with Bart + Galleon will be a challenge, as the danger of being dragged into Galleon does exist, but Skorne has multiple shield guard options, as well as the ability to lock our own warbeasts to keep them from being dragged.   Our Warlocks have a variety of ways to buff our army in many ways to deal with the threat of these new models as well.  (Mostly ways to buff our troops, but also some access to upkeep remove with Zaal and Hex Blast. Rasheth can give a ARM debuff and living Gargantuans will always need to fear an Extoller soulward for his ranged attack (adding str to the damage roll)

The Concern – When trying to create 2 lists for SR Competitive tournaments,  it is important to create lists that factor in many details. 2 warlocks that fit well together, and make lists that can compliment each other in their strengths/weaknesses, as well as making sure to keep Character restriction in mind are just a few things that should be considered.  The existence of colossal models do require thought when creating  lists. Especially in smaller 35pt lists.   If both lists at 35pts can not handle a colossal easily, then the list needs to be able to ignore it and focus on winning via other methods.  I use to enjoy playing Zaal with infantry with only 3 or so light beasts, but I dont feel that will handle colossal well.  The anti-infantry combined with needing many attacks to bring a colossal down for infantry makes me concerned that it would be to difficult to achieve.


The Titan Herd


One of the biggest reasons to play Skorne is the appeal of the Titan Warbeats. Skorne has many other great things going for it, but its hard to deny how much fun it is to march the down the field with 2+ titan warbeasts in most games. All titans have base movement speed of 4.  The most common Def is a respectable 12, and all, but one type have a base Arm of 19.  Many titans have the option to slam when they frenzy instead of charge, and tusks that add the Pow of the weapon to Head butt attacks.

Titan Gladiator – This warbeast will almost always be seen in any Titan Herd.  It has good damage output, some great rules like Grand slam (follow-up on slams) and 3 initial attacks at a respectable POW.  On top of all that, it has an animus that makes the all warbeasts go faster. Rush is an amazing animus.  The ability to give out pathfinder to any beast and increase their threat range by 2 inches is incredible.  .  All of this in one warbeast, that only costs 8 points.

Titan Cannonneer – This is the least most used titan warbeast.  This is not because it is a bad warbeast. This warbeast carries a cannon, and has a powerful ranged attack (aoe attack) with a respectable range and a good animus.  The downside of the warbeast is mainly the fact all other choices are amazing.  This is the only warbeast with an ARM of only 18. The animus of this warbeast “Diminish” is popular because it lowers the STR of enemy models within 2 inches of it. This animus is also used in combination with other warbeast animus for fun combination to frustrate many opponents.  If Skorne had more ranged buffs, I believe this model would be used more.

Titan Sentry – The only non-character Titan with Reach.  It also has the benefit of having a shield.  It has slightly lower DEF then the rest of the other titans, but it does gain Set defense, as well as Brace for Impact.  3 initial attacks, and another warbeast with a good animus makes this a good choice for many lists.  The animus Locker will force opponent warbeasts/warjacks to move directly towards it, or have their movement stopped within 2 inches. This is great to keep other models safe, and forces opponents to deal with the model.

Bronzeback Titan –  One of the most feared model by opponents and probably the moved loved warbeast by a majority of Skorne players.   3 initial attacks, along with a special attack if both war gauntlet attacks hit that grant a free power attack.  It is also the only Fury 5 titan model.   Counter charge and Hyper Aggressive are both good abilities, but need to be careful when used.  Moving forward is always good, unless your opponent is trying to set a trap by tricking the bronzeback too far forward.  The animus “train Wreck” grants a warbeast Beat back, and this can allow a bronzeback to move thru an entire enemy unit unleashing its fury.  Bronzeback Titans also have the Leadership ability over other titans, which allow all other titans to automatically pass threshold checks.

Tiberion – The first character Titan model. Tiberion has 3 initial attacks, the most powerful weapon of any titan (Tetsubo), which also happens to have reach and critical smite.  Tiberion is also an immovable object which is only allows normal movement (so no beat back, among other things), but also greats immune to knockdown, cannot be slammed or placed. This is a very powerful ability.   Tiberion also has a shield and has the shield guard ability.  He can be taken in Xerxis theme lists.   The animus of Tiberion is Bump, which can push a model away after Tiberion takes damage, then it expires. It has limited bonuses, but overall Tiberion is simply amazing.

Special NoteThe Agonizer –  While only a baby titan, this model is often following behind titan warbeasts.  The agonzier has a few abilities that cause havoc to enemy forces.  The agonzier can stop enemy warbeasts from getting focus, it can cause nearby enemy warbeasts to either lose their animus, or be at -2 to their damage rolls.  It can also stop arc nodes from near it to work, or lower the threshold of enemy warbeasts.

Some Fun ways to use titans

  • A defensive way to field titans is to take 1 cannoneer, 1 sentry, Tiberion.  An agonzier follows these 3 models. Add a krea for even more defense.  This is one of the options that doesn’t require on speed to strike first, as the list should be able to take almost any alpha strike.  With the combination of the titans animus and ARM buff of shields, along with effects of krea/agonzier will make these 3 models hard to deal with. They can also deal a lot of damage with needed with a majority of warlocks.
  • I have been enjoying playing Tiberion with 2 bronzeback titans and a gladiator.  I have been using this combination with a krea/agonizer as well in a Rasheth list.  The amount of damage this list is able to dish out in combination of high ARM make it  a powerful and fun  option.
  • The one ranged list army I play right now includes 2 Cannoneers and a Skorne Battle Engine. This list has performed well against hordes opponents, as the list has enough debuffs that help the ranged game really work over the enemy beasts pretty well.   The cannoneers are usually able to finish up any beasts that try to rush into in the army as well.


Author: Carnage4u

I have played Warmachine since 2004. Before that I have played warhammer fantasy for ten years, but I stopped playing Fantasy shortly after starting warmachine. I enjoy every aspect of the hobby. I love competive play, as well as just playing fun goofy lists on casual game night at our local game store. I also spent a good chunk of my free time working on making terrain for our events our local gamestores. I mainly play Skorne and Cryx, but I do own a small gatorman minion force that I have fun playing. Brian "carnage4u" Giese

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