Toruk to Tyrant – Rasheth Battle Report , July Recap

July was a very quite month for me. I did run a local tournament, but I did not play in any events during the month. (which is rare for me)   I also only played 8 games over the course of the month.    I am now in the mindset of preparing for Gencon and some upcoming other tournaments, so my next reports should involve a ton more games and some event recaps.

I did manage to get write up 1 battle report with tons of pictures of 1 game I played.



July games

Of the 8 games I played  i did win 75% of my games.   Of my two losses, they were more massacres against my army.  P Butcher at 35pts just destroyed poor Epic Morghoul and I lost a crazy scenario game to Harbringer in another game.  I have been playing a lot of Hordes this year, so it was nice to sort of relax and play just a few games for the month (especially when I know i’m going to play a LOT of games in Aug)

  • Supreme Aptimus Zaal  – 1 game
  • Dominar Rasheth – 1 games
  • Lord Assassin Morghoul 1 game
  • Archdomina Makeda 1 game
  • Lord Tyrant Hexeris – 3 games
  • Tyrant Xerxis 1 game



Rasheth Battle Report

I was able to play a 50pt game against one of our local Trollblood players (Jeff).   I was playing a non-tier Rasheth list and Jeff was playing  T3 Jarl List.

I have been enjoying putting Tiberion on the table with Rasheth and I’m still debating if Tiberion is worth breaking the Theme force.


Dominar Rasheth  +5 points
* Basilisk Krea  4 points
* 2x Bronzeback Titan  10 points each
* Tiberion  11 points
* Titan Gladiator  8 points
Agonizer  2 points
Feralgeist  1 point
6 Paingiver Beast Handlers  3 points
10 Venator Slingers  6 points


Jarl Skuld, Devil of the Thornwood  +6 points
* Dire Troll Mauler  9 points
* Earthborn Dire Troll  10 points
* Troll Impaler  5 points
10 Kriel Warriors  6 points
* 2 Kriel Caber Thrower  2 points
* Kriel Warrior Standard & Piper  2 points
Sons of Bragg  6 points
Stone Scribe Chronicler  2 points
Troll Whelps  2 points
6 Trollkin Scattergunners  5 points
* Scattergunner Officer & Standard
6 Trollkin Scattergunners  5 points
* Scattergunner Officer & Standard  2 points

Additional Rules
Add 2″ to your deployment.
Kriel Warrior units gain Advance Move.
Models/units gain Pathfinder during your first turn.






Note – the Pictures will always show the end of the Turn looks.

Skorne Turn 1

My plan is simply to march up the middle and slowly grind thru his army.  He has almost 20 more models on the table then I do, and the 2 troll warbeasts do pose a serious threat to my warbeats.  I really don’t expect to win  via scenario or score any Scenario points.

I  run most of the army on T1 . I put “rush” on Tiberion to get him that extra distance and setup a in a wedge formation with my warbeasts.  The krea has been rushed as well and put up Paralytic Aura. (more of a habit then necessary at this point)

Plan is to get Slingers in the way the next turn, and use either a slinger or feralgeist to arc a spell)  I normally keep the agonzier behind the titans, but since the troll beasts are so far on a flank I just have it by itself (at least for the moment)


Troll turn 1


Jeff knows he outnumbers me, and only has so many tools that can deal with my Warbeasts.   He jams the Kriels to the middle of the field. Gives them Concealment with the chronicler and quicken from Jarl. He runs the Mauler to center of his army and keep the earthborn near some terrain for a speed buff.   the scattergunners just hang back waiting for their moment which will come later. he does take a shot at my Feralgiest with jarl but is a inch or so short.



Turn 2 – skorne

My biggest concern is the trolls overwhelming my flanks and getting back at my support models/warlock. I also don’t want to give either of his warbeasts a good charge. I move forward enough just to toe in Tiberion into the zone with both bronzebacks at his side. Krea behind with Paralytic Aura
I moved the slingers forward in hopes of hitting some Kriel warriors, but I wasnt paying much attention and didn’t realize he had 2 buffs on them. I did manage to take out the unit attachment which granted the extended control range, (via casting sunder spirit thru a slinger) and made caused a couple Kriel warriors to be out of formation. I also killed a scattergun model. The main thing was they were blocking all sorts of lanes. I know a couple kriels could get at my beasts, but I was not that worried.

I then waited to be charged on the hill I claimed.


Trolls Turn 2

 Here come the Kriels!   The plan appears to be jam the Kriel warriors into me, while getting both warbeasts in position to charge my warbeasts on the following turn. The plan seems pretty decent, and the Kriels do get into my front lines.

Both Kriel Caber Thrower were given the Dire troll animus  (one from the Dire troll, one From jarl(+ STR) and the kriels charged in chanting Fevor.   (Jarl had also gone first and cleared the Slinger I had put in front of tiberion and put 2pts of damage on the Agonizer.

The kriel warriors killed 4 Slingers and took about brought Tiberion to about 1/2 Life.  My lack of playing trolls didn’t let me think about the fevor+Mauler animus on the Caber throwers, so that was more damage then I was expecting.

He also moved up his scatterguners on my left flank to kill off some more slingers. Getting me down to only 4 slingers, that managed to fail their command check.

The Sons of brags, and both warbeasts are set to charge into me on the following Turn, and he possibility of being overrun on my left flank seems likely.

Skorne Turn 3

I have a lot of things I need to do this turn in order to ensure the trolls just don’t overwhelm me and I get charged by both warbeasts.

I have a few things I need Rasheth. I moved him closer on the hill and I put Carnivore on the Bronzeback to the Right. I also pop my feat to lower the STR and ARM of all enemy living models. I knew I was going to need it this turn. I also cast Sunder Spirit thru the Feralgeist to the scattergunner standing in front of the EarthBorn.

Tiberion then went and with his Club cleared out all the trolls within his reach.  The Gladiator titan went,and put Rush on the Bronzeback on the right, and then killed the lone troll in front of him.

The right bronzeback then had a straight charge lane to the earthborn.  I did not enrage him, as I wanted to see how much fury would be on the table, and I was hoping on clearing fury off of other beasts later.   The Bronzeback charged and killed the earthborn.

The bronzeback on the left moved forward and with beatback was able to clear out more Kriel warriors.  I then put paralytic aura up with krea, and put the agonizer ability of  – damage on enemy beasts near him. I then used the paingivers to clear up all the extra fury and also put 2 forward to charge some block lanes and die for the cause.


Troll Turn 3


Jeff did not think I would be able to get my bronzeback to his Earthborn, and now is concerned about being down 1 warbeast, while all 4 of mine are still alive. His main goal this turn is to kill Tiberion and to hurt one of my other bronzebacks as much as he can.

Having never really looked at the Sons of bragg card and the only thing I hear about them is the “internet ramblings” about how bad there are, I assume they cant possible do anything useful this turn.    Of course this is not true, and they cause me a few headaches.

His first plan is just to block in my bronzeback on the right, while he takes some time to deal with of my army. He uses Jarl to pop his feat for some extra defense and clouds to hide behind, as well as uses Jarl to put the Maulers animus on the Mauler.  He also takes a couple of shots and someone gets some damage on Tiberion (he did roll boxcar 4 times this turn, although 2 of them were on “to hit rolls” at least. )

First, what lefts of the kriel warriors go, and finish off the Slingers (all but 1 who is still fleeing). the scatterguners go next, and kill off some paingivers, and open up a nice charge lane for sons of brag, who manage to kill my agonizer and put a some damage into my bronzeback.  The mauler then charges in and takes tiberion off the table fairly easily to my dismay. The imapler did shoot at Rasheth rolled very well on damage, which did force me to transfer that damage.



Skorne Turn 4

Enraged at the loss of Tiberion I continue my assult on the troll forces. Priority #1 is to make that Dire Troll Mauler pay for his crimes. I also need to get both Bronzebacks in better position, while trying to clear out as many models as possible.

I upkeep carnivore. I did have to cut myself for 2 fury as well.  I activate the bronzeback on the right, and I have him use his animus, and work on clearing out the models blocking me, and get him beatback thru 4 scattergunners into a nice position.

I then have my other bronzeback go, and use his animus to beat back and kill all 3 sons of bragg. I activate rasheth and put carnivor on the gladiator so I can make sure I hit the mauler, since he will have a penalty to hit due to jarls feat cloud and the whelp that will spawn off the mauler.  I also attempt to cast blood mark on the Mauler, but roll a 3.  That made me a little sad and worried.

I activate the paingivers, enrage the gladiator and pull fury off the other nearby beasts. The gladiator charges the  Mauler and it takes all 4 fury, but I manage to do exactly enough damage to drop it.  I am only camping 2 fury at this point, and I know I’m going to need it for transfers.  The krea uses her animus yet again.


Trolls Turn 4 – going for Broke

At this point, Jeff knows he needs to kill Rasheth this turn for any chance at winning the game.  He has his left scattergun unit move forward and take some shots at both paingivers and Rasheth.  He manages to kill 3 Paingivers, my last slinger, but put no damage on Rasheth.  The impaler moves forward and shots and puts about few damage on Rasheth.  The 2nd unit of 2 remaining scattergunners charge Rasheth.   I am forced to transfer one of the damage rolls which spiked, and I take another few points from the 2nd model. I have around 8ish Life left and 1 transfer.

Jarl goes, Magic bullets himself and shoots the gladiator and magic bullet into my caster, which I’m forced to transfer instead of dying. This attack gets around both the animus of Krea and the 1 less die being rolled from ranged attack. Jarl does the same attack again (with magic bullet), and if he rolls a 10+ he will kill me. He only rolls a 7 and Rasheth is at 3 points of life.

Jeff runs a whelp in the way to try to keep my from getting to his caster, who is sitting on 2 transfers with 1 beast still alive.



Skorne Turn 5

That was close. I need to cut Rasheth for 2 points to get to max fury. This leaves Rasheth at 1 hp.  I must kill Jarl this turn or I will die the next turn.   I have a few challenges to overcome to open up the required charge lanes, but I have a plan.

First I move my feralgiest into position again so I can arc a sunder spirt thru him to kill  it. The model is between a bronzeback and his caster and must die..

Rasheth goes. First I put Train Wreck on the Gladiator in front of me. I put Carnivore on the Bronzeback. I then cast 2 influence twice on the scattergunner in front of me. I have the scattergunner kill the one he is engaged with, so I am able to free up my paingiver. I also sunder spirit the whelp that was in the bronzebacks main charge lane.

My gladiator goes next. Kills the 2 whelps in front of him, which also helps clear up the bronzeback charge lane. also puts rush the bronzeback and uses beat back to get up to the impaler and drop it to about half (I want to remove the only transfer target from the table)

I use my 2nd bronzeback to finish off the impaler.   I use my last paingiver to enrage the bronzeback on the left. that bronzeback is now able to charge Jarl.  3 attacks later, and Jarl falls to the bronzeback and I am able to win the game.



Author: Carnage4u

I have played Warmachine since 2004. Before that I have played warhammer fantasy for ten years, but I stopped playing Fantasy shortly after starting warmachine. I enjoy every aspect of the hobby. I love competive play, as well as just playing fun goofy lists on casual game night at our local game store. I also spent a good chunk of my free time working on making terrain for our events our local gamestores. I mainly play Skorne and Cryx, but I do own a small gatorman minion force that I have fun playing. Brian "carnage4u" Giese

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