Toruk to Tyrant – Practice, Practice, Practice

By Brian Giese



As 2012 approaches I continue to practice with my Skorne in hopes of not doing too badly with them at events in the coming year, and maybe even have some fun.

Side note – As content as I am to put my Cryx on the shelf to focus on a new faction, I do envy Cryx players in the current tournament meta right now.   There is a lot of anti-Cryx floating around the tournament scene, and I really am jealous I will not be one of those Cryx players working with new lists to break through the anti-Cryx Trend.

My timing is also inconvenient because lots of players are jumping on the “Hordes is too good” bandwagon, and really trying to take them down a notch.   Not to mention, it will be months before some of the really good Skorne releases will hit the shelf.   

Having said all that, I am still really excited to be playing Skorne again.   Over the past few weeks I have played with every caster Skorne has except Lord Assassin Morghoul, but I will play him once the Archidon comes out.  I really believe he is a good warlock, that is just missing a little something to make him competitive, and I believe getting sprint via animus is all he will need.

I have spent some time with a few variant Supreme Archdomina Makeda lists. While the simple “holy trinity” of Titan Gladiator, Molik Karn, and Bronzeback is amazing,  I’ve been having fun playing her with Immortals/Praetorians spam; having vengenace everywhere is fun.  I still keep Molik Karn in there, because the synergy between those two is just too good.

I have also tried to put every Skorne model on the table. This involved putting Karax on the field, but I did that with Zaal, so they at least provided some tokens for the feat, and Karax with Last Stand can still do some damage.

Master Tormentor Morghoul is almost the most fun I have playing skorne, mainly because I’m always fielding 90% beasts with lists like his, and it’s just fun to advance down the field with that many heavies.


One challenge is trying to find a “pair” of warlocks to use together in events.    I believe the first Warlock I focus on is going to be Void Seer Mordikaar.   I need to find a good second list that will help balance out my Tournament play.  



Mordikaar is a warlock I really enjoy playing.  His spell list is solid. Hollow is a nice way to increase his total fury per turn(not to mention undead/tough are good buffs).  Revive is nice to help with an attrition game.  Essence Blast can create some interesting angles to clear out infantry.  Ghost walk is nice, but I almost always have a Tyrant Commander around.   Banishing Ward just stops a few silly tricks in the game and provides some denial.  Having a nice gun on a warlock is never bad either.



I have been using his feat on turn 2 almost all the time.  The defensive bonus is nice and poltergeist is sweet.  That Def bonus is good enough, that your opponent really needs to be careful in regards to attacks they make, or they will get pushed back due to poltergeist.


50 Void Seer Mordikaar + 5points   37 models

* Basilisk Drake  4 points
* Basilisk Krea  4 points
* Titan Gladiator  8 points


Bloodrunner Master Tormentor  2 points
6 Cataphract Arcuarii  9 points
4 Paingiver Beast Handlers  2 points
Paingiver Bloodrunners  5 points
Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer  3 points
Tyrant Rhadeim  5 points
10 Venator Reivers  9 points
* Venator Officer & Standard Bearer  2 points
Void Spirit  2 points


I have a few versions of the list, but this one I am beginning to think is a good start for the direction I want to go.  It doesn’t have a huge 10 man unit for hollow, which is unfortunate, but so far it has performed well.


  • The gladiator does not charge forward. He sits right behind my front line, and just positions to counter any large heavy coming into my lines.
  • The Bloodruners start off with Hollow first.
  •  I am purely addicted to Venator Reievers.  Every game I have played, they have done a great job for me.
  • Tyrant Rhadeim sort of hangs back as well, just waiting for a good moment to strike.  This list has just enough shooting to force the opponent to come to me.
  • Tyrant commander always gets a ton of usage as well. Either +2 Mov for venators for even more range, or allowing my Arcuarii to get into a better position for a good drag. That’s not to mention the Fearless bubble from the standard, which is excellent.




I initially wanted Zaal as a second list, but Zaal has some of the same concerns as Mordikaar. A good army that removes models from play or has a lot of anti Upkeeps can hurt both casters a lot. Mordikaar does NOT like Epic Eiryss, and sadly she is commonly used, but hopefully character restriction will help a little.


Hopefully by my next post I will have a good idea of a 2nd caster. I am going to a Longest Night event on New Years Eve, and I hope to get a full day of games in. By the end of that day I have hopes of finding Mordikaar a dance partner.



Skorne Models I love


My favorite unit is Venator Reivers with UA. I have put them with every Warlock and they always perform very well.   Being able to walk 6 inches, or 8 with a Tyrant commander and then shoot 12 inches, or 16 inches with once a game snipe) makes for a very strong unit.  I typically use the snipe ability on Turn 2 of the game.    Having a POW 23 Combined range attack on enemy Heavy Warbeast/warjack will hurt.

I enjoyed this unit when I played skorne over a year ago even without the UA. With the UA, this unit is so much fun. Reform, and once a game snipe is very effective.

Skorne does not have a ton of buffs that help range, but we have plenty of speed buffs, so this unit is often walking at least 8 inches before shooting.   It’s rare I dont have a chance to shoot 20 inches away from where they start with a nice Combined Range attack.

I am very excited to use this unit with Lord Arbiter Hexeris and black spot.   Having a debuff that will allow me to get more shots is amazing.


The Cyclops Shaman is a model that is doing something every turn of the game.  He is either casting another warbeasts animus, removing an enemy upkeep spell, or making a ranged attack or giving my warlock +2 range for a spell.      He  most often will be used to cast another animus, but I have used all of his abilities.  This warbeast for 5pts is always a valuable tool that never lets me down.

 Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer – This unit is something have in most of my lists as well. If I’m not playing one of the Makeda, my models are not fearless, so the standard bearer solves that issue.

The Tyrant commander often gives out +2 mov for advances a unit.  If  I have a unit with Tough, I often will stand them up before they charge as well. Having the ability to give a unit pathfinder also comes in handy in some games.   This unit is a great toolbox for my army.    The Tyrant commander is also a weaponmaster and can deal out some good damage.










Author: Carnage4u

I have played Warmachine since 2004. Before that I have played warhammer fantasy for ten years, but I stopped playing Fantasy shortly after starting warmachine. I enjoy every aspect of the hobby. I love competive play, as well as just playing fun goofy lists on casual game night at our local game store. I also spent a good chunk of my free time working on making terrain for our events our local gamestores. I mainly play Skorne and Cryx, but I do own a small gatorman minion force that I have fun playing. Brian "carnage4u" Giese

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