Toruk to Tyrant – Nearing the end of the Journey (Tournament Battle Reports)

I have been focusing on playing Skorne since December 2011. In one month I will finish out my year with Skorne .  I will attend  1 to 2 more events (including Warmachine Weekend)  this year.  It has been an enjoyable year, and in my final update coming out sometime late November, I will recap the entire year and I will be able to compare it to the 2011 when I only played Cryx.

Next year will be different. I will focus mostly on Cryx, but I also intend to bring out my skorne every so often.  I have found after 1 full year of a faction, the last couple months involve a little burnout.  (I don’t know how some people can only play 1 faction year after year)  I also don’t feel as inspired at the moment to play anything different in skorne, as I know I’m about to switch factions.    I do wish I had given more time to a couple other warlocks, but I felt in the character restricted format of SR2012 I wasn’t able to test out as many options as I wanted to.
Over the next couple weeks I hope to put some fun and more random lists on the table and enjoy some of the models in the faction I have not played as much.  It will be an interesting couple of weeks leading up to Warmachine Weekend.


Tournament Recaps

In the past month and half I have attended 3 different Tournaments.   I played the same 2 warlocks for all 3 events.   (Rasheth and Zaal) – My Rasheth list stayed the same in all events, and my Zaal list was modified only slightly.

  • I-Con in Springfield IL
  • 50pt Sr2012 in Chicago IL
  • Mayhem Cup in Madison WI




  • Basilisk Krea
  • 2x bronzeback titan
  • Tiberion
  • Titan Gladiator
  • Agonizer
  • Feralgeist
  • 6 paingiver Beast Handlers
  • 10 Venator Slingers


  • Basilisk Krea
  • Cyclops brute
  • Molik Karn
  • Titan Gladiator
  • Aptimus Marketh
  • Agonizer
  • Extoller Soulward
  • Hakaar the Destoryer
  • 10 nihilhators
  • 4 paingiver Beast hanlders
  • 10 venator Slingers

(For I-con) I used my Hardcore zaal list (add in Bronzeback titan, min ninilhators, no extoller, or brute)




 Round 1  – Rasheth vs Moshar (Opponent was Alex from Springfield)

Alex and I always have close fun brutal games. He was playing a very Beast Heavy list. I believe he had at least 4 heavies in his list.  Like all of our games, the first couple turns was all about positioning our models waiting to see who would make the first big play.  Alex made 1 early mistake and allowed me to trigger Counter Charge on a bronzeback at the end of turn of his turn.  Due to this mistake, I was able to start killing his heavies before he made it to mine.  Due to this fact I was getting ahead on models fast, it forced him into going for a risky low odds caster kill run.  That failed and I was able to kill his caster.


Round 2 (zaal vs Ossyan) (Opponent was the commissioner of Warmachine – Mattie K)  Scenario – Bunkers

I have not had the pleasure of playing against Mattie K before, but I’ve known him for a couple years.   Sadly I was not able to give him much of a game.  He could not have made a better Ossyan list to run over my lists.  I really wish I had my alternate Zaal list with brutes in it, because I really needed some anti-knockdown in this list.    (his list has 2 banshees in it, 2 units of stormfall archers)

I felt I was forced to give him my entire army for his feat turn, and basically hope his dice failed him somewhere.  When he moved forward to kill me I did have 3 lanes that if 1 of 3 models lived, I would get to his caster to with good odds of possibly killing him (Zaal was going to hopefully Hex blast off Admonition . However, he managed to wipe off every threat from the table and score a control point.  On my turn I did manage some magic to snag a control point as well, but I was not able to stop him on his next turn from winning via scenario.

I have never won this scenario. I just have bad luck with really bad matchups whenever I draw it, and I’m forced into playing outside my comfort zone.  It was still fun to finally play Mattie K.


Round 3  (Zaal vs Vlad 2)  Opponent was Rhett from Springfield

This was a close brutal game, that I managed to win about 2 minutes before Dice Down was called.  Rhett had played me within the past year and knew the damage output of my army very well, so he was able to do a lot of trading back and forth and really tried to elimate as much of the threat of my army as he could.    Late game He had Fenris try to kill my Kovass, but he missed with his last attack. This allowed me to clear off Fenris and other doomreavers around the Kovass with other models, and charge Epic Vlad with a last standed Kovass.  This gave me the win.

I managed to get 2nd place in this event.   (MattieK ended up winning the event)


50Pt Sr2012 Event in chicago


Round 1 – Zaal vs E Ferroa – Very standard/good Menoth list – Templar/Avatar/1 flamethrower jack/ 1 vanquisher – choir – 2 vassals,  (he had daughters of flame as well)

Summary – opponent has not played many tournament games, and not too familiar with skorne.. Just took  my time during this game.  Was able to get ahead and work my way thru his army – Between triggering eliven early  on avatar, and still being able to get Karn on avatar early. I was able to maintain the pace of the game

Round 2 – vs E Sorcha -(Rasheth)
Listhad death star – besast09 (devastator), great bears, 1 eliminator unit + something.

It was a scary matchup, but winterguard were not able to do much against my list. I was able to really hit him early and beat back a bronzeback into E Sorcha before she popped her feat..


Round 3 – Vs E Vavyl

crazy game – 81 Kill Points by end of game… I had 4 heavy beasts, opponent has 6 heavies

(2 ravagors) 2 angels) – scythean and reiforcement of carnvian .  luckily I was able to start the peace trade early and tie up the beasts and not let him overwhelm me.. slingers were amazing this game clearing out charge lanes and helping take out the legion infantry..
I still ended up losing 41vp as as well….


Round 4 – vs e gaspy.. Very close brutal game.

Summary – I knew I had to hope for the Gaspy player to make some mistake I could take advantage of but he never did.

Big moment of the game – He does good damage to karn wtih 3 bane nights that charge him. He excarnates karn to finish him off (needing 10’s to hit) – I keep making him reroll with Karns future sight ability, but he never rolls under a 10, and kills Karn. I do believe if Karn lives, I would have controlled the tempo

Other moments –  slinger rolls 3,2,3 damage on  roll on leader of bane thralls UA.   Nihilators took a little too long dealing with an injured deathjack (due to hakaar) – I also missed a free strike on Gorman by a gladiator late game that could have made the assassination attempt very risk (instead I rolled a 5, when I needed a 6) – 3 of the 4 first attacks on my casters rolled a 3, which would have normally missed.  I



Mayhem Cup in Madison

This was a 2 day event, Day 1 went amazingly well for me. day 2 was one of failure.  That is the short version.

Round 1  (Zaal vs P Vlad) – Opponent was Greg from Dekalb Il

I have faced off against Greg a couple times. he plays a pretty solid game, and the last time I won, was because he wasn’t prepared for a last standard Kovass. This game he was ready for me.   I have to admit I took terrible notes from this game, and I cannot remember many of the details. I believe I was able to get a beat backing bronzeback to his caster this game under Zaal feat for the win.

Round 2 (rasheth vs E Stryker Opponent was brad from Iowa

This was talked about Brad on Museonminis episode 23.     It was a brutal game, and I have found Rasheth likes to playagainst Cygnar.  I was able to get ahead early on model count, I put 3 titans all within E strykers range. I knew even though I was ahead I needed to draw him in.   He went for it, and killed 2 of my 3 titans, but hurt himself badly by overboosting. I then used a breath of corruption to finish off Styker.

Fun Moment of the game. I charged tiberion forwards as I was trying to open up other lanes. he counter charged with Old Rowdy, and because of that, Tiberion brought Ol Rowdy down to 2pts of life. The following turn, he moved Ol Rowdy just slightly to allow for some troopers to charge in, but then I counter charged ol rowdy with a bronzeback and killed him, which take away the ability to get flank from the sword knights.

Round 3 (zaal vs Gaspy1) Opponent was Aduro from Iowa

Aduro played a very aggressive Gaspy1 list with Wraith engine, Satyxis Blood witches, and tons of other models he jammed into my side of the board. he tried to win via scenario early.   He would have to, but I was able to side step Molik Karn twice to get on his caster to win the game on Zaal Feat Turn

Round 4 (Rasheth vs harby) Opponent was Charles from Springfield – Scenario was one of the Radial scenarios

Spoiler Alert – this is the first game with Rasheth I lost in an event all year. Good news It wasnt the list that failed me, it was good play by charles part, bad mistakes by me, and a bit of bad luck at the end.

Charles played this game for the scenario, and like most Radial scenarios, it’s very easy to win with a Scenario Caster. charles won the roll and went second (which I wasnt happy with)  My early mistake was I put all my titans in front of my zone to keep him from getting any models to run in to score. he had to control a flag, and then contest my zone.  However I somehow messed up this very easy placement, and he was able to get into my zone. He gets up 1 CP.   At this point I know the game is lost, but I keep fighting.

I am able to keep him from scoring for 3 more turns.  I managed to get multiple titans into his flag area, so he couldn’t score the flag. He kept using the battle engine to push models away, but he triggered hyper aggressive once on a bronzeback, which allowed me to move back into contest a flag.

He used Harby to keep his key models alive, and when harby was very low on Health. I ran a model nearby and cast Sunder Spirit on harby. I need to roll a 9 on 3 dice to kill to win the game. I rolled a 5.   Things went from bad to worse. I managed to hold on to another turn, but he was able to heal up harby, and my next Sunder spirit needed something around an 17 on 3 dice to kill her. I was not able to pull it out, and he won via Scenario.

Round 5 (Rasheth vs E Thragrosh  (Opponent was Marshal from …..Iowa

If I would have recorded this game, and been able to play it back, moment for moment, it would be the perfect example, of how to get ahead in a game, and find every possible way to throw a game away. I have never been so upset at myself over bad play, then during this game. Once I went off the rails making mistakes, It never stopped. It was the ultimate Train Wreck of Failure.

Early game, things were interesting.  Marashal and were trying to get our models into spots on the table to contest and counter attack each other.   I was able to get Tiberion on a Carnivore and kill him early game (mistake #1 was not putting carnivore spell on Tiberion to RFP the model) I had planned on this, but simply forget to cast the spell.

The following turn both armies engange, and Marshal realizes he’s going to be on the wrong end of trading models, so goes from a low odds caster kill. He fails, but does some decent damage.  my following turn I could have simply wiped very beast off the table, or kill his caster.  I went for the caster kill, and managled up my order of operations so badly I never came close to killing down thragosh, whom I had knocked down fairly early on my turn.   By the end of my turn, my caster was wide open for an easy kill.




Author: Carnage4u

I have played Warmachine since 2004. Before that I have played warhammer fantasy for ten years, but I stopped playing Fantasy shortly after starting warmachine. I enjoy every aspect of the hobby. I love competive play, as well as just playing fun goofy lists on casual game night at our local game store. I also spent a good chunk of my free time working on making terrain for our events our local gamestores. I mainly play Skorne and Cryx, but I do own a small gatorman minion force that I have fun playing. Brian "carnage4u" Giese

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