Toruk to Tyrant – My Journey with Skorne

by Brian Giese

I have played Warmachine since 2005.  I started with Cryx.  About a 6 months after Hordes came out I started playing Skorne.  I love both factions almost equally for a variety of different reasons.


Before 2011 started I decided I would choose 1 primary faction to play all year, and shelf my 2nd main faction. (I still dabble a little with Minions/Cygnar.)


I played 162 games with my Cryx in 2011 (Jan thru Nov). I played around 30 or so games with Minions/Cygnar.


Some stats

  • 94 tournament games
  • 68 friendly games
  • Won 73% of my games.
  • Most games played with Epic Goreshade  – 51 (won 75% of Tournament games with him)
  • 2nd most games with Epic Denny – 40


I did fairly well at both local and major events  during the year.  I won the Team Event (with sepher32) at Adepitcon and made the finals. I  placed 3rd at a theme tournament at Diecon, and made it to Final 4 for the WMW Invitational at diecon.  I also qualified for the WMW Invitational later in the year. I was able to win multiple tournaments locally and in nearby metas with my Cryx.


Now that 2012 approaches I have put my Cryx away and started getting some practice games in with my Skorne.   I focused on only 3 or 4 casters when I played Cryx, so I’m trying to go through all my Skorne casters and pick a couple I want to focus on this year.


With Domination, there are some new exciting Skorne models  and new strategies to use, but it could be months before some of the models I want to use will be released, which makes me a little sad, and may change up my caster choices during the year.


I plan on making posts once to twice a month on my progress with Skorne.  I track all my games mostly to keep notes for myself on any mistakes I made or to remind myself any really good tricks I discover or get caught with.  I do not know if I will do as well with my Skorne, as my Cryx, but I look forward to the challenge.  I imagine my blogs might be filled with some steep learning curves and some pain and agony.


I try to keep my skorne fully painted. As soon as the weather cools down I can prime Epic Hexeris and my 2nd paingiver task master


Skorne gallery


Author: Carnage4u

I have played Warmachine since 2004. Before that I have played warhammer fantasy for ten years, but I stopped playing Fantasy shortly after starting warmachine. I enjoy every aspect of the hobby. I love competive play, as well as just playing fun goofy lists on casual game night at our local game store. I also spent a good chunk of my free time working on making terrain for our events our local gamestores. I mainly play Skorne and Cryx, but I do own a small gatorman minion force that I have fun playing. Brian "carnage4u" Giese

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