Toruk to Tyrant – Mayhem Cup (Jan 2012) Games

by Brian Giese.


For 2012 my goal is to focus on playing Skorne. (both for local and tournament games), and keep my other primary faction(Cryx) on the shelf for the year (Until Warmachine Weekend 2012).  I will probably play with my Minions and possibly Cygnar every so often when I’m feeling frisky..


My first real test of 2012 was the Mayhem Cup IV held in Des Monies Iowa on Jan 7th and 8th.   The Mayhem Cup was a weekend long event (3 tournaments) that consisted of teams of players from different areas competing for a traveling trophy.  The event drew 56 players from 5 different states, including many top players that win National level events.   I knew this would be a trial by fire for my Skorne.


summary – It was an enjoyable weekend of gaming. While I did not place in any events, I did manage to come close in the 20pt event. I also really have a good feel for Skorne now and feel confident this will be a good year playing them. I didn’t make too many mistakes over the weekend, and I do have a better idea of what kind of lists I will be bringing to future events.  I will go over some of this in a future article.


What follows is a long summary of the weekend. I only have detailed notes on a few games. Otherwise I mostly have game summaries, along with some pictures scattered about. Sometimes the game was too tense, and I forget to take a picture.


Day 1 – 50pt SR2012 (final draft)

Rules – SR20112 Final draft rules, and Divide and Conquer is also in effect.  This event goes 3 Rounds, and top 16 go to final on Day 2 (the rest play in a 35pt event on day 2)
I have chosen to play Void Seer Mordikaar and Lord Tyrant Hexeris.



Void Seer Mordikaar +5
Basilisk Drake 4
Basilisk Krea 4
Titan Gladiator 8

Bloodrunner Master Tormentor 2
6 Cataphract Arcuarii 9pts
4 Paingiver Beast Handlers 2
Paingiver Bloodrunners 5
Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer 3
Tyrant Rhadeim
10 Venator Reivers 9
+Officer and Standard 2
Void Spirit 2


List 2

Lord Tyrant Hexeris +6
Basilisk Drake 4
Bronzeback Titan 10
Cyclops Shaman 5
Titan Gladiator 8
Aptimus Marketh 3
Extoller Soulward 2
10 Nihilators 8
4 Paingiver Beast Handlers 2
Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer 3
10 Venator Reivers 9
+Officer and Standard 2


I felt these lists gave me a good chance against any hordes army out there or Cryx. I have been playing a lot of Mordikaar and getting good results from the list I am using for the Mayhem cup.   I get souls early off bloodrunner dying, and then the Arcuarii, Rhadeim and Gladiator are able to deal out good damage while the Nihilators deal with troops. I am also have a decent amount of ranged support from the Reivers.


The Hexeris list is there for Cryx and I still feel he is able to handle a lot of random matchups.  The Bronzeback is an additional heavy that should be able to output some good damage.  The Nihilators and Reivers fill the same role in both lists.


Round 1  – Close Quarters – Mordikaar – Vs Epic Madrak  – Chad Shonkwiler From Iowa


I have faced Chad a few times.  Normally when I’m playing my Cryx. The last time we fought was in the Invitational Event at Warmachine Weekend, and it was a very close match. I know how great a player Chad is, and I know this will be an intense match-up from start to finish.
His list includes a Dire troll Bomber, Impaler, Burrowers, Kriel Stone, Fenblades, Fellcaller, Long Riders (plus more)


T1  & T2 – Chad goes first. First 2 rounds are mostly positioning. I am able to put a lot of early damage into the Bomber.


T3 – Chad moves his long rider into his zone,  the fenblades position to charge into my zone. I pop my feat and jam my blood runners into his army. My drake is up close, because I have almost killed the Bomber via ranged attacks.



T4- top of 4  he kills all the Bloodrunners, and a couple Accuari.. Since hollow is on the Bloodrunners, I now have 13 fury.


On my t4. I am able to revive a couple Acuarri, and I clear the zone to score a Control Point. Good Turn for me.



T5 & T6 –


Chad does some serious damage to my army.  I am trying to hold on with my 1 CP lead and wear down his army.


Key turning point –  Bottom of T5  I make a “mistake”  I could have ran away with my caster (while still being inside of killbox) and jam my zone with most of my models.   The event is nearing dice down.   However, the game has been so intense and fun, I shrug off the idea.  Madrak is in the center of the table with 6 trolls around him and 1 fury. I use my army and attacks to clear all but 2 models and send my gladiator into him.  I roll poorly, and only hit him 2 or 3 times. He easily survives the attack.  Start of T6, Chad is able to clear a path to kill my caster 5 minutes before dice down is called.



Result – Loss – lose a close fun game. Lesson – It’s OK to back away to win a game. It may feel dirty, but it will count as a W.


Round 2  – Gauntlet P Hexeris Vs E Sorchsa –  Josh (springfield IL)
The Springfield IL crew are all fun and good players, so I am happy to play Josh.  I did not count on so many good Khador Armies. It was the most numerous faction by far, and it’s the first event in year I’ve dealt with so so much Khador.


Josh’s army has Beast09, Kodiak, Destoryer(I think), Winterguard Deathstar, Great Bears. Not too many mercs. at least 2 other warjacks.


Summary – He basically crushes my army.  Tough is not something Hexeris’ feat likes.  My mistakes include picking a poor side of the table. (going second now allows picking sides) I gave myself almost no good shots with my venators because of this.   Terrain really funneled my army in ways I did not like, and with having the ability to choose sides, It was a real bone head decision.


Josh played a solid game and kept his army attacking in waves. I really didnt have any highlight moments, and realized I need to work more on crafting my Hexeris list, and while I still like him as a warlock. He is not  a great 2nd list to Mordikaar.


result – Loss


Round 3 –  Sacrifice – Mordikaar vs E Kreoss  – Joshua from Iowa


This game did reinforce my love of Mordikaar. Even with the R1 loss with Mordikaar I felt  it was my fault, not my list’s fault.


Kreoss2 – Knights Errant, Flame Guard, Vanquisher, Reckoner, Vassal, Bastions, Choir (plus more)


This game went very well for me. Using my lessons from early games I took advantage of terrain during this game.  I used my venators/drake to shoot up around half the Knights Errant.  I had bloodrunners and the blood runner solo do a lot of early damage to flameguard and Knights Errant.


T2 – I am going second, and clear all but  2 flameguard from the zone in an attempt to score quick.  I have 2 or 3 Acurri in the zone along with most of my bloodrunners all clearing models out of the zone.. Tyrant Rhadheim missed a critical attack that made it impossible for me to score.  What helped me, is that the Bastions were moving around terrain to fight near the flag. I put very few models near them, and focused on the rest of the Menoth army. I pop Mordikaar Feat T2.


T3 – Kreoss pops his feat as I expected and all my bloodrunners die. I kept most of my army back and his ranged attacks missed a lot due to the +3 def from Mordikaar’s Feat.  On my T3 Mordikaar has 13 fury thanks to hollow. I bring all the Acuarri back from the dead and wreck a Vanquisher with them.  My only real mistake was on T3 I forget to put hollow on a new unit.


The middle of the board is now filling with more Skorne than Menoth. The only real Menoth threats left are a Reckoner and the Bastions, who are out of position.



By turn 5 I am able to work my way to E Kreoss and kill him.


Result – WIN


Because I did not do very well, I will be playing in the 35pt event on Sunday.


20pt “softcore event”


Event Rules – 1 list 20pts 4 minute turns, 1 minute extension.


I am choosing to play one of the Warlocks I have the most fun with.


Master Tormentor Morghoul +7
2x titan Gladiator
Titan Sentry
4 Paingivers.



Round 1 – Morghoul vs Coven  – vs Crump Iowa


Crump had Nigtmare, arcnode, Bloodgorgers+ Gerlak


My list plays the same. Gladiator/Sentry/Gladiator (right behind them is Morghoul/paingivers)


T1  – Everyone runs.


T2 – I advance forward and crump arcs a couple Stygian abyss hoping for a crit and fails.  He has nightmare hiding behind a forest and the bloodgorgers come up the middle.


T3 – I kill the arcnode with a Gladiator, which has admonition on it to avoid any counter attack by Nightmare.  The Bloodgorgers charge in to my other 2 beasts. They do very little damage. I feat to keep Nightmare doing nothing against my other beasts as well.


T4 – I deal with most of the Bloodgorgers. Nightmare positions to charge at me the next turn. The Coven scores a Crit and shadowbind a Gladitor.


T5 – Nightmare tries and fails to kill a Sentry. I kill rest of Bloodgorgers and Nightmare.


T6 – dead Coven


Result – win


Round 2 – Morghoul vs Morghoul –  vs Dan Kansas


Dan is a good guy that I have played a few times before.


Dan has Mollik Karn/Bronzeback/paingivers.


with a 3-2 beast advantage and threat range advantage this games goes my way from the start.. Brutal Fast win. (there was no real terrain in the middle of the board)


Result – win


Round 3 – Morghoul vs E Hexeris – vs Josh H (iowa)


Josh is awesome. I fight him at almost every event we both attend over the past 18 months or so.


Hexeris2, full gators, task master, Gladiator/Shaman.(bonded)


I keep my paingivers about 8 inches behind my army (enough to walk forward and use their ablities when I need them to)


T1 -everyone runs


T2 – we both position and toe into our zones and stare at each other.


T3 – His gators charge my beasts with +2 str from task Master. On T2 I had moved forward enough to allow  his gators to attempt a charge. 4 out of the 5 get into reach range. He isn’t able to roll well enough to do any real damage. I kill all 5 gators back.


T4 – Josh knows I outthreat him with my beasts and I have no reason to even try. He has only Gladiator/shaman to my 3 heavies.  If he attempts to arc any spells I will kill the shaman.  He conceeds the game.


Result – win


Round 4 Morghoul vs Butcher2 – Kurt (St Loius)


Kurt is a player I bump it at big cons, and I know he is a solid player, with a terrfying list.


Butcher Beast09, widowmakers, Eiryss1, Kayazy Assassins with UA.


This is an uphill battle for me the entire time.  So many models I can’t really hit, and they can all hit hard with Butcher’s feat.  I had a chance to kill Beast 09 mid game that might have been enough to give me some momentum, but I managed to leave him with 6 or 7 boxes left..


The game fell apart at that point. Kurt did go on to win the day, so I cannot feel too bad about losing to him 🙂


Result – Loss


I was happy with my 3-1 results. the army that defeated me won the event.


Day 2 – 35pt SR2012 – Divide & Conquer
List 1
Master Tormentor Morghoul  +7
2x Basilisk Drake  8
Bronzeback titan 10
Cyclops Brute 5
Titan Gladiator 8
Aptimus Marketh 3

6 Paingivers Beast Handlers 3
Tyrant Rhadeim


List 2
Supreme Archdomina Makeda  +5
Bronzeback Titan  10
Molik Karn 11
Titan Gladiator 8
Extoller Soulward 2
Feralgeist 1
6 Praetorian Swordsmen 4
Officer & Standard 2


I am not a huge fan of 35pt games. However I really like the Morghoul list. It is just a lot of fun. My epic Makeda list is very standard (3 heavies, fast moving and all about the Mollik Karn Bullet)


Round 1  –  (all matchups for R1 were setup the night before) I am supposed to face a khador list, but my opponent was a no-show and I get a bye.   (blarg)


Results – Bye /win


Round 2 – Incursion -/-Morghoul vs Madrak1 (vs Chad Iowa)


My 2nd game this weekend against Chad. I know Incursion is better for Makeda, and she is the better matchup, but I just wanted to have fun playing with Morghoul. Not playing in R1 has made me sad, and I before we start I declare to Chad this will be the most FUN GAME EVER.


Troll list had Mulg, Axer, 2 champ heroes, Horthol, fellcaller, Kriel Stone


Chad goes first – his caster is out front with his talisman which doesn’t allow beasts to charge him.  Turn 1/2 is just standard moving/positioning fun.


Summary of my plan starting on bottom of T2 – Key point in game. My plan is to first strike, and try to kill Mulg, both heros and Horthol all on the same turn. I am confident I can kill the  2 champ solos, and at least dismount the cav solo, and either kill Mulg, or seriously damage him (and with Morghoul’s feat up, retaliation will not be too bad)


Points of Epic Failure  –  Mulg is out of charge range of my Bronzeback, but he is standing next to a Troll Champ Hero that can be charged by Bronzeback (plan- buff bronzeback, charge, beat back into Mulg).  I cast abuse on the Bronzeback and move Morghoul forward and pop my feat.  I then charge my bronzeback forward, and remember 3 seconds to late I did not enrage him.  So i waste 1 fury to charge, and am short 2 strength. I leave hero at 1pt. I assume I can still hurt mulg somewhat, but I know I cant kill him.


EPIC BAD Luck Moment of the Weekend –  the hero takes a retaliatory strike and takes out Bronzeback’s Spirit. The Bronzeback fails to even finish off the hero. I activate the rest of my army and somehow manage to kill no models this turn. I hurt them all, but can’t roll to save my life.  I managed to just laugh it all out. It was too bad of a turn, so I just decided to smile.
The entire game falls apart and I die horribly. but I continue to have fun to spite Chad 🙂


Results – Loss


Round 3  – Gauntlet – Makeda vs Kaya2


Game went my way early.  Druids tried to drag a Bronzeback into charge range of a warpwolf stalker, but the stalker’s charge failed by an inch.  My army’s counter attacked crippled the Circle army. (he was left with a gorax/laris , and a few druids). By the following turn, only Kaya was left alive.


Results – win


Round 4  –  Sacrifice – Makeda2 vs Gorten (seaforge)vs Nathan (Madison)


Another standard Karn assassination. Won on top of T2. Nathan forget to move 1 model to block a charge lane.


From image below. Gladiator walks 3 inches to side, casts rush on Karn. Bronzeback walks out of the way.


Makeda moves forward at an angle to leash Mollik  forward.  Pops feast. Casts road to war.  Molik charges.. 1 attack over the wall, hits sidesteps over the wall and kill Gorten. (Nate was going to move the bear up to the wall, but forgets to)>Photobucket


results WIN


Final thoughts


Overall I won more games than I lost, and I managed to have the worst luck in the game I made the biggest mistake, which sort of works out to the perfect storm of a comically bad game.


I believe both warlocks can be played in a competitive environment and succeed. I have a variant Mordikaar list I will be practicing with, as well as Zaal and Xerxis. I also will be revamping and trying to design a better Hexeris1 list.  So many casters, not enough time to play them all sadly.



Author: Carnage4u

I have played Warmachine since 2004. Before that I have played warhammer fantasy for ten years, but I stopped playing Fantasy shortly after starting warmachine. I enjoy every aspect of the hobby. I love competive play, as well as just playing fun goofy lists on casual game night at our local game store. I also spent a good chunk of my free time working on making terrain for our events our local gamestores. I mainly play Skorne and Cryx, but I do own a small gatorman minion force that I have fun playing. Brian "carnage4u" Giese

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