Toruk to Tyrant – Mayhem Cup Fun

This will be a summary of how I did at the Mayhem Cup  with my skorne.

I first wanted to  mention how great the weekend was,  and also it is just fun to watch different groups from many states compete for the trophy.  We were able to get 10 players from Madison WI to drive the 5ish hours to IOWA for a weekend of gaming.  A majority of the Madison players did very well (hence why we are taking the trophy back with us).    (Thats me standing in the top back right btw).  Friday night was fun and we hung out with a ton of people playing some board games.

Thoughts before the Cup

Honestly I was a bit hesitate about this event. I have spent most of the prior two weeks before the cup moving to a new apartment, and I only managed to play 2 games over the last 2 and 1/2 weeks, which for me, is very little.  I also am very excited for some of the models coming out later this month, so I wanted to play all sorts of lists with models that were not even out.



Since I didn’t get much practice I decided to play the 1 caster I have had played the most, Zaal. For my 2nd list, I decided on Rasheth simply because he is extremely fun to play and he does pair well with Zaal.

I have updated/tweaked my Zaal list. I wont leave home without a now with most of my new lists.  Only having 1 Extoller/Ancestral Guardian solo made me a little sad, but  the list plays well.  The Dominar Rasheth list is the same list I’ve used all year with him. I will be playing with a non theme force list once the cyclops raider is released.

The idea is to play Zaal Vs Warmachine and Rasheth vs Hordes.

Supreme Aptimus Zaal  +5 points
* Kovaas
* Basilisk Krea  4 points
* Cyclops Brute  5 points
* Molik Karn  11 points
* Titan Gladiator  8 points
* Aptimus Marketh  3 points

Agonizer  2 points
Extoller Soulward  2 points
Hakaar the Destroyer  4 points
10 Nihilators  8 points
4 Paingiver Beast Handlers  2 points
10 Venator Slingers  6 points

Dominar Rasheth  +5 points

Tier 4: Chain Gang
* Bronzeback Titan  9 points
* Titan Gladiator  7 points
* Titan Sentry  8 points

2x Agonizer  2 points each
Farrow Slaughterhousers  6 points
5 Gatorman Posse  9 points
6 Nihilators  5 points
6 Paingiver Beast Handlers  3 points
2x Paingiver Task Master  2 points each


Day 1

Game 1   Zaal Vs Reznick 

  • Scenario – Outflank, Outfight, Outlast

A couple of my games over the weekend I don’t really remember well. Usually the games that went really well for me.  My opponent was newer to the game, and had not really seen what Zaal could do.  He had the Avatar and his reinforcements try to hold one zone, while he tried to advanced down the middle of the table on me.

My biggest early advantage is I was able to clear out the right zone fairly easily, and it faced him to stretch his army too thin.. Once he was spaced out too much I just slowly tore away the army and started to score some points.   I believe I scored 2 CP before killing reznick with a last standed Molik Karn.

Game 2  Zaal Vs Rahn

  •  Scenario – Restoration

This game was against a local Madison player (Jeremy). We both cursed Johns name before the match started. I strongly felt the Rahn list had an advantage over me, but it was still better then Rahn vs Rasheth (shiver).  This does mean I’m locked in to Rasheth R3, and can hope to both win and get a hordes opponent.

I do win the roll to go first.  T1 basic both player run forward.

T2 –  I have bad luck this turn. I send in a full 3 soul Hakaar at a Phoenix with Last stand, and barely get past his shield. 5 attacks, 3 dice damage each. I never once rolled over 5 on 3 dice.  However Jeremy forget the slingers AOE effects, and I am able to put corrosion almost the entire Ret unit with Vengeance..   however because Phoenix is fine, I am very concerned about losing Karn on his Turn 2.

Jeremy’s Turn 2 started well. he rolled a 1,2 on over 50% of his corrosion rolls, but from there his luck was as bad as mine.  He pops rahn feat, and tries to kill the Kovass (hakaar went poof to last stand) he fails to kill the Kovass.  Fully loaded Phoenix with +2 str misses Karn 4 out of 6 attacks and rolls badly on 1 of them.  his 2nd unit of battle mages, manage to do basically nothing..  He does kill 1 to 5 models on my turn.

Turn 3, I manage to kill the phoenix, but little else, I continue to have bad dice most everywhere else.  The kovass does get to kill 4 or 5 battle mages, so hes happy.   Jeremys Turn 3 goes as bad as his Turn 2, He still cannot kill the kovass with battle mages, and cannot clear a charge lane to get his 2nd phoenix into a possible caster kill attempt spot.    So he kills my gudion instead (but cannot score zone)

Turn 4 – I finally pop Zaal’s feat. Even with bad dice, Last stand + zaal feat come into full effect. I decimate a majority of his army)  Jeremy managed to push my models out of zone to score.

Turn 5 &6 I manage to finish clearing out his models and score 1CP to make sure i dont lose via tiebreakers, and finally get to his caster and wipe all Ret models from the board.


Honestly, Turn 2 and 3 went so bad for most of our dice rolls, that the game played out somewhat odd.

Game 3  Rasheth Vs Epic Haley

  • Scenario – Gudions

So instead of pulling a hordes army I get Cygnar and E Haley. I am not feeling that good about this match-up. I find E haley to be extremely hard to defeat, as she is one of the best casters in the game.

Sadly this game took so much of my thought/energy most of it is a blur.   My opponent had a marshalled Defender (gunmages), Bonded Stormclad, with a partially mercenary Pirate Horde for rest of infantry.

I decide at start of game that Rasheth if going forward, as that would be the last thing sane would do. I do manage to go first (thank the heavens)  I run my list forward (including running rasheth forward) – am hoping to score some Control points.

The Haley player starts of doing exactly what I dont want. Focusing the armies guns into my bronzeback..  He takes 4 hits over the first 2 turns, and is nearly 3/4th dead.

Haley feats early and gets her two turns in a row. I just endure it. I also put Rasheth in the open hoping he would be shot at instead of the bronzeback, and the cygnar player decides to do this..  Rastheth takes Turn after Turn after turn of defender shots.    I actually was able to use rasheths feat to heal up at once point.

Highlights include – gatorman doing 2 to 3pts to stormclad, and 5 farrow slaughterhouses wreck it.   Having Castigate up to deny arcing, and taking out the stormclad meant, my only danger was the Defender, and I had rasheth range tanking that. (he took 6 shots from 3 turns back to back to back shooting)

My gatormen didn’t do much this game, but fail to hit most everything or get shot up by gun mages.   The cygnar player really hated gators, and always rolled high on all damage rolls.

I manage to score 2Cp somewhere around Turn 4.  At this point I have a pretty good model count advantage, and I finally back off rasheth a little bit. I had round of attacks on a bronzeback on E haley but fail terribly at hitting, and take her down to around 6hps..  not sure how I failed that.  I survive one more turn of shooting, and score 2 more CP to win with 4CP. on Turn 5 or 6.

3-0 for Day 1

Day 2

Game 4 Zaal Vs Witch Coven

  • Scenario –  Close Quarters

I was excited to make the Top 16, and my goals were to hopefully not get paired up against the only other Madison player in the top 16, and to try to win my first round.   Facing Cryx in round 1 I knew it would be a interesting game.   My opponent was one of the Local Iowa players and he was playing a Coven theme force. He has a fairly fast army with 2 units of soulhunters, combine, darragth wraithe, plus 2 arc nodes, 2 warwitch sirens.

I did win the role to go first, and I knew his army was coming at me fast and hard. I ran my army forward, but made sure running soul hunters couldn’t engage me. He ran his army up, but I don’t believe he realized how good my slingers would be when they had a chance to stand and shoot at the soulhunters. I wiped out 1 of the 2 units with the slingers.  I wanted to make sure the Deathjack would die early, so I moved him just enough forward so the deathjack could get him, but I could counter and take out the deathjack.

I had very hot dice this game, and I was able to get up early and stay ahead.  I was never able to score a control point, but my opponent had to keep sacrificing models in the zone in order to stop me.  When the game was over, all I had left was a brute,krea, a couple paingivers and my caster, but I managed to fully wipe the cryx army off the board.




Game 5 Zaal Vs Epic haley

  • Scenario – Bunkers

This was the match-up I was not looking forward to. Ehaley is rough, and I’m fighting Ben (from Madison, who is very good with her)  On top of that, I am stuck playing a very easy to win scenario for a control caster.  I spaced out my army and actually feated on bottom of 2, to take out a centurion. I would have taken out a stormclad, but I made a critical mistake forgetting my troops were in a forest (there were no tress there, but we  declared it a forest, and I simply forgot, so I basically lost the game at the point. We played it out, and he won via scenario on Turn 3. even without the big mistake, this game would have been extremely difficult to pull out.


Game 6 Zaal vs Epic Makeda

  • Scenario – Sacrifice

I was happy to be able to play against a Hordes army. It was also nice to face off against an army I know about and also one I felt I had an advantage against. The army was a very standard Karn bullet list, with 2 archidons.   I stayed in a fairly tight formation and advanced down the field. I kept locker on the Sentry, which helped against his army. The agonzier and debuffs from Rasheth helped make sure my beasts were going to stay alive against most attacks.

My opponent didn’t quite understand how locker worked, and he was only able to engage 1 beast, who he did knock away, but he was stuck due to locker. The 2nd archidon forget to cast his animus before making attacks.  Once I was able to get ahead on beasts I feel I controlled the tempo of the game.. We did have both our Nihilators units facing off, which really didn’t accomplish more for either of us.

He did have a full 10 man unit of slingers, but he had some fairly poor dice, and he spent a lot of resources in an attempt to dwindle down gator unit.  After my opponent had no beasts left, he basically threw E makeda up front and did kill my bronzeback, but I used my sentry to finish her off.


End of day 5-1


I was very happy to end 5-1 on the weekend and my loss was to the tournament winner.  Due to SOS I managed a 5th place finish overall.




20 PT softcore Event

I wanted to briefly talk about the 20pt fun event Saturday night… 20pt army, 4 minute turns.


  • Cyclops Brute
  • 10 Praetorian swordsman with UA
  • 10 Nihilators
  • Hakaar.


This list did very well, as at 20points its so many models Many armies simply couldnt deal with the # of models I brought and with Zaal and Last stand I can basically overwhelm my opponent pretty quickly. I made it to top 3 undefeated, but I lost to Josh’s E Denny list  in round 4 (he won the event on round 5). I did manage to wipe out his army to a man, and bring E Denny down to 3 hps, but I couldn’t roll an 11 on my last attack, and I lost.  It was still a fun game, and I did manage to pull in 3rd place.

Author: Carnage4u

I have played Warmachine since 2004. Before that I have played warhammer fantasy for ten years, but I stopped playing Fantasy shortly after starting warmachine. I enjoy every aspect of the hobby. I love competive play, as well as just playing fun goofy lists on casual game night at our local game store. I also spent a good chunk of my free time working on making terrain for our events our local gamestores. I mainly play Skorne and Cryx, but I do own a small gatorman minion force that I have fun playing. Brian "carnage4u" Giese

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