Toruk To Tyrant – February Fun

By Brian Giese


In my last update I talked about how I did in January and some of my thoughts on Zaal.

For February I had hopes to bring results of playing in 4 tournaments, but due to some annoying car repairs, I only made it to 1 tournament. I will go over the details of that event below. After 2 months of playing skorne I keep having more fun playing them. I also find my opponents have more fun playing against my skorne, then they did when I played Cryx, which really isn’t a surprise.
I’m going to break down the various subjects I wish to discuss a little better, and hopefully the article will be a little easier to read.  Including why I enjoy taking  Skrone Karax, which most skorne players feel are worthless.
The following topics for today will be

Tournament Report

I attended a 50pt tournament in Chicago on February 11th. I bought 2 lists, but I only ended up playing my Zaal list all 3 rounds. The event had 8 players. My 2nd list, was a Mordikarr list, but was having too much fun with Zaal to switch over.
List Details In last update I talked about my Zaal lists and why I choose the models that are in the list.

Supreme Aptimus Zaal +5

  • Basilisk Drake
  • Bronzeback Titan
  • Titan Gladiator
  • Aptimus Marketh
  • Ancestral Guardian
  • Bloodrunner master Tormentor
  • Extoller Soulward
  • Hakaar the Destoyer
  • 10 Nihliators
  • 4 Paingiver Beast Handlers
  • 10 Praetorian Karax
  • Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer


  • Ferox Cav
  • Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer

The Event went 3 rounds.


Round 1 – Zaal vs Kromac (scenario – Gauntlet)
Every moment of this game was going well for me up to the point Kromac Killed Zaal. The Kromac list was all beasts. It had all the warpwolf models (feral, alpha & stalker), a gorax, and an argus and I believe 1 gnarlhorn.  Ben from chicago was playing the Circle, and he had just come back from winning the Deathrace event with Kromac.
I had a huge model count lead and I basically used my infantry to block any good charges/tramples from the circle beasts. I lost some models early, but between last stand and my feat. I had Kromac down to 3 beats by T4 (argus, gorax and 1 warpwolf)
I kept Zaal at the edge of the killbox and tried to stay well outside Kromacs threat range. however He was able to use all 3 remaining beasts to push Kromac 3 inches forward, and he managed to get exactly into range to move forward and leap to get my warlock.
Funny side-note I’ve never actually successed in pushing my own model in Warmachine (EVER). I knew he would get 1 or 2 of those pushes to work, but didn’t think he would get lucky and get all 3. I even camped 4 fury to transfer, but he just had too many attacks with his feat, and I lost. The killbox kept me closer then I wanted to be as well. Still, it was fun game.

Round 2 – Zaal vs Rhyeas (Scenario – Incursion)

This game went fairly well for me. I ended up winning 3 scenario points to 0. My opponent did misunderstand the scenario, but I still feel I would have won 3 to 2, even if he had played it slightly better.
He had a 2 full units of warmongers and 1 war chief. he ran them forward on T1, and within Charge range of my Karax on top of T2. I cast last stand on my karax, and killed the war chief with 1 CMA (3man), and then killed 2 out of the 5 from one unit, and 3 out of the 5 of another unit with the karax. He was not prepared for the damage output that unit could do with Last stand. My drake also managed to kill 2 warmongers. I was able to get up ahead so much on T2, that I was easily able to score control points early to win.
Round 3 – Zaal vs P vlad – Scenario – Bunkers

This was a fun game I managed to win. The battle report below will go over all the details of this game.
I went 2-1 in the event, and had a fun day, the person that drove down with me, “majortusk” on the forums, did manage to win the event with his trollbood army.

Battle Report with Zaal


I am using the Zaal list that was listed in the Tournament summary listed above. My opponent was playing P Vlad – his list contained Iron Fang Pikeman, Drago, Man of War Dragoon, Greylord unit, Yuri, Man of wars, great Bears, Devastator and Juggernaut. Man of war Kovnic and Marauder were the 10pt reinforcements.

Setup looked like this. Khador player won the roll to go first.

Bunkers is a flank scenario, so our deployment is a bit different than normal. I do like how the battle plays out with this alternate deployment.

Turn 1 this is a fairly standard T1. Khador player runs forward, and I advance as well. I try to keep the bulk of my force more towards the middle with a slight angle to make it seem I’m going to heavily defend my zone. (this is not really my plan, but I dont want him to put his heavies in the zone I’m trying to take).
This image also shows how the Khador reinforcements are coming onto the table.
Turn 2

The khador player is smart and doesn’t really engage me anywhere on the board and really spread out on the side of the board, where he needs to score (he is getting ready to make a big push on T3). He keeps his man of war and Yuri, along with some Pikeman in the zone I am trying to score.
I feel before my turn starts I have a decent chance to score this turn. The image shows the start of my turn with my reinforcements on the table.
For my turn 2, I move the karax all into the zone to take the brunt of the many charges coming my way. they go into sheild wall and spread out. They should take the majority of charges and keep the rest of models safe, and allow me to gather some tokens for my Feat. I also toe my Bronzeback and Hakaar into the zone a few inches behind and hopefully safe for a turn.
On the other side of the map I use the bloodruner to clear some pikeman from the zone and then use the drake to spray and kill most of the pikeman in the zone. My ferox leap in to kill the manhunter and Yuri. I end up killing every model, but ended up missing Yuri, so I do not score a point on My Turn 2 as I hoped. I also have my Nihliators spread out the middle of the field, hoping to draw some attention and keeping khador models out of each zones.
This is how the battlefield looks at the end of Turn 2. I know prepare for the counterattack.

Turn 3

Fenris runs along the side of the table with the intention of getting into my backfield and all my support models (and caster on the next turn). yuri and some pikeman kill off all my Ferox Cav.

Vlad forget to pop his feat this turn, which didn’t allow the devastor enough movement to get into the zone I was trying to control. This was one of the big mistakes of the game. It also hindered how far the Juggernaut could advance in the zone he was trying to capture.

The devastor just walked forward and did his big aoe attack to clear out almost all the Nihliators since he could not get into a zone.

The Maurader, Juggernaut and man of war dragoon all advance in my karax and only manage to kill about half of them. The Greylords also try to spray to kill some as well… By end of turn I still manage to have 4 Karax left alive.. Greatbears are positioned outside the zone to attack the following turn.


Skorne Turn 3 – I pop my feat this turn. I am able to use the drake to clear out some more models with a well placed spray, as well as a Tyrant commander/Ancestral Guardian to clear out the rest of the models.
My Gladiator wrecks the devastor since it opened its arms last turn. I am able to do massive damage to the models trying to capture the zone.
I am now up 1 control point to zero, and very few khador models are alive near the zone I’m scoring.
I forgot to take a picture this turn, as the game was getting intense.


Turn 4 – khador player doesn’t have many options left to contest the zone. He has to cast blood of kings and pop his feat in order to charge and get into the zone to contest. He is unable to take other zone to score a point either.

On the skorne T4, it’s basically over, as all I need to do is kill vlad to win, and he is in charge range of a gladiator. he has no focus on him, but blood of kings. I first spray him with the drake, and then cast rush/last stand on the gladiator from zaal, and then finish off Vlad. Last stand is such a great spell when it goes on a beast for the caster kill attempt.




Summary of February Games


As I mentioned early I didn’t play as many games I wanted to in February. Unexpected car issues caused me to miss 3 tournaments, and my total games for the month is less than last month.

I did manage to win 75% of my games, but a majority of my games were just friendly casual games. My games with Supreme Archdomina Makeda were all team games, as I prepare for Adepicton.


  • Master Tormentor Morghoul – 1 game
  • Void Seer Mordikaar – 2 games
  • Supreme Archdomina Makeda – 3 games
  • Supreme Aptimus Zaal – 6 games (3 in events)
  • Dominar Rasheth  – 2 games
  • Lord Assassin Morghoul – 2 game

Fun with Karax

Over the past month or so, I have been putting Karax back into some lists.  I have found that for  a 4/6 unit they are filling a very nice role for me.

I typically Run them forward Turn 1, and on Turn 2 & 3, they go into shield guard.   With a Tyrant commander. I can walk 7 units and shield wall.    I find CMA and reach to be helpful as well.  Spray attacks seem to become popular with many factions and since these models have reach. The enemy needs to start their spray farther back then they want.

Girded does come into play.  I see a decent amount of enemy attacks with AoE still being used.   Girded does have some times, where it is not helpful, especially when dealing with stuff like ravagores, or aoe from a vanquisher that causes fire, but if my opponent has a khador artillery, or the trolls player with bombers, do not like this unit.     Some players only see when it doesn’t work, and declare it bad, but ignore the times it can be helpful.

In my Meta I will face Troll bombers, Durgen Madhammer, khador with plenty of AoEs. So Girded to me, is an ability I use often.

Currently I do  use them with 2 Casters –  Mordikaar and Zaal.

In a Zaal list, they are doing a great job taking the hit first, which gives zaal Tokens for his feat, and they are taking the brunt of most attacks, keeping my 2nd and 3rd wave safe.  Last Stand on this unit will allow them to do some good damage as well, and with CMA, only 1 model will be taken off the table. I often put the +armor spell on this unit for T2 as well.

Mordikaar really likes to put hollow on a cheap unit early game.  Having them with Tough/undead is a great buff, and Mordikaar getting all their souls to fuel his spellcaster is great.

I am seriously considering buying a 2nd unit and trying to play with the new Xerxis theme force from the lateast NQ.

March Plans


In March, I hope to attend 3 Tournaments, and continue to practice with some lists / casters I hope to play at Adepitcon in April.
3 march Events

  • 50pt SR2012 Reinforcments Event in Milwaukee on March 3rd.
  • 50PT SR2012 event in Madison WI on March 10th
  • 50pt SR2012 event in Des Moines IA on March17th

I am going to focus on the following warlocks for March.

  • Void Seer Mordikaar
  • Supreme Aptimus Zaal
  • Dominar Rasheth
  • Lord Assassin Morghoul  (Either Zaal or Lord Assassin Morghoul will be my Hardcore event warlock)

I am  playing a Tier4 list for Rasheth and it has been a lot of fun. I am also going to continue to try to refine some lists with Zaal and Mordikaar. With the Slinger models coming out on March 14th I will need to see which warlocks I will want to use them with. In my games with Lord Assassin Morghoul so far, I feel he will be able perform well at larger events, but I need to get more practice with him.  Some warlocks you can make minor mistakes and recover. He is not one of those warlocks. I will probably write-up some details on him in the upcoming weeks.

Author: Carnage4u

I have played Warmachine since 2004. Before that I have played warhammer fantasy for ten years, but I stopped playing Fantasy shortly after starting warmachine. I enjoy every aspect of the hobby. I love competive play, as well as just playing fun goofy lists on casual game night at our local game store. I also spent a good chunk of my free time working on making terrain for our events our local gamestores. I mainly play Skorne and Cryx, but I do own a small gatorman minion force that I have fun playing. Brian "carnage4u" Giese

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