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Hello everyone, this is Tom Guan from Team Muse. For my first article I would like to talk about my favorite caster in the game, Mortnebra and I will go into depth about the different style of list she can play and her strengths and weaknesses. I like putting a lot of pressure on my opponents when I play warmachine and the way I play her puts a lot of pressure on my opponent’s caster. I have been playing her since Gencon 2013 and have been winning the majority of my games with her in a variety of tournaments and it brings a different look to cryx.


Master Necrotech Mortnebra +4



Deathjack 12 (11 )

Levithan 9 (8)

Harrower 10 (9)

Reaper 7 (6)

4 stalkers 16

2 warwitch siren 4


Theme: Infernal Machine – Tier 4


Tier 1 – Additional FA for necrotech by 1 for each helljack and Advance Deployment for scarp thralls

Tier 2 – Take 2 Warwitch Siren and all helljacks gain stealth during the first round of the game

Tier 3 – Does not include units and reduce the point cost of helljacks by 1

Tier 4 – Include four helljacks and deployment zone is extended 2″ forward


This list looks a lot like a circle/legion list with a lot of heavies and light warjacks and it is important that you position well and get a lot of work from your entire model every turn. The core of the list involves making a bunker of heavies in the middle of table and has the stalkers flank deep against your opponent. The Deathjack is the lynchpin of the list as he is able to put out the most number of high POW melee attacks and also helps Mortnebra cast overrun and spectral steel on the appropriate heavies or stalkers.


She herself has ok defensive stats being 15/16 16 health and steady which helps her in a couple of key matchups such as Kreoss 1 and Grim 1. Her spell list is the main reason to play her as it turns your whole battlegroup into minting machines with her money maker: Terminal Velocity which gives all of your warjacks in her battlegroup free charges against everything and boosted attack roll plus 2 more inches when you charge or make slam power attack and finally it also let you make free power attacks. This spell on an average turn makes about 15+ focus every turn against a living army and it makes all your jacks super-efficient and lethal to a wide variety of heavies and infantry.


The real reason that she is one of the most dangerous assassin in the game is with the next spell: Overrun which lets a model in her battle group make a full advance after the model with overrun on it kill s model with an attack which in this list is a huge threat extender as it let you exert a lot of pressure on most heavies in this game and tilt the matchups in your favor. Spectral Steel is important spell since it can gave any of your jacks ghostly which let them ignore terrain and overrun through obstructions. Her feat is what essentially “guarantees” the assassination the turn you sent it in as it lets you reroll all attack rolls and damage rolls that turn and you usually want to feat when you deliver a jack to their caster or when you can make the most number of attacks to get the most value from your feat.


She plays completely different from all other cryx casters and it can give you a really big advantage in traditional bad matchups of cryx such as circle and legion because of the all boosted attack rolls against defense 14 heavies those factions rely upon to do work. Her armies generally play super aggressive and can put your opponents in really bad situations and often times gave you a free win. She does have weaknesses like every caster in this game and there are 3 areas that can present a Mortnebra player issues: First of all her she generally plays a lot of heavies and light warjacks which reduce the number of attacks you can make a turn so when dice goes bad on key attacks and damage rolls you can be in a lot of problems. Next, the army she generally plays is 13/17 or 12/18 with 28 to 32 boxes which is not the most survivable stats and bad positioning can lead to losing 2 heavies without your opponent committing much from their part. And finally her army does not hit very hard, capping at pow 18 from the deathjack and pow 16 from the remainder of your armies. A fast brick like grissel 2 can present can issue. She is a really fun caster and requires a lot of thought about your positioning and how you allocate your focus to all of your warjacks to get as much work as you can. She can pair well with most cryx list as most other list can help cover her weaknesses and gave you a big edge in any tournament you decide to play in.

Author: santalylth

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