Tinkering the Engineers – Salvo

Duck!!! Its Salvo’s turn for this Tinkering the Engineers post.


Fast moving and with a decent KICK, Salvo has an OK threat range as a goal scorer. While his INF is average, with a below average maximum, and sporting an average DEF, he does get some ARM. His TAC is pretty low, but like Ratchet this isn’t a bad thing, as he is doubling his dice on the charge (making it easier to wrap around results).

Character Traits

Pumped – When using Bonus Time, once a turn Salvo doesn’t need to spend an MP to actually do it. Makes him pretty efficient, as one of his 2 plays are more likely to come off.

Swift Strikes – Whenever he causes damage to an enemy model he can make a 1” dodge. This really adds to his speed and also means that after 2 hits he could be unengaged from some models.


Salvo has lots of pushes in his playbook, as well as a two momentous tackles, which is unusual (one has a push). On the other hand, he has very little damage output. This means that he can do as much damage through effects (push/knockdown) from his plays than what he can do by simply engaging with the enemy.


Kick Bolt – Costs 1 INF. Pushes target model 3”, which is a healthy distance, and does 2 damage. Helpful for clearing a path if you get the angle right, and on top of other boosts is helpful for the team.

Floored Bolt – Costs 1 INF. Allows him to knock down a model and do 1 damage. This is powerful when you consider the dodge he will get from Swift Strikes and the MP generated if he is near Ballista.


Salvo certainly does not want to get into the middle of things. He’d rather just sit back and use his various bolts, both of which allow him to get a move on (at no cost even!). This makes him surprisingly fast, which means he can be a goal threat. With those tackles in his book he is not bad at retrieving the ball for you when you need it either.

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Author: Doc Bungle

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