Tinkering the Engineers – Ballista

Welcome to a new batch of Team Talk posts! This time we are tinkering with the Engineers. As always, first up is the captain – Ballista.


Ballista moves at an average rate and his TAC is also average for a captain. His DEF is pretty low, but he does have some ARM.

His INF is average for a captain and he can only have a max of 6, but this is enough to use all three of his plays, which you could be tempted to do. His standout stat is his KICK; he is incredibly accurate with the boot with reasonable distance. He is a good holder of the ball, ready to pass to the strikers.

Character Traits

Tough Hide – This trait means that anything outside of a Butcher is going to struggle to put lots of damage onto him. -1 damage from plays and playbook means he is pretty survivable, even with mediocre DEF.

Momentous Inspiration – An impressive aura that generates an additional Momentum point from any character play that results in damage. This means that anything done at range can really bump up the team’s MP’s for a turn, which is scary with all the shooting they have.

Legendary Play

Mine Field – Enemy models making a reposition (dodge) take a point of damage, while an advance will mean 4 points of damage. This play has a big bubble, making it brutal if you can catch a few players in it. Opponents will certainly think twice about coming anywhere near Ballista.


Ballista easily generates MP with his book (all but 1 column); he has a lot of access to pushes as well. He has little damage output but has 2 knockdown columns, which is very nice as he brings a lot of that to table anyway. The column 1 Momentous Tackle is also very great.


Second Wind – Costs 2 INF, allows a friendly model to make a jog at the end of their activation. This helps the slower members of the team move really fast, but it also helps with repositioning a model who could be in trouble.

Deadbolt – Costs 2 INF, target enemy model is knocked down, suffers 2 damage, and gets pushed away as well. Such a shame this is only once a turn as otherwise you could really dominate a field with this play. Not much the enemy can do when you knock them down at range (and a good range at that). Don’t forget the MP this will generate as well!

Flurry – Costs 2 INF, target enemy model takes 2 damage and all models within 2” of him/her also take damage. Another one he can only do once but it hands out a fair amount of damage if your opponent bunches up models.


Ballista is an interesting captain; he is a Momentum creator for the team. He can do a lot from range with Momentous Inspiration and then his 2 damage-dealing plays. In fact, if you have the INF you could jog forward then use all 3 of his plays. This will generate 2 MP and then let him reposition away from reprisal afterwards.

This, on top of his decent defensive stats, means that Ballista is going to be hard to take out. Plus with his pushes from both playbook and Deadbolt it’s difficult to lock him into combat for too long. However, don’t worry about holding him back as he has such easy access to Tackle its worth using him to get the ball away from your opponents and passing it to the faster Engineer models.

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Author: Doc Bungle

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