Thyra, Daughter of the Dark Horse

Welcome again to another exciting Dark Horse article.  This time I thought I would write about a warcaster that I have used now a handful of times and thought you would enjoy the list.  Currently been using the Iron Grudge app to keep track of my win/loss record since 6/17/2014.  Since then my Thyra list is now 6-0, with 2 of those wins being Scenario wins and the other 4 being assassination wins.  So here is the list:

Thyra +6

Hierophant 2

Blood of Martyrs 9

Avatar 11

Knight Exemplar Seneschal 3

Knight Exemplar Seneschal 3

Nicia 3

Vassal of Menoth 2

Wracks 1

4 Choir of Menoth 2

Daughters of the Flame 5

Knights Exemplar 5

Rhoven and Honor Guard 4

Saxon Orrik 2

Piper 2

Di Bray 2

Total:  50/56


Lets take a look at our warcaster’s stats.  She has way above average SPD (for not being on a horse), MAT, and DEF.  She has below average ARM and second to lowest life bar in the game.  Her only two melee weapons are below average POW but this is made up by the fact that they are both equipped with the weapon master properties.  She has a FOC stat of 6 which is just enough with the list build I have done for her.  Just like her unit and solo counterparts she has the acrobatic ability and gives also her daughters of the flame unit the vengeance ability.  If you ever need her to reach a target or clear out a charge lane she has overtake to help her out.  Her feat allows you to immediately place Thyra completely within 2″ of her current location when she uses this feat.  Then friendly faction models activating in her control area get to place completely 2″ of their current location.


Her spell list I feel is a great selection, though she can become a little focus starved which is why the list was built the way it was and I will explain later.  Though some feel that this first spell is a trap I feel it really helps out the army, Carnage, which costs about half of her FOC stat gives friendly faction models a bonus to attack rolls to melee attacks against enemy models in her control area.  She has an upkeep spell, Occultation, for a model/unit that gives the target stealth.  Her next upkeep spell, Silence of Death, can go on any friendly model/unit and grants the grievous wounds property to their melee weapons.  She has one offensive upkeep spell called Pursuit, which has below average range for an offensive spell targets an enemy model/unit, when the affected target advances and ends its normal movement one model in her battlegroup can make a full advance.  Though only 2 models can take advantage of this both have parry and are able to get away unharmed due to this spell.  Her last spell which has a low cost and average range and below average POW is called stranglehold, though if this spell does happen to damage the target that model must sacrifice either its movement or action during its next activation.


Now what I do with the army.  Normally if I face an army that has a lot of shooting then I put Occultation upon my Daughters unit, who then also usually get Tough and Fearless from the Piper, you kind of need Fearless on a unit that wants to make some use out of Vengeance as they can’t if they are feeling.  Though the Daughters usually get Occultation dropped off of them when they get ready to charge as they won’t get much use out of it and then the Piper puts Dirge of Mist on them so they can try to cause Terror to the enemy and makes it harder to hit their DEF with the bonus to it.  I like to put Occultation upon Thyra at this time as it helps keep her safe from shooting, especially when I go to move her up into carnage range.  Grievous wounds will also be put upon the model/unit that is about to take on a lot of enemies with Tough or about to make the assassination run upon an enemy warlock.  With the Hierophant you can upkeep the spell upon one target and then cast it upon another for the same cost of casting the spell.  Though a majority of the time when I go to use her feat, which mainly allows for you to get the first melee strike in the match, I usually will upkeep Occultation upon her.  Then I will allocate 3 focus to Blood of Martyrs, upkeep Silence of Death (if I need to get around tough or prevent healing on something), then activate the Hierophant to allow Thyra to cast one of her spells for one less.  So when she activates she will take a focus from the wrack and use her feat to then get into position and cast carnage.  If you did not need to upkeep Silence of Death then she will have one extra focus for usually over boosting her ARM to 15, this can help keep her alive from blast damage.  The army usually, as I mentioned, sees the Daughters and Nicia jamming the enemy so with their deaths they allow for my Seneschals to get bonuses to STR and ARM and then you have on Thyra’s feat turn 11″ threat with them, and with 2 POW 13 weapon master attacks with a chain attack smite.  Then you also have Rhoven and his Body Guards that can dish out some damage as well as get rid of animi and focus/fury upon some models.  The Knights are a cheap unit that when given a 10″ threat on her feat turn can dish out some damage also, and by the time they get there they usually have lost a couple of them granting the rest a bonus to STR and ARM.  Though most do not like Blood of Martyr many forget he has parry and with his own natural side step ability with Thyra and on her feat turn he has 14″ threat.  Also with choir bonus for battle and his own hand of vengeance and carnage his MAT can get up to 12 against enemy models in carnage range.  But lets not forget about the Avatar.  Though Occultation will usually keep Thyra safe from many attacks doesn’t mean that melee can’t get to her.  And though we all want our plans to work perfectly well they don’t.  The Avatar as we all know can dish out some damage but it can also keep Thyra safe.  Though she has a high DEF of 17 we know there are some things that can get around that.  Thankfully the Avatar’s Gaze ability can help keep models from moving towards Thyra and instead must move towards him.  This can also help lock down some key enemy models allowing for Thyra to get in to finish the job.

Author: Bulldog

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