Thursdays with Thanan: Protectorate of Menoth Battle Box

Welcome back dear readers, to this, my 6th post. Today, we delve into the Menoth battle box. The Menoth faction is similar in many respects to the Skorne empire from my last post. While the Menoth army is traditionally slow, it is high armor, high power attacks, with some of the most powerful support pieces in the game at their disposal. The Menoth battle box contains Kreoss 1 (aka pKreoss), the Repenter, the Revenger, and the Crusader. For new players, everything in Menoth is required to have an ‘er’ at the end, and virtually everything has an ‘re’ at the front. This makes for confusion. I, for one, will never remember any Menoth jack by name, but only by weapons – they are much easier to tell apart!

Kreoss 1 – Kreoss is a middle of the road caster stat wise. He has slightly below average speed, average Mat, slightly below average for a caster’s defense, and average armor. His P+S is decent, and his magical weapon does have reach, as well as dispel – knocking off upkeeps, and chain weapon – skipping through bucklers, shields, and shield wall. Not super useful in battle box games, but it could pop up here and there. Let’s examine his spells real quick…

  •  Cleansing Fire – This spell does a small AOE fire damage, with decent POW. It has the critical effect continuous fire, this is key. If you can put this on an enemy caster, it has the chance to kill him slowly over time. Continuous fire takes effect before focus is regenerated, so casters are at base armor, often dice -3 or -4. Nice.
  •  Defender’s Ward – Possibly one of the best spells in the game. This spell gives a boost to defense and armor. Good on everything, particularly units. Since battle boxes don’t have units, you can toss this on Kreoss, which is a good idea, or put it on something with great defense or great armor to make it even better.
  •  Immolation – Fiery death to a single model. Not as good pow as cleansing fire, with the same continuous effect.
  •  Lamentation – enemy models double their spells cost to upkeep / cast. This is a great spell against casters who have expensive spells to cast, or who typically assassinate with spells suddenly can’t get quite as many out.
  •  Purification – enemy upkeeps, animi, and continuous effects (fire from your opponent Menite?) expire. They have Iron Flesh or Defender’s Ward? Not any more!

Kreoss’s feat – enemy models in his control area fall over. Woopsy-daisy! In normal play, you’d want to move up to include a lot of your opponent’s army. In the battle box, however, you often won’t need to advance too close to get all their models in your area. However, do to the mechanics of shaking, your opponent can now just add a fury to their beast/take one off their lock, or allocate one focus to shaking the effect. So it’s pretty easy to stand back up. That means you need to CAPITALIZE (hahaha!) on the feat. Attack your opponent when he’s down, it’s the Menite thing to do! Auto hit in melee, and generally just not double 1s for shooting.

Repenter – The repenter is a decent melee combatant and a decent shooter. It is a smidge better in melee than it is at shooting, and is only average speed for a jack. It’s defense is average for a jack, and pretty good armor for a light. The repenter has a nice fiery spray with continuous fire for when you’re taking on infantry. Or, if you prefer, for continuous firing your opponent’s caster. It’s war flail has the same chain weapon attribute as Kreoss, and pretty ok POW.

Revenger –This arc node is a way to get your fiery doom out on the enemy from a safe location. It theoretically is a decent melee combatant. However, you lose the arc node advantage in combat, so it’s probably not the best idea to engage unless it’s really necessary. It does have excellent armor for a light with it’s repulsor shield, which if you smack someone with it (or if they smack you), they are pushed an inch back. So you could charge in with your spear that has powerful charge, put some damage on the enemy and get close. Then you smack him with the shield, and push him away 1″. If they don’t have reach you’re engaging but not engaged and can therefore cast magic through the arc node! Hurrah!

Crusader – This heavy is slow. Slow, and easy to hit, with good armor to survive, and high hit boxes. The crusader is melee only, with one open fist for weapon / head locks or throws, and an inferno mace, with stupendous power and crit continuous fire.

Menoth Battle Box Play Style and Tactics – The battle box kind of relies on Kreoss to get his feat off on the opposing caster. Get within 14″ of them, pop feat. Have the rest of your army destroy them. Models that are knocked down do not block line of sight, or have melee ranges. You can make this turn even better by having your revenger within range to pop off a couple of spells on him and get some damage on there before you crush the rest. Your whole force is quite competent in melee, so don’t be afraid to charge them with Kreoss on the feat turn to help take everything out. See what happens! Just make sure you have defender’s ward on you when you do for insurance against triple 1s.

Warnings and Such – Your heavy is slow, and will have problems keeping up with the rest of your force. You have no way to speed it up. You have no long range shooting. Your battle box needs to close quickly to avoid being picked apart by shooting. Luckily, in battle boxes, there generally isn’t much shooting. You also don’t get the advantage of any of Menoth’s superb support models. However, Kreoss’ feat is pretty game changing, and you can certainly assassinate people with it.



Author: David Counts

David Counts plays Circle Orboros primarily, and has recently gotten into Cygnar. He enjoys rolling 1s way more often than statistically probable and long walks on the beach. You can find David most days in or around Des Moines.

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