This old Hordes – Coming right tortoise edition

First off let me apologize for neglecting posts as of late. The holiday season seems to eat up a ton of time. Secondly I recently came into a large Minion army through wheeling, dealing and a little commission work on Barter town, so I guess it’s going to be hobby articles for them for a while.

The big issue with minions is that pacts don’t seem to have a lot of options. You will almost always be taking 2 or more of the same warbeast, so lets try to at least make them look a little different. I figured I’d probably start by working on an Iron-back Spitter as most of his joints are “ball-jointed” he’s probably the most pose-able of the lot. Outside of that we really need to try to set them apart from one another. I thought to myself “Self, what do turtles do?” The answer was pretty obvious. Hock up phlegm and disrespectfully spit on things. Those were the two things I needed to work on.

-Ironback spitter
-Great stuff big gap filler
-Brass rod
-elmer’s glue

Turtle One – Hocking one up

Step one involved cutting it behind the jaw and across the roof of the mouth.  The top of the bottom jaw was then cut to angle it so the mouth would close and then pinned into place.





I rolled out a couple of balls of greenstuff that after a little smoothing became his cheeks.  The excess greenstuff was used to start to fill the gaps where I cut him up.





Next a rolled out a small snake and wrapped it around his “Lips” to help close up the gap where his mouth used to extend to. I let this set a while but I didn’t let it completely cure.


Once the greenstuff had hardened up a little, I smoothed out his lips.





Lastly I filled all the gaps, and built on a larger “full” throat sack. All rough spots were covered with a little watered down 50/50 Elmer’s/water to smooth out the  rough spots.

Hock and Load?




Turtle two – Spitting spitter

Step one on creating a “Loogie” is to cut a length of brass rod. You want to Spray out a little Great stuff on another surface, and then  spin the stick into the blob. You’ll pick up a bit of the gap filler on the rod. The coated rod doesn’t need to be smooth or thick. as the foam expands it will both smooth and thicken the coat.




Wait about 10 minutes for both the blob  and the  rod to begin to set. Then slowly spin the rod into into your blob. you’ll notice that this time it’ll pick up much “clumpier” pieces. this will give it a bit of texture.




After sitting for about 30 minutes, your result should look similar.  I usually make 3 or 4 at the same time and then just pick the one that I think looks the best since their shapes seem to be pretty random.




Lastly, I drilled a hole just above his tongue. I clipped my brass rod and stuck it in.  All done.





After a little bit of posing to differentiate them a little they’re ready for play it Painted 2013. Hopefully I’ll have them painted and in my next article.


Happy holidays

Author: Bloodshovel

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