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Quick update from Lock and Load with the theme forces.


Artificer General Nemo — Lightning War


Jacks:  Lancers, Cygnar non-character warjacks with immunity electricity, Thead

Units:  Field Mechanics, Cygnar units with Immunity to Electricity

Solos:  Junior,  Cygnar solos with immunity electricity

BE’s:  Storm Strider


Tier 1 — Reduce stormgaurd units by 1

Tier 2 — Add stormwall.   You can place any number of the stormpods before the start of the game 20″ from the back edge of the table.

Tier 3 — 2 more units +2″ of deployment

Tier 4 — Include a character warjack with Immunity electricity — first control phase jacks get 1 focus



Intercessor Kreoss — Revelations of the Creator


Jacks:  FOS and Non Chars

Units:  Choir, Exemplar units, Prot Cav Units

Solos:  Reclaimers, Exemplar Solos, Vassal Solos

Battle Engines:  Vessel of Judgement


Tier 1 — Increase the FA of non character Cav solos and units by 1

Tier 2 — Vengers = +1 to starting roll of the game

Tier 3 — FOS = Heavy warjacks with no ranged weapons = minus 1 point

Tier 4 — Choir.  For each choir included one jack gets advance move



Vladimi Tzepesci, Great Prince of Umbrey


Jacks:  Non-character warjacks, Drago

Units:  Battle Mechaniks, Khador Cav Units

Solos:  War Dog, Khador cav solos

Battle Engines:  Gun Carriage


Tier 1 — Increase FA of non-character cav solos, units, and battle engines by 1

Tier 2 — Army includes 2 or more cav units. Warjacks get +2 speed during your first turn of the game.

Tier 3 — Two cav solos. +1 on starting roll.

Tier 4 — Plus Drago. Warjacks -1 cost.

Asphyxious The Hellbringer

Jacks: Non-character warjacks, Cankerworm, Malice

Units:  Bile Thralls, Mech Thralls, Necrosurgeons, Soulhunters, Withershadow Combine

Solos:  Warwitch Sirens, non-character undead Cryx solos

Battle Engines:  Wrath Engines


Tier 1 — Free necrotech for each helljack.

Tier 2 — Plus Pistol Wraith.  Pistol Wraiths gain AD.

Tier 3 — Three or more units.  Each model begins the game with with a corpse or soul token.

Tier 4 — Plus Kraken.  +2″ deployment zone.


Vyros, Incissar of the Dawnguard

Jacks:  Myrmidons with force field damage fields

Units:  Dawnguard Units

Solos:  Arcanist, Dawnguard solos


Tier 1 — Destors become FA:U.  Destors -1 cost

Tier 2 — One or more Dawnguard Sentinel units.  Dawnguard Sentinels gain AD.

Tier 3 —  One or more Dawnguard Destor Thane.  Destor units and solos gain +2 speed on first turn.

Tier 4 — Vyros’ battlegroup includes one or more heavy warjacks.  Warjacks are allocated 1 focus on first turn.


General Ossrum

Jacks:  Mercenary Rhulic non-character warjacks

Units: Mercenary Rhulic units

Solos: Mercenary Rhulic solo


Tier 1 — One unit gains AD.

Tier 2 —  Two or more units with ranged weapons.  Place one trench template within 20″ of the back edge.

Tier 3 — Add two or more solos.  Friendly models can start affected by Ossrum’s upkeep spells.  No ukeep cost first turn.

Tier 4 — Add three or more warjacks.  Warjacks gain +2 speed during your first turn.

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