The Storm Chamber – Episode 19: N1mo-isode

We’re 19 episodes deep in the muck and diving headlong into the old man himself, Nemo1. One of Cygnar’s original casters, the epitome of “old man stats”, we give a full rundown on list construction, spell usefulness, and competitive experience on Mr. Frizzlehead himself. We also spoil which caster we’re reviewing next, talk a bit about tournaments we’ve played in recently, and maybe we make a Canada joke (or not…).

Trevy the Great, Marc-André Leblanc, Timothy Baer

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Music by Super On:



Author: Trevy the Great

Mediocre Cygnar player, Press Ganger of convenience and annoying dude who writes a terrible blog about some random dudes wearing blue called Way of the Swan (, check it out or whatever). Also one of the hosts of the smash 80s metal band and part time podcast; the Storm Chamber.

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