The Official WTC Podcast

The Official WTC Podcast presented by Epic FM

These interviews, discussions, debates and drunken chats all took place over the WTC this weekend. We had such an awesome time meeting so many people and entering so many interesting debates. I hope you enjoy listening too it as much as we did recording it

Part 1 OUT NOW……

Intro – JVM

1.00 – Matty K Meta discussion

23.00 Matty K Vs Jason Eknows Debate ‘Top 5 Circle Casters’

43.00 Beermachine with Kieran from Team Ireland

54.00 Norbert interview

1.14.00 Jason Flanzer and Billy Robin with Epic FM

1.50.00 Interview with a rather intoxicated Lief from Norway. CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE AND PRIMAL SCREAMING!!

Part 2 OUT FRIDAY…….


Chad from Muse with Brett + Paul

Mega cast with Will Pagani, Jason Flanzer, Jamie Perkins, the Flail crew and other members of the England team

Interview with Robin from Team Germany

Drunken cast with Team Sweden and Finland

Interview with Dmitry from Russian (who tells us how we should actually pronounce Khador!!)

Me winding up Liam to the point of him swearing for the first time on the cast

A full interview with the winners!!!!!

Thank you again to all those who took part in the recording. We will see you next year for more fun and games……

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Author: Epic_FM

Epic Flail are a UK Hordes and Warmachine Team. We attend every major UK event and release a regular podcast via Muse on Minis. The author of the Chronicles of an Angry Man is Paul North. His views are his own and do not represent the rest of Flail. Unless he is right and everyone agrees, in which case they are shared

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