The Oathkeeper

Well welcome to another exciting article of the Dark Horse nature.  This time taking a look at the one our own Muse team member, the mighty Mr. Crump, has used to beat the great Legion of Jake.  Though this article will focus more upon what I have played with in the past and have had some success with.  Well lets first take a look the list shall we:


Cassius and the Wurmwood +6

Megalith 11

Woldwarden 9

Gallows Grove 1

Gallows Grove 1

Shifting Stones 2

Tharn Ravager White Mane 3

Tharn Ravager White Mane 3

6 Tharn Ravagers with Chieftain and Shaman 13

Wolf Lord Morraig 5

10 Wolves of Orboros with Officer and Standard 8

Total:  50/56


Now lets take a look at our warlock shall we.  There are a couple of things about this warlock that are kind of contradictory to what he is trying to do/get out of his abilities, though I will cross this bridge when I look at the Wurmwood.  For a Circle warlock he of course comes with the oh so ability of pathfinder that is always common amongst their kind.  His Fury stat is a little low for a spellcasting type of warlock, though this is due to one of his abilities with the Wurmwood, again will be covered when we look at the Wurmwood.  His DEF is a little below the average though his ARM is above average for a spellcasting warlock, thankfully you get to combine this with his awesome life span that matches power houses like the Butcher and Terminus.  His MAT is average as well as the POW of his only melee weapon with reach when comparing him to other heavy spellcasting warlocks, though that same ability that holds him back due to Wurmwood helps to off set these things.  On top of that when he boxes a living or undead model he turns that model into a small AOE forest and then removes the model from play.  This is great for keeping models from returning to play and helps him get use out of his Treewalker ability.  He does get to ignore the firing into melee penalty when making magic attacks against models in Wurmwood’s command range, which is way above average.  He does have the ability that the Tharn Ravagers where he gets a bonus to DEF against melee attacks, as well as ignoring forests for LOS and able to move through other models and obstructions, though remember this moving through models does not allow you to ignore them for LOS or ignore free strikes.


His spell list is a little limited as he has 3 attack spells and 1 movement spell for him and his tree.  His first spell is an offensive upkeep spell called Curse of Shadows, this moderate cost spell with below average range targets a model/unit and puts a penalty to the ARM stat, as well as makes it so that they can not make free strikes and allows models to advance through affected models as long as they can move completely past them.  His next spell is a high cost spell with below average range is called Hellmouth, this average POW spell does nothing if you miss but if you hit, whether it is an enemy model or your own, you get to push models within 3″ of the hit model towards it and then center a small AOE on the hit model and all models in the AOE take a POW hit equal to POW the original model took, boxed models are removed from play.  His last attack spell, and my personal favorite in this list, is a average range spell with low cost and below average POW called Stranglehold, a model that is damaged by this spell must forfeit its movement or action which is decided by its controller.  His last spell is a low cost spell called Unseen Path, this is where when the spell is cast either Wurmwood is placed within reach range of Cassius or vice versa, the main thing about this spell is that it is not limited to being cast only once per turn and as I mentioned it does not have to be completely within 2″.  His Feat makes Wurmwood’s command range become a forest, as well as models that are knocked down in Wurmwood’s command range suffer 1 point of damage.  Though not the greatest feat you will see why some models were selected for this list as well as its kind of cute if you knock down enemy models with tough within this feat’s range as they will have to make a second tough check.


As for Wurmwood, it has as I have already mentioned a couple of abilities that go against some of Cassius’s spells and abilities.  It has a way above average CMD stat and has average ARM with Advance Deploy.  However it is a tree so don’t expect it to move, not be hit by just about anything the enemy throws at it.  It does gain stealth while in areas of concealment or cloud effects.  It does not have any damage boxes as every time it suffers damage Cassius suffers it, though keep in mind this model does not count as suffering the damage and this damage can be transferred.  Though it does have 2 abilities that help with it’s survivability.  It gains soul tokens for living models destroyed in its CMD, and it can have up to 5 of these tokens.  It gains a bonus to ARM for each of these tokens upon it also.  During Cassius’s activation he can remove these tokens and turn them into fury that can go above his FURY stat.  So even with Cassius’s low MAT and melee POW with a total of 11 fury he can take down a good chunk of things.  But now we can see how some of Cassius’s abilities mess with this model’s.  Since some of Cassius’s abilities remove models from play before being destroyed you won’t get souls tokens for them.


I chose Megalith and the Woldwarden for the same reason, with their geomancy ability they can either lower the ARM of enemy models with Curse of Shadows or use my favorite tactic by casting Stranglehold.  With this they are able to hopefully damage a model with Stranglehold and then that model will not be able to charge my models which in turn allows my heavies to get the first attack.  Though these models can not be healed by Cassius Megalith is able to remove damage from himself and the shifting stones are there to help out with healing them, as well as just that right teleporting of the Wurmwood or even one of my heavies.  Megalith’s animus helps other models in the army hit what they want by lowering enemy DEF, which is even better for a 11 fury Cassius if the moment presents itself.  The real animus I like though is the Woldwarden’s as it helps trigger Cassius’s Treewalker ability.


My Gallows Groves are a new addition that allows for me to channel spells for Cassius.  They of course are trees so have much of the mobility and defensive stats as Wurmwood, though have the lifespan as a typical solo.  Though they have a CMD stat that you can only pass on 2 combinations of dice rolls they do prevent healing to enemy models and tough to those models in their CMD.  And they get to be placed within 5″ of their current location, but keep in mind this is not completely within so it is even better that way.  But there are a couple things to remember about these weird models.  They are living and are not fearless, and for that matter neither is Wurmwood.  But every one of their abilities can still be used even while fleeing.  But remember this as if they are fleeing then they can’t control or contest things.


My Ravagers, whether it is the unit or solos, have a variety of roles in the army.  During the feat turn they get more use out of their treewalker ability which puts their DEF way above average against melee attacks.  Though with the Shaman keep in mind I added him not because of his range attack or the fact he can assault, but keep in mind anything I get I will try to use when the time presents itself.  But he is another model that was able to be added to the unit to increase its size.  The Chieftain is the important model of the unit as he gives the unit Advance Deploy and while he is alive the unit gets a bonus to damage on charge attacks.  But all Tharn Ravagers have the ability to take a lot of damage and when they kill their enemies they get tokens that can be used to buy attacks or boost to hit/damage rolls.  I usually send the unit after light warjacks/warbeasts or high ARM units.  The solos are the ones that usually go for low ARM units as they have overtake and sprint, which many people forget.  They also let the Ravagers move through each other and ignore each other for LOS.


Lastly lets look at our tarpit unit, the Wolves of Orboros.  Though they have a great once per game ability to gain an additional die of damage as well as a bonus to hit on charge attacks, as well as combined melee, their defensive stats are average but their point cost low.  They are there to take the first hit from the enemy, finish off important models, of course provide quick souls for the Wurmwood which is their most important aspect, but also provide flank for the Wolf Lord.  With weapon master and flank going this model is able to get 5 dice on a charge attack and his wolf gets flank too since he is a light cavalry model.  Though the best thing about him is the fact that even if he gets dismounted all of his abilities on his card, so this means ignoring cavalry/dragoon rules, still work.  He is another one I send at light warjacks/warbeasts but if you need something finished off that held on through your other attacks he can get the job done.  Though I do joke with a friend of mine as he is the most expensive Dragoon in the game as he needs his little wolf unit to make him great, keep in mind great not useful as he still packs a punch on his own.

Author: Bulldog

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