The Mutineer Chronicles #5

Episode 5 – The fifth episode of The Mutineer Chronicles, a podcast about role-playing games (and gaming in general) with a focus on the Iron Kingdoms Role Playing Game from Privateer Press. This episode we talk dance around the topics of starting a campaign and inter-party conflict.


  1. Chunky Reply

    Guys, you would be more than welcome to come and stay at my place any time. I have a double bed sofa in the lounge you would be more than welcome to. I also live within half an hour and an hour of two different coastal tourist hotspots. If you’re serious about it, email me at my forum name at gmail.

    To expand on the example from the game Dustin ran, I have had previous bad experiences with thieving players previously, and hadn’t been paying attention early on due to trying to quickly build a second character, so it really did take me by surprise.

    I did think we made something cool out of it though – I thought the Fell Call into the ear solution was creative and interesting without doing any real harm to John’s character.

    Also, my praise for Dustin’s DMing is not just blowing smoke – I have been lucky in my time to have had a couple of excellent GMs (its actually spoiled me and made me a bit fussy with my roleplaying), but I thought Dustin handled a fairly disjointed group very well.

  2. Randall s Reply

    Lots of talk about players stating to you outright “I want to do X”.and other people at table get offended. Did you ever use Sticky Notes at your table?
    An example of where this would have come in handy – obvious thief example: thief guy openly says to you I front of everyone around table “I go around and loot the bodies.” Everyone is fine with this. As ther players are chatting about what to do next, thief guy hands you a Sticky Note stating he is skimming from other Players. Now you know, they know something is up, but not what, causing no outright tension at the table about what is going to happen next. The thief now says to the other PCs “here is your share”. Players may suspect something is up, but as role players they should role with it until there is some proof of what the thief is doing.
    Sticky Notes are the best thing for keeping even secret actions, like telling the GM on a Sticky that while the party tries to disband an angry group of npcs out the front of the inn, you on a Sticky Note, with rolls back and forth between the GM as he also handles the rest of the party out front, sneak out a back window, circle around the inn, blend into the crowd, and threaten the leader of the npcs with a knife and tell him to tell the other npcs to disband, all on Stickys while the rest of the Players talked aloud amongst themselves. Just another use of Sticky Notes.

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