The Mutineer Chronicles #4

Episode 4 – Fourth episode of The Mutineer Chronicles, a podcast about role-playing games (and gaming in general) with a focus on the Iron Kingdoms Role Playing Game from Privateer Press. This episode we talk about NPC ideas and start the IK Guidance Councilor series with a look at Iron Fangs and Aristocrats.


  1. Merlin Reply

    You guys missed an opportunity for an epic troll. “played the game a bit, it’s terrible. Podcast charter revoked. Dustin/hot Carl out!”

  2. Luke / glamage Reply

    Great listen guys – hearing unusual builds for characters to avoid cliches was an interesting segment.

    Id be interested in hearing any advice you have for players coming across from Warmachine who have never played an RPG before but are joining a more experienced RPG group?

    How best to get the best out of the experience and throwing yourself into your character without ruining other peoples experience of the game or getting to absorbed in your own fiction. Equally how to have an interesting character and be involved in gaming sessions rather than being a passenger or worse end up role playing yourself instead of a character?


  3. Noirfatale Reply

    Its nice to see character building but I would like to hear about teambuilding. How would you do it ? Do you do a session 0 with all the players around the table? Do you as a GM put some direction and restriction for better team cohesion? And what about the team option they got into IKRPG do players like them as it is? My first test group decided to play a group of investigators and while they did not enjoy the benefit in the first game, it gave our game a good direction and focus.

    Anyway good podcast keep it up!

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