The Koldun Kommander

Hey all, here I am again and this time and I actually fulfilling a request from a good friend, the Phatest of Asian.  At Adepticon 2011 I played a list that kind of made a big impact, don’t know how I was able to manage that but some how it happened.  It was a time when some friends kept picking models for me to play that were not usually the first picks of someone to play with in a tournament con, let alone hardcore.  I ended up playing Zerkova and went 4-1 with her, losing in the one game in the semi-finals to a good friend of mine, Keith.  The thing that also helped generate this attention I received was the fact that at that time a new theme list had come out at the time for her allowing her to take multiples of a certain model that is quite good, though I will not get into that right now.  I instead opted to not take that list and played with models that were all part of the Khadoran army.  So here is the list I used and what I did with it:

Zerkova +6

Beast 09 (6) 5

Behemoth 13

War Dog 1

4 Battle Mechaniks 2

Doom Reavers w/Greylord Escort 8

Greylord Ternion 4

5 Iron Fang Uhlans 11

Koldun Lord 2

Kovnik Markov 4

Total:  50/56


So lets take a look at our warcaster.  Her stats are average for a spellcasting warcaster, though her MAT is one above what you would expect in this situation as well as her ARM and CMD.  Very cool and interesting thing with her is that rough terrain is no problem for her with pathfinder.  She is also immune to cold type damage and effects which does not come up for her much but of course when it does it usually means she won’t be stationary, always a good thing on a warcaster.  She does have a FOC stat that is good, but again what you would expect for a spellcasting warcaster.  She has one range attack at below average range but even has a higher POW than a handcannon, though it has no special abilities it is magical.  Her melee weapon is below average POW, though of course average for a warcaster of her type, but it does make a warjack hit by it stationary.

As for some of her other abilities and feat.  She has the natural ability to whenever a model targets her with an offensive spell the spell suffers a -3 RNG, and if that model directly hits this model with the spell after the attack is resolved the attacking model will suffer any where from 1 to 6 points of damage.  Though she has some great abilities in regards to when she casts spells.  Every time she casts a spell she gets to choose from one of three abilities, though each ability can only be used once a turn.  The first ability reduces the casting cost by one.  The next extends her front arc 360 and she will ignore LOS when targeting models in her control area, as well as ignoring stealth.  The last ability adds 3″ to the range of a spell that she casts.  Her feat is by far one of the best in the games.  Enemy models that begin their activations in her control area lose their initial range attack (though if they have the ability to make more range attacks due to ROF of 2 or higher then they will be able to buy the additional attacks, but it does stop even rapid fire), also those models cannot run, charge, make special attacks or actions, and cannot give or receive orders.

As for her spell list.  She has an upkeep spell called Banishing Ward, enemy upkeep spells on target friendly model/unit expire and the affected models can’t be targeted by enemy spells or animi.  The next spell she has is Force Blast, this is where she targets a model in her battlegroup in her control area and enemy models that are within 2″ of the target model are pushed 4″ directly away from target model.  The next spell is Icy Grip, this is an enemy upkeep spell with average range and below average cost that targets a warrior model/unit that is not immune to cold type and that unit suffers a penalty to DEF and cant run or make special attacks.  She then has an offensive spell called Influence, this special has good range and very low cost where you take control of a warrior model that is not a warcaster/warlock and make one normal melee attack.  Her next offensive spell is the generic Khadoran attack spell Razor Wind, below average cost and average range that hits the target model with the same POW as a hand cannon.  Her last attack spell is Twister, this below average cost and average range spell has the lowest AOE with below average POW but leaves a cloud effect in the area that it lands.  Her last spell which is also an upkeep spell centered on her is Watcher, this is where if an enemy model advances and ends its movement within 6″ of her she gets to choose a warjack in her battlegroup thats in her control area and that jack can make a full advance and then one normal melee or range attack targeting the enemy model and the attack and damage rolls are boosted.  The spell ends once you make an attack but it was ruled that if the warjack makes an advance but does not attack then the spell does not expire.

As for what I do with the list now, after the mouthful that is her spell list.  A lot of people look at her and try to play her as this spell casting warcaster, I like to take a different approach which is why I am probably known as the Dark Horse.  I like to upkeep Watcher as that, just in case you get close I am going to try and take that model out.  This is why I like Beast 09 as to use this spell most of the time you have to keep a warjack close to her.  Since the model ends its movement within 6″ this means Beast is able to walk his 4″ and with reach still be able to reach the model.  With the random possibility of a warjack/warbeast/warcaster/warlock getting to Zerkova its always nice to have a MAT 7 warjack with critical stationary on its melee weapon to take a swipe at it.  Though counting on the critical affect isn’t the way to go there is the fact that Beast’s POW of that weapon is very high and sure to do some damage.  I also tend to upkeep Banishing Ward on a model/unit that seems like it will possibly see some magic thrown at it.  I must be honest though that I truly don’t use Zerkova to much to attack or cast spells.  I really use her to upkeep spells and to hand out focus to her warjacks, and definitely her feat helps get some of the models to where I need them and when I need them.  The war dog of course is a good boy in regards to I had a point left and it follows its master around.  This model with Watcher means that who ever gets close to her is going to take some damage.

Beast is there as a 9″ threat warjack that can take out infantry models like no tomorrow.  Behemoth is in the list as I wanted a warjack that can boost attack and damage rolls in the range game.  This model is only 4pts more than the other bombard option in the army and it has 2 of those guns.  Also it can take a hit and can give it with its armor piercing attacks in melee.  Combine this with the fact I like to send the mechaniks around where ever I think either of the warjacks are going to see some action as even though durable Khadorans jacks are great, the ability to repair damage they have taken is even better.  The Doom Reavers help in that they are immune to spells and combine that with the fact that I use them as the speed bump that the enemy must get through and deal with then.  They also love going after high ARM targets and those annoying incorporal models.  The Uhlans and Markov also make sure, when combined with her feat, that I will get the charge off first.  I do tend to look towards the Uhlans as the unit that gets Banishing Ward since they will see the action first and Markov keeps them around, as well as moving through each other so I am able to make full use of Defensive Line.  The last models in the army are my Greylords, the unit and the solo.  Though the solo is able to hand out a focus to a model I tend to not use him for that, usually I don’t either get use out of it or I need to give more than one and he then can’t use that ability.  Though these models like to put some cloud effects out that allow for some DEF bump that helps out with survivability.  I also like the fact that I can make a model stationary with them, as long as 3 of the 4 chances to do this hit.  Though the truly best part about them is their ability to deal with units.  The solo gives battle wizard to the unit and though not the greatest of MATs on these models it is something that allows them to cast a spell when they kill a model with a melee attack.  They then get to use a good magic ability at a spray that is the same POW of a hand cannon.  Though I did say they don’t have a good MAT keep in mind Zerkova does have a spell that lowers DEF, so take those nice spray attacks and go to town.

Author: Bulldog

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