The Good, the Bad, & the Enlightened – Episode 004 “The Cursed Episode”

Episode 004 is finally here!  After recording this episode three times, we lost some hosts along the way, so this episode mainly just features Clay (WaaarghPug) and Scott (HonkyToast) discussing the state of the Kickstarter arrival, hobby corner, the new bosses for December, Adepticon and the first ever WWX official tournament, some exclusive spoilers for first quarter of 2014, two separate contests, and a new segment called “Highlight Reel” as our take on battle reports for the games we’ve played.  There is also a segment going over the background story from the main rulebook with guest host Jake (Zombie Sky Spirit).  Enjoy!

Hosts:  Clay (WaaarghPug), Scott (HonkyToast)

Appearances by: Jake (Zombie Sky Spirit), Steve (Zylar)


Author: WaaarghPug

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