The Focus Camper’s Bible Part 4: Camping with Khador

by Walter Langendorf

Overall:  Khador really isn’t fantastic at camping.  It’s funny, in a faction where the fluff is all about how stoic and resistant they are, but Khador suffers very much from a lamentable emphasis on defense.  When it comes to Jacks, Khador goes crazy with their armor.  But for their warcasters the Motherland apparently can’t be bothered.  They have some stellar campers, but that comes from those caster’s personal traits. They are few and far between…and more importantly, the typical Khador camper is pretty wretched at it.  They have a lot of Gate 0’s.


Army Contribution to Camp:  Here’s the root of the problem.  The Khadoran army has nothing that resembles the Journeyman/Squire nonsense that Cygnar trots out.  They can get a free upkeep by taking Silas…but that deprives them of their dog.  If a particular caster doesn’t have Iron Flesh then they don’t really get any aid from their list.  They don’t have a Shield Guard, and thus must rely upon the Bokur, who only has 8 hit points.  I think you can take Dirty Meg and get a Vanguard(or can she only take Pirate jacks?  I haven’t read pirate mercs in a while…) from her, but that’s pretty expensive for a shield guard.


Now, the above isn’t exactly fair.  Khador has one thing that it does that has to be mentioned.  The Defense Camp is pretty much unique to Khador.  With a Dog and Iron Flesh they can be 5 defense higher than their card suggests to melee attacks.  They can get Lash from a mechanic UA (or Meg marshaling a Lash jack).  While we’re at it, maybe Assault Commandos can throw grenades at each other in front of the caster so that anyone who wants the kill has to stand in them, an Boomhowler can yell at the enemy beast/jacks to them -2.  That’s 9 higher def than the card suggests!




Fundamentally, defense camping only works if you can keep yourself standing.  (Or, I suppose, have ground work).  Khador’s current method of doing that is Lash on the Mechanic UA and/or a merc FreeBooter or Mariner.  That’s simply insufficient and/or easily removed.  They badly need the Covenant for their defense camping to be truly effective.  Alternatively, some Steady campers would suffice (looks at EEVlad).


Its actually really odd that Khador would have such trouble with camping, when you consider that its effectively the strategy that their whole army is built around.  Their jacks have the heaviest armor and the slowest speed, letting you hit them first and then allowing them to endure to counter attack.  Their infantry are pretty much the only set in the game whose plan is that their defense is high enough to allow you to take the first strike.  Khador, as a faction, camps.  Its casters, for whatever reason, don’t.


Gate 2 casters:


pButcher:  One of the game’s more notorious casters, pButcher is the single hardest hitting model in the game.


He passes the gate of stats with his high number of boxes, and the fact that he possesses a defensive upkeep.  14/18 is also a good stat balance compared to many other casters.  He can definitely go the distance in terms of how hard he can camp, though at full buff with dog he suffers from Khador’s standard defense favoring issue.


He also brings the threat.  You can’t counter-camp the Butcher.  If you don’t do something about him he’ll charge your warcaster, feat, and obliterate you right through your powerfield.    Its a very basic threat, and if you have some control pieces you might be able to finess it, but its enough to pass this gate.


He only really lacks the ability to affect the game while camping.  He can certainly help out his army with Fury or Iron flesh, but that requires him to spend focus.  Iron flesh, in particular, is very problematic for the camper, as it typically needs to be recast each turn to allow the unit in question to charge.




Man, talk about your camper heroes.  pVlad can hold all of his focus, or he can cast BoK, or he can cast Wind Wall!  Depending on which he needs to use, he can be a camper in any of these 3 different ways.  It’s good stuff.


And BoK is a very basic threat.  Ignore pVlad and he’ll parry his way to you and end you with his +3+3.  He’s got threat range and hitting power.


Again, the only gate he lacks is the ability to affect the game while camping.  He can affect the game alright, but its via a spell that costs 4 to cast.  S&P is why he’s justly famous, and its rare that what you want to do is disregard that ability and make like a tank.


He’s a good late game camper though, in the unlikely event that S&P Khador didn’t carry the day in attrition he can move up and camp with (almost), the best of em.


Gate 3 camper:


Karchev is a legendary camper, the only one in Khador who passes all 3 gates.


First off, in terms of stats, his mammoth HP total and high base arm make him probably the single toughest caster to kill in the game if you can’t finesse his powerfield somehow.  That is, if you are just a heavy buying attacks, Karchev’s arm may be lower than some, but he probably has almost twice their HP.  Now, he has vulnerabilities that he inherits from Warjacks (hi MHSF), but in general he’ll take a licking and keep on towing.


Speaking of, he can affect the game while camping, alright.  With Silas free upkeeping either tow or sidarms he can buff/Maneuver his battlegroup without spending a point.  Everyone’s seen the Karchev Gunship (where he just runs around having his towed jacks aim and shoot all game), and he can also run up and execute his basic threat with little trouble.


Karchev’s threat is typically Khadoran in its simplicity.  If he runs up, and you don’t get him or whatever he’s towing, he’ll tow it again (thanks Silas), throw up Unearthly Rage, and give it 3 focus.  3 focus UR Beast 09 kills most anything, and I think the feat gives free charges for emphasis.


I think his defense trouble and odd vulnerabilities put him down there in the Gate 3 caster competition, but I’ve seen a Karchev list at a convention whose player had the guideline that Karchev only spent focus when he was assassinating.  He did just fine.


Honorable Mention for eVlad:  He camps and gets stronger the more you hit him.  He has defensive strike.  His problem is that he doesn’t affect the game while camping, and that he doesn’t really have a credible threat if you disregard him.

Author: Walter

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