The Female Perspective~Part 1

Hi, my name is Kim. Some of you may recognize me from the many tournaments that I have attended; others may recognize me from being married to the Troll guy (Hi, Jason!). John asked the MoKan Warmachine group for write ups about the game, and I figured that it would be nice to hear some female perspective. I have been playing Warmachine/Hordes off and on since the release of Mark II. I play mostly Menoth, and have a small Legion and Cygnar army. I am not competitive in any sense of the word, but I enjoy the game and that is what matters!

Most of the females that I see at tournaments are either there for moral support, or just hanging around for a meal. I have met a lot of cool female Warma/Hordes players! They are usually far and few between, but the ones I meet are great players! My hope for these write-ups is to encourage more females to play, as well as speak up for other female gamers. I enjoy coming to the tournaments, and feeling like “one of the guys”. I feel like once other players see me this way then both my opponents and myself can have a lot more fun.

Here are a few things that I feel are important to remember when playing any kind of game with or against a female opponent. Number 1: There is more to the girl than her cleavage. I know that it is the easiest place to look, but come on guys…be respectful! Number 2: Never refer to her as the “b****” that stopped you from getting fastest caster kill. Yep, that one has happened to me! Damn you Avatar and your gazes. Number 3: Treat her like any other player. You would not want to be treated differently for being a guy, why treat a chick differently!

Until next time, play hard and have fun That’s what gaming is all about!


Author: kwilborn

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