The Bastard

By Chuck Elswick


So now to take a look at one of my favorite bad guys that you love to hate, Goreshade the Bastard.  This is a character that I have loved his story ever since he made his first appearance in Escalation back in MKI.  He is a character that fights for the Cryx army only to further his own agenda, not so much like Asphyxious whose own goals are to become a god and if he has to kill Toruk so be it, but Goreshade believes his agenda will help bring about a solution to the dieing gods situation of the Elves.  He has even gone as far as to trade information to Cryx’s most hated enemy in the Iron Kingdoms, the Legion of Everblight, to get information to help his own agenda.  The following list is is written with a theme behind it but lets see if you can figure it out prior to me revealing it.


Goreshade the Bastard +6

Death Walker –

Seether 9

Seether 9

10 Bane Knights 10

Bane Lord Tartarus 4

10 Bloodgorgers 8

Cephalyx Overlords 4

10 Cephalyx Slaver and Drudges 6

Gerlak Slaughterborn 3

Ogrun Bokur 3

Total 50/56


So lets tak a look at our warcaster first shall we.  We have a warcaster with good SPD, average DEF and barley above average health and ARM, has above average MAT and POW on his melee weapon.  The weapon itself has the ability to create a deathwalker if one is not already in play, and it has reach which gives him a total of 11″ threat on a charge.  Lets now combine this with his above average FOC, which though is average for Cryx.  His feat is pretty solid, especially in low point games.  He summons a minimum unit of Bane Thralls that can activate the turn they come in, all they have to do is be placed within 3″ of Goreshade when he uses his feat.  Now lets take a look at his spell list, which is one reason why I chose the 2 Seethers as his warjacks.  The spell Bleed is a low cost spell but because of its low range and POW, though if he destroys an enemy model with it he heals D3 damage.  His next spell is Hex Blast, average range, cost, and POW with a small AOE, but on a direct hit the model/unit loses any upkeeps on it.  Now onto his signature spell list, as these next 3 spells are yet to appear upon another warcaster/warlock’s spell list.  He has Soulgate, which is an above average cost spell where you remove a trooper model from play within Goreshade’s and replace it with a warjack in this model’s control area and battlegroup, though they won’t be able to activate after being replaced so its great for hit and run tactics but because it costs so much you will only be able to cast it once.  His next spell is Mage Blight which costs way above the average cost of a spell, while in his control area living enemy models can’t cast spells or use their feat. Lastly his spell called Shadowmancer is an average cost spell, this is a great spell his battlegroup gains stealth and Dark Shroud (enemy models in melee range of a model with Dark Shroud suffer a penalty to ARM).


The Death walker is his companion model, which is why there is no point cost for her.  Her SPD is average though she has no melee or range attack, her DEF is average for a solo but her ARM is low enough to where blast damage will kill her as she only has as much life as a basic trooper.  Her main abilities though are great though, the first being that living enemy models within a good distance of her suffer a penalty to STR and DEF.  Also if she is within a certain distance of Goreshade when he is finally disabled she can be removed instead to allow him to regain one wound.  Since the enemy might try to kill her this is why his weapon has the ability to create more of her, though only one can ever be in play at a time.  Her last rule is Tether, where if she ends her activation outside of Goreshade’s command, which is below average, then she is destroyed, though she should not be that far away from Goreshade as many of her abilities make you want to be close to him and since she has no actions/attacks to take she can always run to keep up.


Now to talk about the list.  First thing to note is other than a handful of the models most of the army can rebuild itself.  The Overlords can create more Drudge Slaves, Tartarus can create more Bane Knights and Thralls, of course after Goreshade pops his feat.  Granted the Bloodgorgers can’t get models added to them but they are there mainly to block trample lanes and LOS to Goreshade as he is a medium based model.


So lets first look at Goreshade’s battlegroup.  I chose the Seethers because they are automatically allocated 1 focus each turn on their own, which is good because most of the spells I like to cast with Goreshade are his 3 to 5 cost spells.  I usually like to cast Shadowmancer, which eats up just under half of his focus.  With the Seethers generating one of their own focus I am able to still cast Shadowmancer and allocate enough focus out to where both of my warjacks have 3 focus.  I usually don’t cast Soul Gate too much and when it comes to Mage Blight I tend to only cast it when facing an opponent whose feat can be the game changer, for example I don’t need Siege feating on Goreshade and one shoting him.  The Seethers are also even save more on focus as they charge and run for free.


The Drudge unit is there really because they are a dirt cheap unit that can tie things up to keep my important stuff safe.  Though their SPD is a little below average, as well as their MAT, while the Slaver is alive they get combine melee, and their POW is already a little above average as they are one step above a hand cannon.  Their DEF is just barely better than a Khadoran warjack’s but their ARM is above the average.  To put the finishing touches on them they also have tough.  And speaking of tough lets look at Gerlak and his boys.  They are also my basic medium base shield against tramples and to block charge lanes as well as tough models that don’t get knocked down while they are within Gerlak’s CMD.  Also they are great for taking down living models as they charge a greater distance against them and they also get overtake while again within Gerlak’s CMD, not to mention that they have gang.  The Overlords provide a great unit as they can add more drudges when they box living enemy models, they can influence enemy models, and most importantly they have a spray 8 average POW magic attack that ignores LOS when targeting models.  So now you have a spray that ignores a majority of things in the game as well as being able to use it in melee and target models you can’t see, or as I have done in games through terrain that blocks LOS.  Tartarus is in the list to help make more Banes of any type and to help them by buffing the to hit of them also.  The Bokur is in the list to help keep Goreshade alive, and also Goreshade is the Bokur’s client.  The Bokur keeps the Deathwalker and Goreshade close enough so he can use his shield guard ability to take one of the range attacks that might find their way to hitting either Goreshade or the Deathwalker.

Author: Bulldog

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