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A lot of folks talked to me about the Retribution podcast I did with Mastershake, and they were pretty enthusiastic. I’m going to try and get one posted for each faction. Today’s podcast is about the Skorne.

Stephen, the guy I’m interviewing in this cast, is our resident Skorne expert. He’s a strong player (I think in the podcast I say he was unbeaten at Gen Con, but that’s not right, I meant that he was unbeaten in the Team tourney), and I think his take on Skorne makes good listening.


  1. Carnage4u Reply

    I agree on most of your thoughts on Marketh – altough I feel his is required in zaal, but I use less AG’s.

    I actually have used less casters this year due to character restictions and not being able to have marketh with only 1 of my 2 lists.

  2. Carnage4u Reply

    I use the slingers in with about 8 of my warlocks in Skorne and they are amazing. the sheer amount of impact these guys have on games is very impressive. This is the first thing I’ve heard that I really disagree with you on.

    I strongly recommend you try these guys out or give them more of a chance.

  3. Eversor1 Reply

    When it comes to marketh and zaal, I’ve found many a time that I was looking to swap out last stand on the feat turn or occasionally wanting to boost a hex blast with fury I couldn’t spare, but in my mind the loss of another ancestral guardian is too great to warrant marketh.
    In reference to the slingers I’ve only played them once, they certainly seem like they have some potential. I’ll give them a second chance. What lists are you running them in carnage?

  4. Carnage4u Reply

    In the last 6 months I dont think I’ve played a list without them (other then a theme force that wont allow them)

    I love them with zaal/rasheth/either hexy/mordiakaar. they dont often make it into my P morghoul lists, but thats because I dont have any units besides Beasts handlers.

  5. Eversor1 Reply

    I can see why the hexys want ranged attacks and rasheth debuffing something and raining pow 10s seems good but what do mordikar and (most importantly) zaal want with them? It doesn’t seem like they do much for them

  6. Carnage4u Reply

    You could read all my fun skorne articles, where I spout my fun of them.

    I use them as a forward unit, They feed Hollow with Mordikaar and Zaal feat. Not to mention you force your oppnent to spread out. The extra damage on jacks/undead is amazing. Watching Cryx just get torn apart is also fun.

    Not to mention I love killing solos or random models with slingers. Rat 5, but when you throw enough attacks, your going to kill stuff. From play expierence all year, I havent been able to stop using them from the week they were released. I’ve used them in over 100 games this year. They very rarely fail me.

  7. Eversor1 Reply

    Well I’ve played you enough times to know your a good list builder…Well you’ve convinced me, I’ll give them a few more trys and hopefully my second oppinion’s better than the first. I’ll also check out your articles. See you at WMW Brian.

  8. Carnage4u Reply

    After listening to the entire podcast I will admit I agree with you thoughts on skorne for most of the discussion. We have had similar play expierence with a ton of skorne, and I am sure our playstyle differs enough to where I can see you focus on some models differently than I do.

    WMW should be fuN :)

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