Tangential with Tseung Tsu featuring Matt McWatters ep1

Welcome to Tangential with Tseung Tsu. I’m your host, Tseung Tsu. This year in 2018 I decided to start traveling to some larger warmachine events. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but have been pleasantly surprised with all the incredible people I’ve met along the way. I decided to start this podcast to record, and share some of those conversations with the rest of you. I hope you find them as entertaining, educational, and inspiring as I do.

For this episode, we talk to Canadian WTC player Matt McWatters. He goes in-depth talking about how the concept of Pivots and Sweepers can help build a WM/H pair. New things players should be practicing on, and why we should be excited about Champions in its' newest edition.


Author: Tseung Tsu

TT is an old gamer, Father to an amazing flock of girls, blogger of delusions, and an expert paint procrastinator.

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