Mathematically Proving John Demaris’ Feelings

This article is a follow-up to Episode 122.  The MoM crew asked me to do two things:  Prove John’s feelings with math. Illustrate the breaking points in significance for DEF and ARM. That first bullet is going to be challenging.  John is a complex guy.  He’s like an onion: comprised o
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Fusileros del justo Castigo!

Fusileros del justo Castigo!   ¡Hola! It’s been a couple of weeks since I last wrote with great passion about the unsung heroes of the retribution.  What I’m writing about today is a unit that is oft much maligned and generally regarded as a distasteful joke more than anything else; Y
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Must Have Balance Daniel San… Focus… Power…

This is a mid-level article on game balance.  I’m going to talk about a few frameworks like the Pareto Efficient Curve and how to view these in concert with your knowledge about Warmachine and Hordes. I’ve asked myself the question a hundred times over; “Why do I like board games so d
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