And Now For Something Completely Different: Spartacus Unboxing

Today I’ll be unboxing Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery. This is Gale Force 9′s first foray into board gaming. If the art looks familiar it’s because the game licensed the Spartacus tv show from Starz. Let’s get started shall we? The game includes a boa
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Weapons of Mass Distraction III: The Wrath of ‘Cron

     Being pulled in 12 directions at once is a strange feeling, and that is what happened to me all of January.  So many things grabbed my attention it felt like being in a taffy puller, twisting and turning my gaming time in a never ending loop.  Even with all this, I did get s
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Happiness is Rolling Dice: Fortune and Glory

Fedora Not Included. Today we venture to a jungle temple in search of an ancient artifact of great value and power, or perhaps we seek our treasure in the desert sands of Egypt, and maybe we must venture for to a great burial mound in Mongolia in search of the treasures of Genghis Kha
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