Tabletop Episode 13

Alright everyone we're back with more miniature gaming goodness! I know it says Episode 13 and this is only the second episode on Muse on Minis, but that's because we want to sync everything up. In this episode we talk about WTC faction stats, new Warmachine stuff, Oblivion fluff (skip to 55:00 to avoid spoilers if you're wanting to read the book for yourself!), 40k action figures and comics, Phoenix Rising in 40k and Eldar, and even Bloodbowl!  

We also mention a 40k fluff channel on youtube called Luetin09 and you should check them out here:

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Author: 1.21 Giganerds

1.21 Giganerds is a group of 4 disgruntled people with various opinions on things they have no business discussing. This crack team of nerds includes Dion "The Caveman" Francis, Steven "The Beard" Clinton, Heather "I am the manager, Karen" Willingham, and Chris "Juicebox" Collins.

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