Support Streaming at the WTC!

We would like to announce a joint project between Muse on Minis, Chain Attack, and Enter the Crucible which is streaming the World Team Championship from Ireland.

If you are unable to view the video, essentially, we have teamed up and are raising funds to provide the best streaming experience we can.

The plan is to send ETC member Clint, a professional Audio/Video producer with his access to his companies equipment to the WTC to provide a multicam set up with Muse members, Chad, Nigel, and John providing commentary.

Funds will go towards airfair, buying additional equipment, and additional funds will go towards improving the features of the stream.

How you can help is that ETC member Mahu has produced 12 premium podcasts that we are offering for sale on the Muse on Minis store. These are faction reviews with subject matter experts:

(Presented in record order)

1 – Circle – James Moorhouse
2 – Trolls – Chad Shonkwiler
3 – Minions – Rickard Nilsson
4 – Legion – Tim Banky
5 – Cryx – Trent Denison
6 – Cygnar – Jay Larsen
7 – Menoth – Mike Puryear
8 – Skorne – Trevor Christensen
9 – Mercs – Joshua Maxson
10 – Khador – Jamie Perkins
11 – Retribution – John DeMaris
12 – Convergence – Jason Watt

They can be purchased individually or at a discounted rate if you purchase the full podcast package.

You can purchase them here:

In addition, we will accept donations through Paypal at

All funds generated from these podcasts and donated to that Paypal will go towards the WTC stream.

Thank you for your support!


Author: Mahu

I am Mahu, a player out of the Orlando, FL area. I have been playing Warmachine since the 2010 field test. I am one of the co-founders of the Enter the Crucible podcast.

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