Streaming at the World Team Championship Update 2


Here is our weekly update.


Where are we with the funding?


I am pleased to announce that we have raised over $4000.00. We are less then $500.00 from our optimal goal!

As you may be aware from our last funding update, we already purchased airfare for Clint (from Enter the Crucible), and our two commentators Chad and Josh (from Muse on Minis). It was decided by the streaming committee that if we were  going to add any additional man power, now would be the time before airfare escalates. As my prior work commitment cleared up, it was decided that I will be going as well. I will be primarily responsible for the OBS overlays, provide help and support for Clint, and act as third commentator to the stream.

At this point, baring any jump in funding, our on hand WTC streaming team is:

Clint Runge – Lead technician

Chad Shonkwiler – Commentator

Joshua Maxson – Commentator

Matthew Bunting – Streaming technician and Commentator


Special mention to James Brennan who will be providing support as necessary.

The funds we are trying to raise now will all go towards technical improvements and incidental travel expenses. To get the streaming equipment and the personnel from the airport to the venue, we are looking at a costly car rental that we hope cover or defray with these funds as well.


Where we are at with the stream?


Not enough can be said about our WTC art contributor Keith Alexander, who is enthusiastically volunteering his time to make the stream look better and better. We got some more concepts in this past week:


First off he completed a 3D render of the WTC logo that we can use in our overlays but potentially have animated intermission and transition videos.






We have already updated our in game overlay with it:





We also have a draft of what our interview overlay will look like. We plan to, time permitting, see if we can get some thoughts of the event from players around the world.




Now we are working on our team selection screen, in which we have a rough draft:


We are still working out the logistics on how this will appear on screen, so bear in mind this is not the final draft, but we will have a live camera of the teams in action picking their pairings, our commentators will be watching and updating the screen as pairings are determined as well as providing insights into why a team may have selected those players.

As always, you can check out Keith’s own videos at his website here:


Where are we going from here?


In the next few weeks, I am expecting to set up a dry run of the equipment and stream it online through Chain Attack’s twitch feed. We are going to be producing an episode of Enter the Crucible where a team plays against another team, and use the very same set up we are going to use in Ireland to ensure that everything is set and ready to go before the big day.

Also we are announcing that we will be doing a special grudge match stream the Friday evening before the event. Evidently Finland and Sweden have a bit of a rivalry and the WTC has asked us to stream their game that night. This lets us shake down the equipment in Ireland and provides more bang for your buck with additional content.


Again, a big thank you to everyone who has donated and purchased the fundraising podcasts.

If you would like to purchase additional podcasts, or if you haven’t participated in this fundraiser you can find the recorded podcasts here:

Also, you can donate funds via paypal to


If you have any questions, please reach out to me through the Muse on Minis forum (Mahu), or the Privateer Press forums (Bully Bully Mahu).

A big thank you to all that have helped make this a reality! It is a great time to be a member of the WM/H community!

Author: Mahu

I am Mahu, a player out of the Orlando, FL area. I have been playing Warmachine since the 2010 field test. I am one of the co-founders of the Enter the Crucible podcast.

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